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2010-05-21 12:17 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Introduction & Comment policy

Hello! There now follow some handy hints on how to make the most of your Reading My Blog experience:
  • If you don't like my colour scheme (I am aware that many people don't) add "?style=light" to the end of any url to get a different version.
  • If you want to know more about me, click here
  • If you haven't got a dreamwidth account you can still log in and comment or participate in polls with openID.
  • Other platforms I am active on are listed here.

Comments Policy:
  • Anonymous commenting is enabled, although anon comments are screened before publication; please, if you comment anonymously, give yourself a name/pseudonym/some form of identifier. If you don't your comment will not be unscreened.
  • I don't censor comments from people I know unless pushed VERY hard. Red lines include racism, misogyny, homophobia, unjoking advocation of violence, and being horrible about (or to) people I love. Anons tend to get a lot less leeway and a lot less benefit of the doubt; sorry. My blog, my rules.
  • If you want to point out cock-ups I have made, please direct them to Pedants' Corner; likewise if you want to ask me something off the topic of the post please go to this entry - this saves readers' scrolling fingers.
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2016-04-30 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 30-04-2016

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2016-04-29 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 29-04-2016

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2016-04-28 12:48 pm
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Ian McKellen Richard III - a question

The film of this came out in December 1995. I left school in September 95 and got my GCSEs in 93. The thing is I am dead set certain that Dr Liddle showed us this on video when we were doing GCSE English. Now, I know that the film is based on a stage production, and that sometimes films of stage productions are made available for use in schools - does anyone know if that happened with this? Because there are two other explanations:

1, I've gone nuts
2, Dr Liddle is/was/will be a time traveller

ETA: googling for my old English teacher's name turns up no English teacher, but a professor of theoretical astrophysics who looks sort of a bit like Doctor Liddle but many years younger. God DAMN him, he IS a time traveller!
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2016-04-28 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 28-04-2016

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2016-04-26 08:14 pm
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A quick note on the Hugo shortlists

Yet again the puppies have shat on everybody else's carpet. It'll be interesting to see if people take the Scalzi line and vote for people on the slate who are deserving anyway, or if they put the mighty Gneil (for example) below no award - which is what I'll be doing for rabid puppy nominees - for sad, they had open noms, so I have a more open mind. Happily the ones I nominated that made the ballot were not on any puppy slates so I can vote for them with a clear conscience. NK Jemisin FTW! But I think no award is going to be my most prominent view in most categories... :/

Let's hope the rule change passes, eh?
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2016-04-26 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 26-04-2016

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2016-04-25 10:56 am
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A poll

Asda are reportedly trialing "quiet hour for autistic people" in one of their Manchester stores. I think this is a great idea, although I'm not sure the hour they've chosen (8am Saturday, which is a very busy time) is the best possible one (and yes I know there are probably practical reasons for the choice but aspie folks are so often nocturnal). What would you think if this was to happen in your local supermarket?

Poll #17452 Quiet hours in supermarkets
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 19

What do you think about quiet hours in supermarkets?

I'm ASD & YAY!
6 (31.6%)

I'm ASD & booooooooo :(
0 (0.0%)

I'm neurotypical & YAY!
13 (68.4%)

I'm neurotypical & booooooooo :(
0 (0.0%)

(This poll is also available on twitter for those who don't have DW logins)

((Also I know that ASD and neurotypical aren't the only brain options but twitter polls only allow 4 options and I wanted the poll to be the same cross-platform. Please pick the nearest option to fitting you?))
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2016-04-24 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 24-04-2016

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2016-04-21 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 21-04-2016

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2016-04-20 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 20-04-2016

ETA: Hah! This is what happens when I don't get around to deleting all the spammy twitter retweets. Must do better, Rigg.
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2016-04-19 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 19-04-2016

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2016-04-18 03:10 pm

State of the SB Update

I just noticed I haven't posted an actual post for ages and it's all been linkspammy, probably because I've been spending most of my Expressing Myself spoons on drawing things and putting them on instagram, so I thought you'd all appreciate a little update
  • Item: I am standing in the council elections. Again. The last 2 years I got exactly 103 votes. I am hoping for a modest increase to 104 this year, because Alisdair will be able to vote for me, living in my ward as he does now.

  • Item: Mental and physical health things are more-or-less under control at the moment (she says, hoping not to jinx things).
    Mentally, I've had less than the usual hiding-under-the-duvet days since surviving The Februaries, and I'm managing to mostly stick to my exercise-away-the-mentals schedule. These things may or may not be related. I am now at the level of fitness where it is almost impossible for me to consume the number of calories I am burning, so the weight has started dropping off again. I may be able to fit into nice clothes by autumn conference, which will help with self esteem and things. We shall see.
    Physically I'm still having some debilitating pain days, but not so many, and managing to at least swim, even when I can't manage the weights because of a pain day. I am lucky that if necessary I can work from home, so it doesn't actually impact work. Speaking of which...

  • Item: Job continues to be good, and interesting. Every day is a different thing. I approve of this. A lot of what I get to do is research things so that the boss can spend 5 minutes reading my summary email, rather than three hours googling. I now know lots about various things I never even considered knowing about before. Yay learnings!

  • Item: Daughter appears to have developed some bits of executive function; she's by no means perfect, but is getting into the routine of wake - shower - breakfast -brush hair and teeth - get dressed - go to school in a morning, and come to mummy's office - do homework - go home - get changed - eat tea in an afternoon. It's only taken nearly two years...
    (Seriously, given how awful I can be with executive function, I am incredibly proud of her. At this point in my career at the same school I already had the school detention record under my belt; she's doing WAY better, and it's not entirely due to having a diagnosis).

  • Item: Doggies continue adorable. As do boys. Mum and Dad are both good...
I think that's about it, really... Hope you lot are all good. I do try to remember birthdays and stuff but I'm pretty rubbish at that.

*big hugs for everybody*

(especially you, Duffett, I know you're out there)
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2016-04-18 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 18-04-2016

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2016-04-17 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 17-04-2016

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2016-04-16 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 16-04-2016

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2016-04-15 03:08 pm
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Theatre Review: @BrighouseTheatr production of Little Shop of Horrors at Brighouse Civic Hall

So last night [personal profile] matgb and I took Hol to see Little Shop of Horrors. She was totally unfamiliar with the story, although she'd heard me singing the odd song from it, and we've always called carnivourous plants Audreys in this house.

She loved it. She really loved it. She loved it so much she spent the interval doing this, which to say it was done with a finger on an iPhone I think is pretty impressive.

The lady who played Audrey was awesome, better than Ellen Greene in the 86 film, I'd say. She had the vocal inflection without going full-fingernails-down-blackboard, and she could sing beautifully. Also excellent were my dear friend John Murphy as Seymour - he was especially brilliant in bits where he wasn't the focus of attention, but still reacting and inhabiting his Seymourness. The gent who played Mr Mushnik, and the three chorus girls who were the literal Greek chorus and were barely off stage the entire play were also very good indeed.

The chap who played Orin the Dentist was suitably over the top and shouty, although his hair was very Paul Weller, which kept jabbing at my suspension of disbelief. And there were some techinical issues - the sound esp balance has been a problem in every production I have seen at the civic hall, so I think it's built in, but at times it was difficult to hear the vocal performers (despite them all having good enunciation and being amplified) over the musicians. It was sometimes difficult to see Two-ey over the very enthusiastic conductress of the musicians too. And whoever was operating the clock kept making little errors, but that only added to the comedy.

Those small niggles aside, it was a pretty professional production, and definitely worth the ticket price. It's still got a couple of days to run, and comes with the Jennie seal of approval, so if you're in the Calderdale area, why not make your way to Brighouse and enjoy it for yourself?
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2016-04-15 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 15-04-2016

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2016-04-14 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 14-04-2016

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2016-04-13 11:00 am

The Blood is the Life for 13-04-2016