George Perez recovering in hospital

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 07:36 pm
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Anyone who has had any dealings with George Perez, either as a professional or as a fan, will tell you that there is NO ONE else like him.

His output over the last forty years or so is extraordinary, his style unmistakable (and gorgeous), and he's one of the sweetest guys you could ever hope to meet. A big bear of a man with a smile that lights up the room and a laugh that you won't forget (and so deeply devored to his wife that reading his Facebook posts is positively blush-making sometimes).

He adores interacting with fans, and cosplayers (He's a regular feature in Con's group photoshoots, usually surrounded by characters he either created, or designed costumes for.

So it came as something of a shock to discover yesterday that he had been taken to hospital with chest pains. (It His family has not stated what the exact medical issues were, and it is none of our business, so I'd ask you to respect their privacy in that matter)

Now the news since then seems to be very good, but I know I speak for the Mod Team and everyone on scans_daily, when I send him our warmest good wishes, prayers, and all the health giving vibes we can, because heavens knows we owe that man so much.

If you'd care to show some support by posting your favourite examples of his work, that would be awesome too!

Not that a reminder of his work is required, but I'm not going to let that stop me. )

I made more icons!

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 03:23 pm
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For the first time in a long while, I actually added some icons into the pool I'm using!

I only had one Japan-related icon, and even that I only added after I moved back to America and then edited into some old posts. This provides more diversity I could have used then. The left one is a picture of the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima City that says "Peace to the world," the middle one a picture I took of 壬生の花田植 (Mibu no Hanadaue), a 500-year-old rice planting festival in Chiyoda. The text there is the Japanese version of "When in Rome"--gou ni itte wa, gou ni shitagae, "When you go to your ancestral village, follow their rules." The icon in the right says "Land of Eight Million Gods." It's from a picture I took of a shrine to Inari we stumbled on while wandering through the hills of Kamakura.

There's one more icon I have that was sitting in my icons folder. I didn't make it, but I don't have the source anymore:

That should come in handy when I post about studying Japanese.  photo anime_sweatdrop_emoticon_v2b.gif

April kitty picspam

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 08:56 pm
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It's almost May! That means it's time for another month's worth of kitty pics.

For anyone new here, we have two silly floofs, Nora and Meenie:


Meenie is the gray one, Nora is the one with the pink nose. They're sisters, almost three years old, and their fur is all fluffy (Meenie) and fuzzy (Nora) because they're LaPerms. I would have loved to adopt kitties from the local shelter, but alas I'm terribly allergic (think asthma + rash + itchy/sneezy/leaky) to most cats I've met. Not that it's ever stopped me from petting most of them, but it wouldn't be feasible to live with those cats. Fortunately I discovered LaPerms back in 2007, and found out their weird curly-fur mutation has the side effect that I can tolerate all the ones I've met. So when my wife and I decided we were settled enough to have cats together, we found a local breeder who just happened to have a litter on the way. Meenie and Nora are two of six siblings - all with different colors, because LaPerms are cool like that.

They are super sweet, social little creatures. They like sitting on our shoulders or burrowing in bed, and Meenie is extremely chatty. They're both incredibly playful, and will go to their "toy box" and bat at it and meow until we take out a wand to wave around for them. We keep them indoors, as our area is very urban with lots of traffic, but they love getting walked in their little cat jackets. Actually, as soon as we get their jackets and leashes out they come running like excited puppies!

For more on these critters, I have a cats tag, and a kitty pic tag. ♥

Now on to the pic spam!

IMG_20170415_092948 IMG_20170415_094440 IMG_6121 IMG_6178

31 April Kitty Pics )

Camp Nano

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 01:25 pm
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Well, I didn't meet my 10K goal for Camp Nano this month, but I DID manage to write more this month than the rest of the year combined, so I'm calling is a win. And I feel like I have a lot more motivation to sit down and write now, so I'm hoping I can keep this up and get myself consistently writing again. I truly enjoy writing, and still want to go pro when I'm ready. It's just been hard to motivate myself these past few years. When my Depression got bad, well... it threw everything off. Including my creativity. I think I needed a good kick in the writing pants, and this was it.

I'm still doing GYWO, of course, so that helps me keep track as well. And I'm feeling... clearer? now than I have felt in a while. Writing is how I express myself. And I haven't been expressing myself. This is healing. I'm healing. And it feels good.
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I signed up for Stony Trumps Hate, and you should too!

I have much more confidence about my ability to blitz through deadlines now than I did years ago, so am trying to sign up for more exchanges, auctions, etc, that won't take over my life or take time away from my personal projects. Tried to sign up for a Pinch Hit last night but boooo, I got there too late ):

electrogastrogram now has four kudos on ao3! That's more feedback than when I had it up for sale! AHAHAHAHHAHA no seriously this is funny. I am so not made to do this self-publishing bit, since I fail so hard at promoting myself. Perhaps I should look into seeing about sending books to agents again? But exhaustion says no.

We'll see who wins this round, exhaustion. The war ain't over yet! *seethes*

My day is basically formatting the rest of hooversuck, finally getting the latest issue of Poe Dameron to read because I hear there is MEAT PASTE (cough cough thank you Lynda cough), and if I have the energy for it, poking at that mostly-done Kylux fic I have open to see if I can get it post-ready. It's been too long, Kylux fandom. I am ready to come back home.


Sunday, April 30th, 2017 04:15 pm
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Name: angelique, and missangelique999 has been my handle for many, many moons
Age: thirty six years young
Location: floriderr, usa
Gender: specifically female

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: music is life. wannabe film buff. night beach lover. sarcasm, because it's legal to stab people with words.

Top 5 Fandoms: I don't have the fandoms down pat, yet.

I mostly post about: the fam. life. and lists. & I share art I appreciate.

I rarely post about: fandoms. teehehe

My last three posts were about:"speed dating(with friends)", a "delightful" smoothie recipe, & a 10 year personal health map.

How often do you post? several times a day.

How about commenting? I comment more than I receive. I love to give.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
cleaning minion

9 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic icons

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 10:13 pm
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2 3 8
The rest at [personal profile] fuesch.

April reading

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 09:08 pm
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 Not quite so many books this month as I had a couple of very large volumes to plough through!

W: Work
L:  Leisure
R: Re-read
Rev: Review


Max Adams
The King in the North: the Life & Times of Oswald of Northumbria (L)

Helen Rappaport
Petrograd 1917: Caught in the Revolution (L)

Fabio Benzi & Francesco Leone
Giacomo Balla: Designing the future (L)

Zelfira Tragulova, Faina Balakhovskaya & Evgena Petrova (eds)
Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 (L)

Stacy Schiff
The Witches: Salem 1692, a History (W)

Peter H Wilson
The Holy Roman Empire: a Thousand Years of Europe's History (W)

Michael Green
The Art of Coarse Golf (R)

I've read numerous books on the topic of Salem over the years- for as many of you know the seventeenth century is my period of history from a professional perspective and I have to say that Stacy Schiff's book is the best I've read. It avoids the myths, legends and writings of history backwards from a contemporary eye and presents us with the plain facts, although they are grisly enough, in truth.

Peter Wilson's Holy Roman Empire is huge- nearly a thousand pages- but a good general intro,  although I do feel he should have placed the timeline at the start of the book not at the end as the period is hugely complicated for non experts and it's easy to get lost in the detail.

Sunday floral report

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 04:12 pm
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Dandelions and azaleas starting to bloom. Canada mayflower leaves up, but no blooms or even buds yet. Wild blueberry buds swelling.

No roadkill.

Temperature got up around 55 F and wind dropped to 10 mph or so, I declared bike ride. Did not die.

20.60 miles, 1:50:43

Emotional First Aid

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 02:09 pm
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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has put together a long post on emotional first aid, something we here in L-America could stand to know a LOT more about.

And Now Have All My Travels Ended

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 07:53 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

Back at home. For good, this time. For a whole month and change. I hardly know what I will do with myself!

(What I will do with myself: 1. Catch up on sleep. 2. Pet the cats. 3. Write more on the next book.)

To everyone who came to see me on tour, all the booksellers who hosted me, and all the friends who kept sane on the road: Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a wonderful time. But I am glad to be home.


We've been a full-on crafty household recently

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 08:49 pm
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It's all these holidays I expect, a lot of it was during half term and then this weekend is a long one of course.

A couple of weeks ago R made Ensaimadas, which is a kind of Catalan lardy cake, only a bit less sweet. (They're surprisingly nice - a bit delicate and light-tasting so you mustn't expect them to be as sticky and solid as Oxfordshire lardy cake, but still very nice in a different way.) In the interests of being able to share it with colleagues who might not eat pork fat or anything meaty, it seemed sensible to experiment with vegetarian alternatives. Made with coconut butter they tasted just as good and basically seemed no different in any substantive way.
Making things, of many sorts Making things, of many sorts

Kid A and Kid B did some drawing, which is perhaps more par for the course for a 6.5 year old and a 4.5 year old.
Making things, of many sorts Making things, of many sorts

We also all joined forces to make decorated cupcakes, at Kid A's instigation:
Making things, of many sorts

This was (mostly) following the instructions at the back of "Troll and the Oliver", a picture book that they both like a lot.

And then yesterday I finished off a t-shirt which was a birthday present for Kid A's close friend T. What with having all this energy for making and reusing things, it struck me that really I should see if there was a good way to make a reusable bag that would work instead of wrapping paper. This is the first iteration of what will probably need to be a few tries before I get a good solution down and sorted, but it's also a nice excuse to buy fun bright pieces of cotton which otherwise I would have no reason to succumb to.

Making things, of many sorts Making things, of many sorts

[ SECRET POST #3770 ]

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 03:25 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3770 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


More! )


Secrets Left to Post: 03 pages, 52 secrets from Secret Submission Post #540.
Secrets Not Posted: [ 0 - broken links ], [ 0 - not!secrets ], [ 0 - not!fandom ], [ 0 - too big ], [ 0 - repeat ].
Current Secret Submissions Post: here.
Suggestions, comments, and concerns should go here.
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Posted by steady-state strawberry

The Lost Symphony: "It is difficult to get very far into Don Miff without suddenly holding the book very gingerly, examining the binding for radioactive scorch marks or other signs of time travel, and then finally exclaiming—"What the hell is this?""

This being 2017, the novel in question, Don Miff, is now available online.


Sunday, April 30th, 2017 12:22 pm
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by relative size to each other

I want this poster to use as a reference for art things.
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Mainly I'm just here for the gyros
Still in Athens, and it's gotten warmer here. When I first arrived I was worried I'd freeze and sat around in woolen socks. the last couple of days I've worried I didn't bring more summerly clothes. On the other hand I don't really have much in the way of summer clothes. the only time I get to use clothes used in 25+ C temperatures is when I'm here in Athens anyway. Which is why my three summer dresses are all at least 10 years old, they don't see much use. Same with my sandals. Those I bought in 2004 when I visited Israel and Palestine.

But the spring sale will start on Tuesday, so perhaps I'll go shopping? If I can find anywhere that has my size that is. Either they fit horizontal or vertically, rarely both. And I don't think I'll even try going to look for shoes, last time I just got an incredulous gaze when I asked whether they had them in size 41,5 or 42.

But before Tuesday is Monday, and Monday is a day off, since it is Labour Day. If I have understood the schedule correctly the communists, the communist trade union (PAME) as well as various leftist organisations will meet up locally and march towards the central square, Syntagma, at 930am. At 1000 everyone will be at Syntagma. then there will be a march towards the American Embassy; because clearly that is what the International Workers Day is all about.
At 1030 and 1200 the anarchists (whoever they might be, and what they might mean and stand for) will be hanging around the Archaeological museum and the University.

I don't know how the general mood is here now, so I'm not sure whether it will just be quiet demonstrations- or as quiet is expected of demonstrations of this type - or more aggressive.

Perhaps I'll do like the other Athenians are supposedly doing; going to the mountains and picking flowers. Except that there is a general strike as well, so I can only get around on foot.

It is a far cry from Norwegian May 1st, where you, if you're attending the May 1st parade usually start with having breakfast with your group (union/party), go behind a marching band for a couple of kilometres and finishing by having lunch, a couple of beers or both.

Oh, and a couple of pictures of my flat Read more... )

Elon Musk teases future plans at TED talk

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 02:49 pm
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Elon Musk paused while chatting about his series of potentially world-changing endeavors to say he isn't in it to provide salvation.

This is important

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 03:02 pm
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Also, listen up: gender is a spectrum. The closer you look at ANYTHING the blurrier the lines get. INCLUDING GENDER. LIFE is complicated
--Adam Savage

Read the whole thing.
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Previously unread.

First of my "Hugo due diligence" reading, this being one of the six finalists for the 2017 Novel Hugo. It's... odd. Eminently readable, but odd. In that sort of "yes, I can totally see why it's there", but I can also see people bouncing off this massively.

We're basically swapping viewpoint between Patricia and Laurence. The former has an affinity for magic, he latter for science. And this, as it happens, becomes extremely relevant later on.

Not eevn sure what I would compare this to. I guess there's something of some of Cherie Priest's style to the book, to some extent.
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At least I am pretty sure this is a reread. Last time I was reading this series was, um, quite a while ago. We're pretty ,uch continuing o from where we were, also continuing the "swap between viewpoint characters", meaning that we see more of the world, but perhaps miss some things, as we're following another character. Not that I think there's any earth-shattering happening outside our view, but, you know...

All in all, pretty epic milfantasy.

Moving images?

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 02:41 pm
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Hey there,

I've got a question I'm hoping someone might have some insight into! I previously hosted my fandom manips on LJ and hotlinked them on DW, but now I'd like to get them off LJ entirely. However, I also use the LJ images to post into Archive of Our Own.

When I try to link to dreamwidth hosted images on Ao3, they only show up intermittently or not at all. I've heard some talk that DW hosted images can only be used on DW, does anyone know if that's true?

If that's the case, what is everyone else using for their non-LJ fandom image hosting needs?


Sunday, April 30th, 2017 01:35 pm
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NAME: Logan
AGE: 24
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Music, art (specifically colored pencil and photography), poetry, reading, goth culture, goth music, LGBT things, animals, gender identity. I mostly post about my life more than fandom things, so there's probably going to be some variation in topics posted about, but expect some goth related, some mental health related, some gender identity related. I guess I'm not entirely certain how things will be going forward, I left LJ a while ago so I've been out of the blogging world for a bit!
LOOKING FOR: I guess some shared interests. I'd like people who I can interact with who also are interested in interacting with me. While I don't really post about fandom things, I don't mind if you do! I still enjoy reading about fandom things.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I sometimes, when highly anxious, won't be as active. I also probably will not comment on literally every entry you post. I'm more the type of person to comment when I actually have something to say or a genuine reaction, versus commenting just for the sake of commenting. I do try to comment regularly, though.
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Amazing X-Men #5

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 02:26 pm
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I never used to have to worry about chocolate oxidizing because we would always eat it too quickly for it to matter. Oops. [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd is pretty sure we bought this chocolate in December. And to think that we were doing so well with getting through our backlog!
Read more... )

English people in indeterminate weather.

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 07:40 pm
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Today, being the Sunday before a bank holiday and thus the sort of day where one should be eyeing up a hangover, either departing or lumbering over the horizon, we got up early and went to the shops.

Everyone else in Bristol seemed to have stopped at home for the moment of hangover crystallisation or for the ceremonial calculation of an upcoming hangover's potential.

I have no idea what the SI unit of hangover might be.

The bloke who owns the farm shop (Mike. An actual farmer.) had some theories about Bank Holiday People that he had plenty of time on which to elaborate.

People who pitch up early are steamingly hungover and aren't fit for anything but staring into space and gibbering quietly. They just want breakfast. (Which is why the shop bit was deserted) But buy the time you get into the early afternoon of the actual bank holiday, you get the people who've had to spend an extra day with the rest of the family that they go to work to avoid. If they're turning up at a farm shop that lives where NE Bristol peters out into countryside, then they've not managed to arrange going away for a weekend and are going to be in an extra foul temper with themselves and the people they go to work to avoid, with whom they have had to spend an extra day. So they take it all out on the staff.


Sunday, April 30th, 2017 01:18 pm
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Name: Logan
Age: 24
Location: Chicago, IL
Gender: Genderqueer

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm a fairly goth, music, and art obsessed person. I'm studying to become a therapist. I love animals, I'm loyal, and I am fairly creative. INFP, Gemini sun/Sagittarius moon, empath.

Top 5 Fandoms:
I do not really participate in fandoms, to be honest.

I mostly post about:
My life, goth things, clothes, music, animals, art, gender/trans things, mental health stuff.

I rarely post about:
Legitimate fandom things. I might post about liking stuff but I don't really follow or post about things to the extent of really being involved in a fandom.

My last three posts were about:
-The goth club night I went to last night
-The CDs I purchased
-My plans for the summer

How often do you post?
I've been posting fairly regularly. Not every day. I'd like to try to post on an every-other-day schedule, perhaps, but I think that would be easier if I also had more people with which to interact!

How about commenting?
I don't really have enough people to subscribe to to comment a lot, but I do try to comment on posts with regularity!

Crazy Hair Coloring Tips

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 11:27 am
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Just thought I’d give some advice for anyone who’s dyeing their hair with semi-permanent dyes like Splat’s crazy pinks, purples, blues, greens, etc. (Reposting something I wrote on Tumblr.)

  1. Bleach your hair as light as possible first unless you have really white blond hair to begin with. You’ll get much more vivid color.
  2. After you’ve washed out the bleach (or just washed your hair, if you aren’t bleaching), do not apply conditioner. Conditioner coats your hair and will prevent the dye from soaking in as well. Also, you’ll need to blow dry your hair, because it needs to be bone dry when you apply the dye.
  3. If you want the colors more pastel than what comes out of the box, mix the dye with some white conditioner until you get the color you want.
  4. When you’re applying the dye, make sure you really saturate your hair from root to tip. Rub the dye in thoroughly with your fingers (in plastic gloves, of course) to make sure every strand is fully coated.
  5. If you’re doing multiple colors, wrap the lighter color strands in foil so they won’t get adulterated by the darker colors. You can bend the foil or roll it up so it keeps that strand out of your way while you continue to work.
  6. Leave the dye on for way longer than the package suggests. I always stick it all under a shower cap to keep it out of my way and just leave it on for about 6 hours. (This is why dyeing my hair is an all-day project.)
  7. When you’re ready to rinse out the dye, use water as cold as you can stand. The colder the water, the better the dye will stay in your hair. I always condition my hair at this stage, but if your hair doesn’t tangle too badly you might be able to avoid that, which would be better. The package says to rinse your hair until the water runs clear, but in my experience that’s a joke. I’ve never gotten the water to run clear on the first rinse, no matter how long I stayed under the water. I just got it to run somewhat clearer than the first gush of extreme color and then gave up and dried my hair with a dark towel. The water doesn’t ever run clear the first 10 times I wash it or so.
  8. When rinsing out the dye this first time, leave yourself considerable time and energy for cleaning the tub and shower afterward. It might look a bit like a murder scene, with arterial sprays of dye everywhere, and that dye will stain your tub/tiles semi-permanently if you don’t clean it off fairly promptly.
  9. Splat dyes (the only ones with which I’m familiar) will stain your skin (especially your forehead, ears, neck, etc.). But make-up remover will pretty much take it all off if you scrub persistently enough. And I use masking tape to try to cover as much of my hairline as possible to minimize this kind of staining.
  10. To help the color last as long as possible, A) use shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair, B) wash your hair as rarely as possible (dry shampoo can come in handy to help with this, as it doesn’t affect the color—I use “Perfect Hair Day” from Living Proof, and I highly recommend it), and C) only ever wash your hair with the coldest water you can stand. The warmer the water, the more color will rinse away. In my experience, this makes a huge difference over time.
  11. Only use dark towels to dry your hair when you wash it, and only sleep on dark pillow cases, because the color will rub off and stain your linens.
The following are some photos illustrating my experiments and showing how the color fades with various methods of treatment.



(pic above) This was when I dyed my hair with Splat’s Aqua Rush without bleaching my hair first. This was the first day after dyeing. My hair is naturally pretty dark, so the color turned out much greener than the blueish color on the box, and some parts of it didn’t seem to hold the dye very well and just had a greenish tinge to the natural brown. I had made the mistake of conditioning my hair before applying the dye, so that probably didn’t help, but I did leave the dye on for 6 hours and the color still lasted a few months, slowly fading into my normal hair color again. I wasn’t even washing my hair with cold water.
(pic above) This time I bleached my hair first, did not use conditioner, and used a combination of Splat’s Vibrant Blue and “Ocean Ombre” (a pack that included two different colors: Blue Crush and Turquoise Reef, neither of which can be purchased independently). This is what it looked like the first day after dyeing. I actually had it done professionally this time (because the first time had been so messy and I thought it would be better to let someone else deal with the mess), and the salon woman only left the dye on for 1 hour. Even though I only washed my hair once a week in cold water, it looked like this after only 3 weeks:
(still referring to the pic above) I blame this short duration of color entirely on the fact that the salon woman only left the dye on for 1 hour. So if you leave the dye on for only an hour, as suggested in the packaging, expect your color to only last a few weeks.
(above) This was a couple days after I dyed my hair myself back in September. I bleached it first, then used a combination of Splat dyes: Vibrant Blue, Blue Envy, Aqua Rush, Neon Green (which I mixed with some Aqua Rush to make it less neon), and Purple Desire. I didn’t separate the lighter colors in foil, and so they seemed to get invaded by the blues and it all ended up much more monochromatic than I had intended and I looked a bit Smurf-like. It wasn’t until the different dyes started to fade at different rates over time that the variations in color became more apparent:
(pic above) A little less than 5 months after the September dyeing. I’d been washing my hair a maximum of once a week, always in cold water, always using shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. You can see that some areas were fading much more quickly than others: those were the areas where I had used Aqua Rush and the Neon Green/Aqua Rush mixture. It made the striations of different colors much more obvious, though, which I liked. The colors are all much less vibrant, obviously, but it still looks nice. I was still getting compliments from strangers every time I went out.
(pic above) This is pretty much what my hair looks like now, taken about 7 months after the September dyeing. I’ve touched up the roots along where I part my hair a few times during these 7 months, but otherwise haven’t messed with it. I actually stopped worrying about the cold water about a month ago because tbh it’s kind of a pain and I was feeling ready to just let the color fade so I could redo the whole thing, so I started just washing my hair in comfortably warm shower water and not worrying if the color faded faster. The Blue Envy and Purple Desire are still not fading much, though! The areas where I used the greener dyes (Aqua Rush and Neon Green) are now almost white (showing the bleached color underneath), but I would sort of expect that after 7 months! I think leaving the dye on for 6 hours and then washing rarely in cold water allowed the semi-permanent color to last this long.


Anyway, there’s some advice about using semi-permanent hair color, coming from the voice of experience. I plan to bleach it all again sometime soon and redo it from scratch: probably a lot of Blue Envy (since it lasts so well) with streaks of Neon Green, Aqua Rush, and some Purple Desire mixed with conditioner to make it a lighter hue (otherwise it blends in with the Blue Envy too much). I figure I can do spot touch-ups of the greenish streaks as needed.

Now I just need to find an entire day I can set aside to spend on washing my hair, bleaching my hair, washing the bleach out of my hair, blow drying my hair thoroughly, applying multiple colors of dye, sitting around in a shower cap for 6 hours, rinsing my hair forever, blow drying my hair so it doesn’t drip on my clothes and stain them, and then vigorously scrubbing the tub and shower. It’s a pain for a day, but if the color is going to last 6 or 7 months, it’s worth it!

[Note: I am still getting used to Dreamwidth & can't figure out how to make these pictures smaller! Sorry they're so huge!]


Sunday, April 30th, 2017 02:20 pm

Stormwatch #25

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 02:08 pm


Sunday, April 30th, 2017 06:06 pm
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You're warming up for the new season of Twin Peaks next month. You've watched the previous series and Fire Walk With Me; you've read The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer; you're reading recaps and analysis... but have you heard Diane... The Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper? [45m] Originally released only on cassette, sort of in the wild now due to its inclusion in the Internet Archive [download link available].

Not now, Derek!

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 05:44 pm


Sunday, April 30th, 2017 02:21 pm

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