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2010-05-21 12:17 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Introduction & Comment policy

Hello! There now follow some handy hints on how to make the most of your Reading My Blog experience:
  • If you don't like my colour scheme (I am aware that many people don't) add "?style=light" to the end of any url to get a different version.
  • If you want to know more about me, click here
  • If you haven't got a dreamwidth account you can still log in and comment or participate in polls with openID.
  • Other platforms I am active on are listed here.

Comments Policy:
  • Anonymous commenting is enabled, although anon comments are screened before publication; please, if you comment anonymously, give yourself a name/pseudonym/some form of identifier. If you don't your comment will not be unscreened.
  • I don't censor comments from people I know unless pushed VERY hard. Red lines include racism, misogyny, homophobia, unjoking advocation of violence, and being horrible about (or to) people I love. Anons tend to get a lot less leeway and a lot less benefit of the doubt; sorry. My blog, my rules.
  • If you want to point out cock-ups I have made, please direct them to Pedants' Corner; likewise if you want to ask me something off the topic of the post please go to this entry - this saves readers' scrolling fingers.
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2016-10-22 11:43 am
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PSA: Contacting me

If you're trying to contact me for the next couple of days, you're probably best either phoning the landline, or going through Mat if it's text-based communication.

- Samsung were supposed to collect my phone yesterday, so it got reset to factory settings and powered down. They didn't come.
- My new phone has not arrived yet.
- I am typing this on Mat's laptop because Tiny Laptop is broken, and has been for ages, but I never got round to fixing her because I was fine with my phone.
- Alisdair's phone (my old Note 2, so 3 phones ago) is proving increasingly unreliable after nearly 5 years of constant use and keeps dying on him, so contacting me via him is not going to be a reliable option.

In health news, I am still in pain from the original, still undiagnosed, problem. I am having horrific side effects from the antibiotics they gave me to treat the secondary problem they found while looking for the original problem. And I can't even play stupid games on my phone to distract me from all this.

All in all, I'm a bit low.

Sorry not to end on a more positive note...
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2016-10-19 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 19-10-2016

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2016-10-18 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 18-10-2016

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2016-10-17 09:36 pm
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Health Update

Got some of my test results today. cut for potential TMI )

I'm still in in lots of pain, every day. But I'm also not dead. More updates as they come.
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2016-10-17 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 17-10-2016

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2016-10-15 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 15-10-2016

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2016-10-13 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 13-10-2016

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2016-10-12 10:52 pm

Testing testing, one two, one two

For those of you who were wondering how my medical testing went, and especially all those of you who wished me well...

It went as well as can be expected. I get results for some tests in about a week, and the rest in 2-3 weeks. My mum was great, and the nurse was really calm too, and understood my anxiety issues, and everything.

So now it's just wait and see...
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2016-10-12 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 12-10-2016

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2016-10-11 11:10 am
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What should I do about my potentially Exploding Phone? UPDATED

So, you've all probably heard that my phone is being recalled again. I'm really upset about this; not because of any fears of it exploding (seven out of a couple of million is pretty good odds) but because I really REALLY love it. I love the way it works, the way it feels, and most of all I love and adore the S-pen, which I affectionately call the Pokey Stick. I have been a Note user since the Note 2, and before THAT I spent a reasonable amount of time with a Nokia 5800. I can't cope without a pokey stick.

It's looking like this recall is going to be the end of the line for the Note line as a whole, and that's going to be a problem for me. I know you can get pen-shaped things for other phones, but they are NOT the same thing; they are just replacement fingers, they don't have the functionality or precision of an S-pen, and I am properly gutted that this recall almost certainly means I won't be able to get a new phone that has one EVER. (although thanks to someone actually helpful on twitter I have been pointed towards a somewhat useful looking stylus - http://www.adonit.net/jot/pro/ )

So what do I do?

Do I go back to an older Note?
Do I wait and see if Samsung bring out a new one?
IS there another phone that does similar things and I've just missed it?
Do I just keep my existing, fabulous, phone and hope it doesn't explode?

I'd be grateful for your thoughts.

ETA: I'd be grateful for your thoughts about which of the options above seems sensible, not OMG YOU'VE GOT AN EXPLODING PHONE YOU'RE GOING TO DIE, which is supremely unhelpful in the following ways:

1, I know my phone is at risk, it's in the title of the sodding post.
2, You're not offering me any solutions here.
3, Seriously, since when did panicking help anyone?

* casts a baleful eye on a screened comment which is going to remain screened *

ETA #2: Now up to 4 screened comments which are going to remain screened. What is it about phones which makes the condescending arsehole come out in people? "Learn to wait for technology to mature before buying new kit" ALSO does not help me with the current situation, sweet Croydon commenter.
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2016-10-11 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 11-10-2016

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2016-10-10 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 10-10-2016

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2016-10-09 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 09-10-2016

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2016-10-08 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 08-10-2016

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2016-10-07 04:11 pm
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Related to the Previous Post: Questions to Candidates standing for Federal Elections

Given that I plan to stand, it would involve a conflict of interest were I to run the usual "asking questions of candidates" series of blog posts that I normally do for federal committee elections.

Any volunteers to take over? I can send you the forms and things that I have previously used if you think that'd be useful.
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2016-10-07 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 07-10-2016

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2016-10-06 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 06-10-2016

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2016-10-05 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 05-10-2016

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2016-10-03 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 03-10-2016