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I'm going to put this in small and easily understandable words for the hard of thinking (of which there appear to be many in the media and on t'intarwebz). I might, therefore, oversimplify things a bit. If I do, I'm sure my fellow Lib Dems will pile in and correct me.

At Lib Dem Party Conference, the membership decides party policy. Now, I realise that's a difficult concept for most of you to grasp because you still haven't fucking grasped it, so I'm going to unpack that a little for you. It goes like this.
  1. Someone has an idea for a policy - might be the Leader, might be Vince Cable, might be me, might be ANY party member.
  2. They submit this idea to Federal Policy Committee - elected by the membership - who have a look at it and decide whether or not it's sensible enough to put before conference. If our hypothetical policy has some merit, and is properly researched, and has evidence backing its viability, FPC will put it before conference.
  3. Conference then debate it, and then vote on whether or not the party should adopt it
Now, there's still room for some misconceptions here so I'll clear those up for you:
  • The leadership's policy ideas do not just get "nodded through" - see the bloody nose they got on tuition fees this week.
  • This is not a "spat" or "infighting" or "indecision" or "confusion" or "disloyalty". It's a proper, open, transparent decision-making process, so that not only does everyone know what our policies are, but they know how we arrived at the conclusions we did.
  • Conference is not a grandstanding opportunity for media-savvy scripted speeches, it's a DECISION-MAKING PROCESS
Is this clear enough, or are people still going to make lazy straw men? No, don't answer that, I think I already know.

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