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... not that you'd know it from the news, or most of UK twitter. So yes, solidarity with and peace and love for Paris. But solidarity with and peace and love for Beirut too. The people of Beirut bleed and die the same way that the people of Paris do, and we should mourn the horrific things that have been done to them just as strongly.
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So today the lovely [personal profile] sassy_scot informed me that the Daily Fail have used some of my words. Agin my better judgement I went to look. You can read the piece here without giving the Fail your clicks if you wish. It's also on page 4 of the actual printed newspaper, although I'd rather you didn't actually BUY it on that basis. Giving the Fail money goes against my ethical shopping principles.

You'll note that while the piece contains a hefty lift from my blog post from yesterday, I am uncredited - despite my name being in big letters on my header bar. I was also not contacted before the piece went live (or indeed, after) and the piece does not abide by the terms in my creative commons license, which is there in the sidebar of every single post including this one. Now I suppose they could argue the percentages and say they were quoting me, but it's usual when quoting someone, to use their name, at least in my experience.

Meanwhile, Alisdair's comment to that blog post is also quoted, but he gets name, rank and serial number. Also, both of us are said to have emailed Tim Farron, despite both of us having emailed Sal Brinton with Tim Farron copied in. Does it strike anyone else that there's a smidge of sexism there? We're assumed to have emailed Tim because Tim is more important; Alisdair gets named because he's more important than me, even though I am (politically, at least) his boss.

As you can probably tell, I am somewhat annoyed by this. Is there anything I can reasonably do about it? My creative commons license says that anything quoting me should be attributed and not for commercial use, and the Fail is definitely commercial use...

Update: editing to add a couple of tweets which have really made me laugh:
followed by

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This is what I said:
You're probably drowning under a tsunami of emails about this, so I'll keep it short. I'm not going to trawl through the ins and outs and the rights and wrongs because that's been done ad nauseam, and is probably being done elsewhere in the tsunami. However, I am going to point out a political reality: somebody needs to tell Lord Rennard that if he loves the party as much as he professes to do he needs to stop trying his damnedest to destroy it, and the tiny amount of remaining credibility it has. I think that message could possibly do with being hammered home to the forty unelected fools who thought they were being clever by voting him onto FE too.

That is as much as I can say while remaining civil. I really am incredibly angry about this.

I hope others manage to remain civil too.
I am posting this publicly because I am a liberal, and I believe in openness and transparency. I am dead set certain there are people reading this who will disagree with my stance on this matter and think that Lord Grabbyhands deserves to be allowed full privileges because of what Webster said. I haven't seen him comply with Webster's conclusions* and so I don't think that he can be said to have done everything required of him to make amends. I'm broadly sympathetic to the idea that he should be allowed full privileges IF he apologises and commits to changing his ways. I see no evidence whatsoever that this has happened, or is likely to in the future.

But honestly, Lib Dem Lords, we have a big by election to fight. We're trying to recover from a rout at the general election. What on Cthulhu's green earth made you think that slashing open this festering wound was a remotely good idea? Idiots.

* not only that he should apologise - as opposed to giving a half-arsed mealy-mouthed faupology - but that he should commit to changing his ways.
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I read this tumblr post and the ensuing discussion with [personal profile] matgb was very interesting. Our conclusion boiled down to that the writers (especially in original Trek) were trying quite hard (but failing due to their own ingrained "benevolent" sexism) to envision a post-sexism society. And, you know, total blind spot for LGBT stuff, but that's a tangent for this post, as is the undoubted and well-documented actual sexism of the studio and production team.

Mat mentioned the oft-cited canard about Uhura:
all she did was answer the phone! She was just a receptionist, not anyone important!
and I'd like to unpack the sexism in just that statement for a moment.
  • All she did was be the receptionist - no she didn't. She gets left in charge in several episodes when the boys go on a redshirt-killing away team lark.

  • All she did was be the receptionist - you mean she was the signals officer? Because my brother is a signals officer in the British army, and let me tell you they are pretty well respected. The first thing any smart enemy tries to do is take down communications. Signals officer is both dangerous AND highly skilled.

  • All she did was be the receptionist - except for all those times she fixes the consoles, and goes on away teams (admittedly this is more common in animated and film eps, but still).
Even if all she did was be the receptionist was actually true, do you know why we sniffily dismiss the people who negotiate with external agencies on our behalf, answer queries, let people know what we're doing, make our appointments, arrange our diaries and generally sort out our shit? Because it's women's work. And that's the biggest indicator of sexism of all.

OK, I'm getting off my high horse now. Laters ;)
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You'll be pleased to hear that my answers to this aren't quite as long as those to the governance review, because there were not as many questions to answer as the review doesn't cover as broad an area.

that said, I'm still putting them under a cut )
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This gets quite long and involved, guys. There were a lot of questions in the governance review paper, and I've answered every one of them. As such, my answers are under the cut )

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