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... How I love my boss. Liz phoned this morning, to tell me that she's got my shifts covered and I haven't to worry about it, and to tell me not to come back to work till I'm properly better. She was really concerned and lovely, and gave me the option of taking the time as holiday rather than sick, so I get full pay.

Can't ask for a better employer, can I?

Mister Mat is being wonderful, also. I am feeling better today, but he's still pampering me. We're going to attempt leaving the house in a bit; my legs are fine, so I can walk, but I just can't carry anything or move my upper torso much. Fresh air will probably do me good, right?

Amused by The News Quiz, discussing the American primaries, and Andy Hamilton mentioning the whole dynastic thing that seems to be going on with the Bushes and Clintons: Imagine if the next election here was between Mark Thatcher and Cherie Blair! The jokes would write themselves!

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Friday, November 30th, 2007 11:29 am
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Dogs did fine at vets. Byron is a couple of pounds (literally a couple of pounds, not lots) overweight, and Roxy is a little bit underweight. Both are bright and healthy, and the vet seems very happy with how they are getting on together (they've only known each other three days? Wow! How did they get so close in three days?). Byron has had one jab and needs to go back in two weeks for another, and Roxy is going back on the 21st for spaying.

[livejournal.com profile] theyorkshergob got linked to on Liberal Conspiracy again (right at the bottom of this post)! Tee Hee. Oh, and for the interested, the text of my email from the producer of This Week (in response to this post) was: Oh, most flattering!

We shall be looking out for more (unless, of course, knowing that would
inhibit you from being critical when the need arises...)
Of course, this means that because I didn't get to watch this week's episode last night for various reasons (OK, I fell asleep) I shall have to watch it online and blog it tonight...

My head is getting so big I won't be able to get out the door to work... which I must do right now LOL.


Hello [personal profile] purplecthulhu

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 09:43 pm
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Yup, I've been added by the person with possibly the coolest username on LJ.

I have Achieved Things again today; I built my new bed (YAY it's very comfy!) and did a shift at work and actually PUT SOME CLOTHES IN MY WARDROBE!!! And bought Megabus tickets. [livejournal.com profile] matgb is coming up here for Spring Bank weekend (in which there will be beer festival and live music at work and hopefully lots of sex to break in new bed yay!), and then the weekend after I will be moseying down to That London to go to Tate Late and fangirl Shami Chakrabati and Mark Thomas.

Does anyone else have difficulty, when small children are watching Postman Pat, in refraining from singing the rude versions of the theme tune?

ETA: ka-boom ka-boom ah! )
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OK, work was hell. I had a test to do, I had to do the frigging doorway, I felt violent towards L & R for doing what they always do (discussing diets ad nauseam when neither of them is even fat) and I didn't get the chance to explode at the people who deserved exploding at because they all kept out of my way.

But I'm still smoke free.

If physically shaking.

Must avoid drink; if I drink that will simply make me want a fag more...

I wonder if there are any biscuits...

ETA: there are fig rolls.

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