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2010-05-21 12:17 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Introduction & Comment policy

Hello! There now follow some handy hints on how to make the most of your Reading My Blog experience:
  • If you don't like my colour scheme (I am aware that many people don't) add "?style=light" to the end of any url to get a different version.
  • If you want to know more about me, click here
  • If you haven't got a dreamwidth account you can still log in and comment or participate in polls with openID.
  • Other platforms I am active on are listed here.

Comments Policy:
  • Anonymous commenting is enabled, although anon comments are screened before publication; please, if you comment anonymously, give yourself a name/pseudonym/some form of identifier. If you don't your comment will not be unscreened.
  • I don't censor comments from people I know unless pushed VERY hard. Red lines include racism, misogyny, homophobia, unjoking advocation of violence, and being horrible about (or to) people I love. Anons tend to get a lot less leeway and a lot less benefit of the doubt; sorry. My blog, my rules.
  • If you want to point out cock-ups I have made, please direct them to Pedants' Corner; likewise if you want to ask me something off the topic of the post please go to this entry - this saves readers' scrolling fingers.
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2016-08-31 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 31-08-2016

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2016-08-30 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 30-08-2016

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2016-08-29 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 29-08-2016

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2016-08-28 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 28-08-2016

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2016-08-27 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 27-08-2016

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2016-08-26 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 26-08-2016

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2016-08-26 03:26 am
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Moar Supergirling

So I watched the rest of season one. And aside from that one episode (which I posted about yesterday) I didn't have a major problem with it. In fact, I'll go further than that. I liked it. I REALLY liked it. BUT spoilers under the cut )

I dunno. Maybe I'm worrying too much. Maybe this is just what the press is being fed, or what they're paying attention to, rather than what's actually going to be the focus of the series. But I have some disquiet.

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2016-08-25 01:43 pm
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Stupid Questions Asked by Journalists That Haven't Done their Research #1: Meat Loaf

There is a set of questions which can be called "The stupid questions asked by a journalist, which shows that they haven't done the most cursory research on the topic they are writing about". This will be an occasional set of posts highlighting these questions, and the answers to them, in an attempt to solve this problem.

Post number one: things the Meat Loaf won't do

Because the title of one of Meat Loaf's biggest hits is "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that", many, many, MANY idiot journalists have asked him what the "that" is, thus showing that they have never actually listened to the song, in which all the things which "that" refers to are detailed. Here is a list of all the thats that Meat Loaf won't do (some of them are a bit rude):

- forget the way you feel right now
- forgive myself if we don't go all the way tonight
- do it better than I do it with you
- stop dreaming of you ev'ry night of my life
- forget everything
- see that it's time to move on
- screw around

You're welcome. Next in this series: why did it take so long for daleks to fly?
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2016-08-25 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 25-08-2016

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2016-08-25 01:49 am
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You know that thing where you watch a show & you really love it & then SOMETHING happens?

I just watched ep10 of Supergirl - Childish Things - & there be spoilers under the cut )

I am beyond pissed off about this. I was REALLY enjoying that show. Fuck's sake. Like why do shows that I enjoy keep DOING this?

Anyway, that's my toys out of the pram. Yay.
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2016-08-24 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 24-08-2016

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2016-08-21 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 21-08-2016

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2016-08-19 05:13 pm
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Years meme

[personal profile] yoyoangel has asked me to tell you what I was up to in 2001.

Age then: 23
Age now: 38

Relationship then: I was living with Ian, which didn't turn out well for the two of us, although it did produce Daughter, so I can't really complain.

Relationship now: Depending on where we start counting, I've been going out with Mat for ten years, James for five, and Alisdair for three, and I have lots of lovely friends and extended family, and doggies.

Where I lived then: Just around the corner from where I live now. Sunny Brighouse. Easy reach of the town centre and the park for dog walking.

Where I live now: Just around the corner from where I lived then. The house is slightly bigger (but still not really big enough) and slightly further away from the noisy dual carriageway.

Was I happy then: It had it's moments, but I wasn't in the best place.

Am I happy now: Yes. There are things I would change if I could, as there always are, but I am happier now than I have ever been.

Comment asking for a year if you'd like one.
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2016-08-17 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 17-08-2016

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2016-08-16 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 16-08-2016

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2016-08-15 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 15-08-2016

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2016-08-13 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 13-08-2016

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2016-08-12 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 12-08-2016

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2016-08-08 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 08-08-2016