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... and all I have the energy to think at the moment is "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh".

I keep thinking if I can just get through the next month, the next week, the next day, the next hour, the next minute... Sometimes I can't. And what happens then is what is affectionately referred to in this house as Jennie having a mental. This is when I am frozen and incoherent and screamy and can't bear to be touched or spoken to, and it usually happens when there is something urgent to do. There are lots of urgent things to do at the moment, and although I have done some of them, I haven't done nearly enough. I don't think I physically, mentally, or emotionally can do enough. And the panic makes me unable to decide which Things are actually important and which ones it's ok to let slip, and makes me much less able to do any of them anyway...

I'd post details but frankly you don't want to know. Cthuhlu, I don't want to know. All I want right now is to be able to go to work, earn my wage, get paid, and pay the rent and bills. It seems that's too much to ask on a number of fronts at the moment.

Why do normal people find this stuff so easy?

I wonder what it's like to not be terrified of opening your mail? I seem to recall it being exciting to get mail when I was a kid, but maybe I just dreamed that.

Maybe one day I'll look back and laugh at this period of my life. I'm sure as shit regretting tempting fate by having for New Year's resolutions that I wouldn't overcommit myself and that I'd get my finances in order.

So, yeah, for those of you who had a tl;dr reaction there: internet activity is still low, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Sorry.

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But more than that, I hate the reaction they bring out in me. For, having received a diatribe three times the length of something I originally tossed off as a bit of fluff to help someone out, which totally misses the point of my bit of fluff, and lays into me in quite a nasty manner, what is my first response?

Is it "this man is a cock who can safely be ignored"?

Is it "why, what an impressive straw man you have built there, sir, may I set fire to it?"?


My first, instinctive, response is "He hasn't got what I was saying and is vehemently agreeing with me while telling me how stupid and ill-informed I am. I must have not been clear enough".

My first response is to blame myself. How deep our socialisation goes.

No, you're not getting any more detail than that. Normal blogging may recommence at some point soon. Life is still v hectic chez Jennie.

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Am having a bad brain day. I have things I want to post, but am struggling to word them in such a way that they will be intelligible. This is because my brain is entirely taken up with something I can't post about, and it's not a happy thing, and it won't let me concentrate on anything else.

Suffice it to say that I have Done The Right Thing with regard to a particular situation, and am now going to spend some quality time hating, loathing, and despising myself. No sympathy, please. It's not needed and it won't help. I'll get on to the self-pitying whiner stage soon enough, and I suspect sympathy will be welcome then.

Until that point, I think it's safest if I switch off and withdraw. If you have some urgent need to contact me, you can phone or text. Or leave a comment to this entry and something will get back to you later. Probably.
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Here is a selection of the brick walls I am currently beating my head against:
  1. Fragmentation. The people I love all live so far apart, and I can afford neither the time nor the travel costs to visit them all as much as I would like - or in some cases, at all. Happy birthday, bruv.

  2. Cashlessness in general. I want to flattr people. I want to give money to good causes. I want to take my daughter to the pictures every so often. I want to buy a round of drinks for my mates after karate. I want some new shoes. I want to go to the dentist with my broken tooth. I can afford none of these things.

  3. Work. I am working a six day week this week. I won't get to see as much of my daughter or Mat as I would like. At the end of it, I will still be struggling to pay the rent.

  4. Londoncentricness. If you don't live in London, you don't matter. Not to the media, not to parliament, not to the Lib Dems... The convenience of those who live in London matters far more than including or consulting or even noticing those of us who don't, it seems.

  5. Sexism. The kyriarchy is systemic and all-pervading, and I haven't got the spoons to fight it all by myself, however much I might want to.

  6. Lack of Sleep. For various reasons I am not getting the amount or quality of sleep I require. This makes me cranky, and when I get cranky, I shout at people who are only being mildly annoying.

  7. Health Issues. My depression has been acting up, I am tired (see #6), my immune system is suppressed by both of these things, and that makes things I would normally shrug off (a food bug, or a cold) suddenly become a big deal

  8. Responsibility. I have a daughter, two dogs, and various other family things which I ought to pay more attention to than I do.

  9. Trying to keep up. My inbox currently stands at over 800 emails, 325 of which are unread. I have been skim reading my f-lists for weeks.
I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I'm close to burnout here, people. I need some time off, away from all this, to relax, unwind, and recharge. I haven't had a full week off work since before Christmas, and I'm not going to get one until September, and that's for Conference, and I haven't got my ticket for conference yet because I can't afford it. I'm pissed off with everything right now. I am fighting and fighting and fighting day in and day out, and I am barely keeping afloat, and I am so, so tired.

So if I'm a little short with you (insert your own joke here), or if I miss your blog post, or if I don't contribute to something I have told you I'd like to, don't take it personally. Deal?

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Because I am poorly and have no spoons, I got into a fight I possibly shouldn't have started last night, with someone who winds me up with his sexist behaviour at regular intervals. I'm not going to link to it, because I don't want this post to be about that specific incident, but about the generality. It ended up with him saying to me that I have no right to complain about him not linking to women's views unless I, personally, spoonfeed him women's views to link to.

Now, my instinctive reaction to that is to think fuck you! Why should I do all your work for you, you lazy git?... But that's possibly counterproductive for two reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, as I have discussed before, men will happily self-promote in ways that women won't. Mediocre men will shout from the rooftops about how awesome they are, and the more mediocre they are, the more they shout; awesome women, because of shyness, or socialisation that women who shout are harpies, or insecurity about their awesomeness, are much less likely to self-promote. This is made worse by the fact that very few people will look beyond what is waved in front of their faces, so the shouty men get noticed and the quiet women don't; very few people are willing to hurt somebody else (of whatever gender) by telling them they are mediocre if they are, and so the mediocre people get promotion they don't deserve, just by being shouty (Iain Dale is a PRIME example of that); and thus the cycle that to be noticed half as much as a man, a woman has to be twice as good continues in our supposedly post-feminist times.

The second reason my reaction is counter-productive is male priviledge. Male opinion aggregators are used to being spoonfed. This is unfair and annoying, but telling them to look beyond their spoonfeeding is telling them to do more work that they don't see a reason to do. Even if that were not the case, it takes a special kind of person to resist being spoonfed, why would anybody give themselves extra work to do?

This gives us two reasons why the blokosphere is self-perpetuating, and those two reasons feed into and reinforce each other. Even a completely non-sexist feminist ally man will often unconsciously perpetuate sexism under these circumstances. This is a problem I have been talking about for years, and I still don't have a suitable sword to cut this Gordian Knot. Nobody else seems to have one either.

How do we go about forging one, people?

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I have always thought the concept of "positive" discrimination offensive, patronising, counterproductive and illiberal. I have also said that should my party adopt such processes, they could expect my membership card by return of post. It has always been a red line for me, and my feelings on that haven't changed. And now, according to Lib Dem Voice, the london area party has done so for assembly elections.

But that was before I became so deeply embedded in this family. I am vacillating over this matter of principle because of that. To NOT resign my membership over this would be rank hypocrisy, and yet... It's not my local party, or the federal party. Am I better to stay in and fight this from the inside?

The deadline for motions to conference passed two hours ago. I could try to get an emergency motion in, I guess. But it would need careful wording, and people might not vote for it to even be considered...

I genuinely don't know what to do.
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Sometimes objectification makes me laugh.
Sometimes I even do it myself (see icon).
But sometimes it really upsets me.

I wish I knew what the differences were between instances of each. Is it that all objectification is wrong, and I am being bad when I laugh at it or do it myself? Or is it that some objectification is harmless, and some is malicious and hurtful, and that there's a difference between the two, and if so, what is that difference?

Is it that objectifying men is funny and ironic, poking fun at a priviledged group, but objectifying women is participating in the kyriarchy?

Is it that I am fine with objectifying people I don't identify with, but when someone appears to be objectifying a group I belong to then I get upset? I mean, I'm clearly OK with being personally objectified, at least to an extent, or [community profile] a_r_s_e wouldn't exist, and I wouldn't wear a low cut top for work if I'm particularly in need of tips, but...

Maybe it's much simpler than all that. Maybe I'm just a hypocrite.

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons, who wouldn't know hypocrisy if it stood up and bit him.

Or is it just that I'm a hypocrite?
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Yesterday evening, I was on cloud nine. I passed my belt assessment at karate Monday night, and got elected to the exec of the karate club to boot; I did really well at climbing Tuesday afternoon, beating my dad up the big 6a overhang AND the 15 foot ropeless "bouldering" wall - although I did have to sit down and have a good shake when I got to the top of the bouldering wall LOL - and did a lot of good work in the garden too. I had set up and set going They Really Do Exist, and was feeling pretty damn good about myself.

I woke up this morning and got hit by the double whammy of my laptop deciding not to work and my twitter account being hacked by some unknown twat. We then had a funeral party at work which was booked for 40, and so we catered for 40. 70 of them turned up and they complained when we ran out of plates. One of the other barnmaids has got a new job, but it doesn't clash with her hours at the pub... This is great for her, but if any of us want time off now it will be even MORE difficult than it already is now, because she is the one who does most of the cover. AND the time of the moth is upon me.

All in all, then, I'm a bit shellshocked by today.

Still, Liberal Drinks tomorrow. That'll be fun. I hope.

You guys are all coming, right? 7.30 in the Ship as usual... *puppy dog eyes*

((I am typing this on Mat's laptop, which he is kindly letting me pinch for a bit. I only have access to the internet myself through my phone, and twitter is not letting me log in from my phone, although it will from Mat's laptop. So if you really need to contact me I CAN pick up email, but texting or phoning is the only really reliable way. Twitter is right out for the moment. Just so you know))

.... O-o

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 11:48 am
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Yesterday was something of an emotional roller coaster. Having spent Monday night gently corrupting the eldest Duffettling (he's only 14, so it was verbal corruption only ;) ) I got up on Tuesday and went for my awkward lunch date. Which started off pretty awkward and got progressively less so... Which was good, I think. But then I went back to chez Duffett to get my stuff and was on the end of a few phone calls which it probably would have been politer not to take in Helen's living room, and which involved me being berated and then apologised to and then discovering that my great aunt had died. Which was a bit unexpected.

So I'm a bit emotionally fragile today, and although I have had lots of hugs and a lovely breakfast, I'm still going to turn the phone off and relax for a bit. Relaxing, after all, is sort of the point of having a few days away.

Tonight is dinner with [personal profile] djm4 (with apologies to Hailey and Laurie for picking him over you, but I need to stay in my safe zone for now, I think, and I don't want to be fretting about meeting new people - sorry JQP). Tomorrow is lunch with [personal profile] ginasketch and then home.

Right now? Right now is back to bed for a bit. Laters, all.

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I think that Stylish is simultaneously the best and most frustrating firefox extension there is. It allows you to change the colour scheme of any website to one which is more comfortable to your eyes, and judging by the number of dark themes available, I'm not the only person who likes dark themes. Where is the frustration, then?

Well, the frustration is mostly caused by the fact that there are two types of style - global, which affect EVERY website, and site-specific, which affect only specific sites - but no in-between state. There is no way of having a global setting which applies to all site EXCEPT ones which already have a colour scheme you like, which means you either have to set up site-specific theme for lots and lots of sites, or you have to have a global theme and toggle it on and off every time you switch tabs, which can be several times a minute for me.


Other minor frustrations involve finding a style which a first glance seems to be exactly what you are looking for, and which then turns out not to do what it says on the tin, or even doesn't work at all (this one is the one I am thinking of at the moment).

Honestly! Why can't everything just be perfect and do exactly what I want it to do?

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Thursday, December 10th, 2009 11:00 am
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Am noticing a pattern here.

Lovely trip to Luton earlier in the week was lovely, and I had a great time, but am now having a big mood crash and total lack of motivation which happy pills seem unable to touch. I have a big long list of Stuff to Do, including writing three articles before the weekend. I can't work up the enthusiasm to do any of it.

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... having a go at several people who didn't deserve it because I was exhausted and cranky.

And stuck in the bastard roadworks on the bloody M1 again. And smashing glasses so that they explode into my face AND Craig's beer AND two autovacs. And randomly bursting into tears Because I've spent two nights freezing my arse off on an airbed which I am certain has a built-in refrigeration system and I'm exhausted and I missed my Mat and my Holly and my doggies and I still have no money and... yeah, well, you get the picture.

So, you know, if you've got the wrong end of my tongue today, this is a public apology. I have behaved shamefully on three separate occasions to three people who really were not the cause of my ire in any way at all, and although the foregoing are reasons they are not excuses.

I suck, and I'm sorry.

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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 10:05 am
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Sorry for being such a drama queen last night. I seem to have caused a bit of concern...

I was just horrified that a post I had put so much work into still hadn't got the point across. Normally I don't put any work into it, I just spew out what comes into my brain. Maybe that's what I did wrong this time, maybe I worked too hard on it.

Anyway, lots of stuff to do for work over the next few days, because we have a FESTIVAL OF BEER to sort out. So I'll have something else to concentrate on/worry about. I might try again in simpler language with the whole women bloggers thing, especially since Count Packula has pointed me at some interesting new research that backs up my point.

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I'm not generally a fan of podcasts, I'll say this right up front. They interrupt my mainlining of radio 4 and make me cranky. That said, I listened to the second edition of House of Comments tonight because my beloved [personal profile] matgb told me I got a mention.

Am now thoroughly depressed and considering giving up blogging completely. Way to waste the wonderful feeling of relaxation I gained from three days away from the computer. I mean, if even people who are broadly sympathetic and who have actually met me can fail to understand what I am trying to say so utterly, then what's the point in me even trying to continue?

The only one of the four who seemed to have even the slightest grasp of my point was Mortimer. Which, you know, is gratifying, except that I think she kind of got it before I posted anyway.

What's the bloody point?

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State of the SB

Thursday, October 8th, 2009 11:46 pm
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For various reasons, this week has been pretty shitty. Financial woes are continuing and worsening - Conference didn't help with that; even though we lived very cheaply in Bournemouth, the loss of a week's wage has made a big hit. Depression has also been pretty bad, which buggers up my motivation to do anything other than get drunk and sleep, and I can't afford to get drunk unless other people buy the drink, and then I feel like a freeloading shit. Mat has had a bad back and has needed my support rather than being able to give me his. The wind has played havoc with my garden. The continued fawning over the Tories from all sections of the media is making me ricochet between feeling sick and feeling homicidal. Etc. etc. etc.

But rather than concentrate on all that, I'm going to concentrate on the good stuff. I want to say thank you to some people who have been candles in the darkness.
  • My mum, and Ian, who have both been wonderful about taking care of [personal profile] amazing_holly when I haven't been able to due to work and Lib Demmery

  • [livejournal.com profile] pmoodie, who is one of the best friends a girl could wish for

  • [personal profile] amazing_holly, who has been such a good girl, and written some really cool stories.

  • My Duracell Bunny, for arranging a visit and giving me something to look forward to.

  • And lastly, my poor, long-suffering [personal profile] matgb, who puts up with all my crap uncomplainingly, and holds me when I need to be held, and nags me when I need to be nagged. I don't know where I'd be without him.
Today has been particularly awful; lets put it to bed and see what tomorrow brings.

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Saturday, September 26th, 2009 12:09 pm
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Today is a day in which I am being plagued by frustrations.
  • I have lots and lots of things which need to be done, but none of them can be started until I have done other things, and the other things need yet OTHER things doing before I can start them, and it's all just a great big vicious circle of paralysingness

  • Byron is being very clingy, and panting lots even though he's not warm. This is a sign of poorly, but he can't tell me what's wrong

  • The usual financial frustrations are surfacing with a vengeance today. It's little things, like we could do with a new big pan for making stock in, and I have to carefully budget and weigh everything up before I can spend less than a tenner on a frigging pan. It's exhausting.

  • Some of the stuff that happened in Bournemouth has had some weird emotional fallout, and there's one person in particular I need to talk to about it*, and I bet you a tenner I won't see him till Birmingham, and I just want to get it sorted out.

  • I want a new tattoo. This is on top of the three I have had planned forever but never seem to be in a position to afford.

  • My stupid foot is still bugging me. I can't just take the dogs out of the house and run through the park or climb a tree and pretend that none of this matters
All of these things on their own are minor irritations. Together, they are making me want to curl up under the duvet and shout at the world to F off. Shame, then, that I have to go to work soon and work till midnight...

* no, not YOU, Mr Duracell Bunny. You weren't a frustration at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. ;)

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We have a dogsitter. My lovely brother, [personal profile] angeliiiii, has volunteered. He is a lovely brother and I love him much. The irony is that upon exiting my place of work this evening I went over on my ankle and it's now all huge and swollen and purple. So even though we have a dogsitter, I'm still not a happy bunny...

I am watching Columbo in bed, with my foot elevated, desperately hoping to be able to walk tomorrow.

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The Joys of renting

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 01:07 pm
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Can anyone think of a legal way for me to obtain £118,000 quickly? There's a house two streets away come up for sale because the owner has sadly passed away, it's twice the size of the tiny hovel we live in now (literally, as it looks to have been made by knocking two houses of the same size as this one together), which means there would be room for [personal profile] matgb and I to have babies; it has a garden (and a shed!) and space for secure motorbike parking, and it's just all-round perfect. It's cheap for quick sale because of the owner dying. I've done a bit of jiggery pokery and checked the HIP and it is all legit.

The problem is that with the way our income is right now nobody will ever give us a mortgage. Which is a bit of a bugger, because having looked at a couple of mortgage calculators, the repayments would only be about £50 a month more than we are paying now in rent.

Anyone fancy buying a house and we'll pay you the money? You can have the title in your name if you like...

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Dreamwidth Geekery

Monday, July 27th, 2009 11:59 pm
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I like the new logged-in homepage. It's one of the things I am clinging to about today which hasn't been really awful and depressing.

The other thing was being out in the garden with [personal profile] amazing_holly planting sweetpea seeds earlier. Yeah, I know, I'm a bit early for late planting and a bit late for regular planting. But she wanted to do it, and it was fun grubbing about in the compost with her.

I'm trying not to think about anything else that happened today. Work was particularly awful; this is made worse by the fact that I've had a good long stretch of really enjoying it, and today was a big jolt. Also Mat was really stressed (for mostly good reasons) so neither of us were in a fit state to be the support to each other we usually are.

Instead, I'm going to run myself a bath, and sink into it, and think about how cool it was to be planting stuff with Hol, and what a little angel she's been today, even though I have been grumpy as all hell.

I am a very lucky mummy.

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Last night, as part of the FFW, there was a screening of a film called The Scar Crow, and a Q&A session with cast and crew afterwards. The film had great effects and was beautifully and creatively shot, especially given the tiny budget and shooting timescale, but it just REEKED of misogyny. I can't give specifics without spoilers, but I had many, many problems with the film. Now, you can say this about a lot of films, including many that I really love. But the classic Hammer/Amicus/etc. films get something of a pass due to being made 30, 40, 50 years ago. This film was made last year. The ONLY named female characters were "evil", apart from the "sympathetic character" - i.e. the one who deserves a Well Done For Not Being A Rapist Cookie - 's girlfriend, who was merely peripheral AND stupid. There's an incestuous "lesbian" kiss, which the director stated in the Q&A he had put in because his 12 year old son had asked for some hot lesbo action.

And you know what?

Even as I type this I can feel the internet's reaction to me criticising the film for these reasons. It's just one film - it's not systemic. Not all films are like that! - just like not all men are like that. Well, YOU might have been offended, but I wasn't, and therefore it's not a problem. So you're saying we ought to ban films with hot lesbo action/films with female bad guys/etc. I thought you were a liberal?

etc. etc. et fucking cetera.

It's not just systemic in horror (and yes, I DID have an audible intake of breath when the director claimed to have been subverting expectations by shooting a gore flick with evil women and hot lesbo action in it). It's not just systemic in films. It's not just endemic in entertainment. It's endemic in life.

Are we all ready for the chorus of Oh, you're exaggerating! I don't know anyone who finds this a problem, girls? Boys, I hate to break this to you, but perhaps nobody has told you they find this sort of shit a problem because they know what your reaction will be. Do you ever find yourself thinking well harrassment/sexual assault/rape can't be that much of a problem because I don't know anyone who has been harrassed/assaulted/raped? I bet you a tenner that you do. For starters, if you know me, you do.

And do you know what? Even with all that said, I wouldn't want to ban films like this. I'd just like to live in a world where I can make this sort of criticism without having to pre-emptively defend myself against accusations of being a strident whinging harpie. I'd settle for that, but it'd be even nicer if I could go and see a gore flick where it's the men who are relentlessly objectified, and the women who are held forth as praiseworthy for not being rapists... Not because I think reverse discrimination is in any way the way forward, but just because it would be SUCH a fucking novelty.

Using the icon I have is a defensive action too. It's saying I know that women are objectified on the basis of their bodies, and I know it happens to me, and I can cope with it. It's saying I realise that I am part of the problem here. It's saying look, even though I have been raped, I have a sense of humour about stuff like this.

Yeah, I'm in a really good mood today.

Thanks to [personal profile] puddingcat for pointing me at most of the articles I link to.

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Thanks you guys

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 10:34 pm
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I have been letting things get on top of me, I guess.

I'm still kind of shaken about nan's death, and Shrubby's issues with Scott at school, and the house, and the money situation, and work, and the upcoming conference and of course, it's February, and... Well, lots of stuff. Lots of stuff stressing me out, and I'm not getting time to destress.

And then last night and this morning Mat and I had a silly argument and, like Casey said, fighting with Mat made me have flashbacks to stuff that I KNOW Mat would never do to me and... Well, it wasn't pretty. And I've done a bit of damage to my hand which hampered work a bit. But I'll be fine.

Mat and I have worked out a way of getting me some winding down time to myself, and he has been incredibly supportive and wonderful in general, and I wouldn't have got through today without him being calm and gentle and amazing. I feel terribly guilty and ashamed for what I have put him through today. I don't deserve the kind of love he has lavished on me, I really don't.

I also want to thank all of you for being supportive and lovely. And I'm sorry for worrying you. I shall endeavour to not let things get this bad again.

* snuggles for you all *
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Mister Mat just came upstairs with the cake, and sliced off a delicate sliver. Mildly disappointed at being thus rationed, I enquired I am only to be allowed a little bit of cake? Mister Mat took the delicate sliver of cake over to his desk and left the entire rest of the cake with me.

I am going to London in March, straight after spring conference. I am going to be participating in a bloggers' interview of Vince Cable. Six weeks to go and I am already crapping myself. I had no such feelings about the Nick Clegg interview I was meant to go to at Yorkshire regional conference, mainly because Clegg strikes me (having been in his presence) as a complete onanist, and thus I'm not bothered if I offend the self-important Glorious Leader; Vince, having been in his presence, is utterly, utterly lovely as well as amazing in a political sense, and I will be mortified and want to throw myself off Westminster Bridge if I offend him. Which, of course, I am almost certain to do, and the more worked up about this I get, the more certain it becomes - you steer towards where you're looking and all that.

Short of filling my hipflask with the old Remy and hoping like hell, any suggestions from the peanut gallery on how to deal with debilitating nervousness? I came very very close to saying no to the whole thing on the grounds that I am bound to make a complete arse of myself, but several people have moved heaven and earth to make it possible for me to be there, and it would have been really ungrateful to hide in a corner wibbling uncontrollably like I want to...
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Mat and I have had our first ever proper shouting argument. I thought you'd all like to know.

As predicted it was about something very silly - I had done some tidying up and he put something in a place I didn't want it to go, and I got cross because he had marred my tidying up, and he didn't understand why I was cross because he thought he was tidying too, and then I got upset because I couldn't make him understand why I was cross, and then he got cross because he couldn't understand, and before you know it we're both shouting at each other... Yeah. Very silly. But it shows how easily these things happen, especially when I am in the fretful mood I have been in today. The sooner Wednesday night is over the happier I'll be...

Anyway. We have clung weeping to each other and apologised, and hugged and kissed and apologised some more, and then made each other laugh with silly hats and such, and everything is all right now. He has commandeered my comfy office chair and is playing his silly computer game, and I am in bed listening to classic rock and playing about on LJ.

I could do with a very large brandy, though. I might go and get one...

ETA: a couple of minutes ago the computer game noise stopped. I looked up to see why and Mat was waving the brandy bottle at me.

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