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A list of places I intend to be for the following week:

Friday 18th September:
  • 14.00 drop dogs off - brother's house

  • Proceed to Bournemouth in an orderly fashion

  • Check into hotel - which is owned by the company [personal profile] matgb's sister works for, and whose residents apparently have an average age of 70 LOL they're going to LOVE us

  • Meet up with various people to catch up and poke with crutches

    • Saturday 19th September:
      • 9.30 interview The Glorious Leader - top sekrit location

      • 13.00 Fringe - Real Women Real Lives - Marriott, Sherbourne

      • 14.00 ish - lunch
      • after lunch Policy Motion - Real Women - BIC

      • 17.30 pre-rally drinks and rally - BIC

      • 20.00 Campaigning after Rennard - Premier Inn, Connect 2

      Sunday 20th September:
      • 9.00 (!!!) CGB Report to Devolution Policy Motion - BIC

      • 13.00 Sense about Science - Marriott Blandford 3

      • 14.00 Lunch

      • 16.00ish three policy motions - BIC

      • 18.15 fangirl Martha Kearney - Royal Bath De Vere

      • 20.00 DELGA AGM - Royal Bath Bay View Lounge

      • 22.00 the Botties - Old Harry's Bar

      Monday 21st September:
      • 9.00 Policy motion on parliamentary expenses - BIC

      • 16.00ish FFAC report - BIC

      • 18.15 BHA reason under threat - Premier Inn Connect 2

      • 20.00 Yorkshire Lib Dems Northern Night with free food - Marriott, Bryanston (which means we'll be late for...)

      • 19.30 Liberal Drinks - Goat & Tricycle (but we figure you guys'll be there for the night and will forgive us for choosing free food over rushing to meet you)

      Tuesday 22nd September:
      • 8.00 Richard Reeves and Vince - Royal Exeter Tregonwell

      • 9.00 various motions and Ros's speech - BIC

      • 13.00 Our Glorious Leader & Shami - Royal Bath De Vere

      • 14.00 lunch

      • 16.00ish FE Report etc. - BIC

      • 18.15 White Ribbon UK - Marriott Blandford

      • 19.30 FOREST - Royal Exeter Bar-so-Dome

      • 20.30 CGB Auction - Marriott Purbeck

      Wednesday 23rd September:
      • 9.00 - policy motions etc. - BIC

      • 13.00 - beyond twitter e-engagement thing - Marriott Shaftesbury

      • 14.30 Party Awards and Leader's Speech

      • 16.00ish go back to hotel and collapse

      • Thursday 24th September:
        • Eat Breakfast, check out of hotel, go home.

        Some of those will probably fall by the wayside, though, especially given the distance between them and my limited mobility... Anyone got a spare chariot? It doesn't even have to have huge knives on the wheels...?

        By the way: if any of you are going to conference and wish to see me make a complete tit of myself by speaking to a packed hall, your best best is to vote for Greg and Gareth's Save Our Pubs emergency motion to be The Emergency Motion, because you can bet your arse I'll be putting a card in for THAT one.

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