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More bullet points from the coal face of conference:
  • Liberal Drinks last night was a huge amount of fun, and the beer was GOOOOOOOOOOOOD - please take note FCC (not Gareth and Jon who have already noticed the importance of Proper Beer, but all of you other buggers - yes, I'm looking at you Mr Ginandtonic Brack :P). Apropos of nothing, remind me later of the necessity to take my revenge on [personal profile] po8crg for his evil last night, will you?

  • Matt from politics.co.uk has been about and he's asked me to plug the new blog channel they have on there, which has reviews of and feeds from over 700 of the most important blogs. This one is, of course, among them :D At some point soon they are on about adding user ratingness to the functionality, which will be interesting...

  • Fine speeches this morning from Ros and Susan and Daddy Alex were all missed by me. Fortunately there is the joy of BBC iPlayer, so I'll be catching up on them later. Lady Mark fed me the interesting titbit that Ros's speech this morning was technically her maiden speech to conference. Which made me feel even MOAR guilty about missing it...

  • My televisual appearance yesterday was all my cleavage and none of my face, but I'll likely be on tonight between half past five and quarter to six, if only for a minute.

  • Richard Dawkins was AWESOME yesterday, and had his picture taken with Millennium and everything.

  • I know I am getting old now, because I have met a bunch of Liberal Youths and they all seem so YOUNG...

  • Even though we are really busy, I am missing my babies enormously. I have been reassured by their various minders that they are all having a good time, but it's getting to the point now where it will be nice to get home to them...

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