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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 09:39 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] antisoppist and [personal profile] castiron!

Let the Right One In TV pilot in development

Monday, August 29th, 2016 07:17 pm
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Tony Sokol News
Aug 30, 2016

Cult Swedish vampire novel Let The Right One In will be adapted for TV by Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis...

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Marc Buxton Review
Aug 30, 2016

The Strain season 3 feels as though it needs to pick up the pace if the premiere episode is anything to go by...

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Kayti Burt News
Aug 30, 2016

Australian actor David Berry will be playing the character from the Voyager novel in Outlander season 3...

A menagerie at R- House

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 09:16 am
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I am in the greatest delight to think that my darlings are now return’d to R- House. I am in some reluctance to go visit while matters must still be in disorder, but I find myself smiling at moments in the day.

I have a letter from dear Belinda to say that they set off with their caravan to Town: indeed I shall be entire glad to have my best Jezzie-girl back with me so that I may go ride upon her. Sure 'twill be most agreeable to see Belinda again, and also to see how Josh does.

So one forenoon I desire Ajax to convey me to R- House. When I get there the footman informs me that all are in the stableyard.

I go around and see that all the dear F-s, along with Milord, are in the stableyard and dear Belinda and Captain P- have some while previous arriv’d with what is quite a menagerie.

Quintus is entire enchant’d with the little pony Mouse, that he feeds an apple.

My darlings embrace dear Josh, that looks most entire well and in the pink of health.

I smile at dear Belinda – Captain P- is deep in conversation with Milord.

She comes over to me and says, Sure I hope Mr and Mrs F- will not mind, but indeed the badger and Josh so took to one another we did not like to separate 'em. There is also a matter of a pair of ferrets and some dormice. But he show’d so fine and conscientious about caring for the pigeons that we consider’d that he is not a boy that would go neglect pets or expect another to look after them.

Why, says I, indeed he is a fine thoughtfull young fellow –

Josh turns his head and sees me and comes over to hug me very hearty. O, Aunty C-, he cries, it entirely exceed’d!

I ruffle his hair. Oh, Josh, says I, I am delight’d to see you so well.

My darling Eliza comes up, that I see winks away tears at the sight of Josh so thriving.

She puts a hand upon his shoulder and says, Josh goes become a menagerie keeper: perchance we should be about selling tickets.

Josh looks at her a little worry’d and says, but I may have the dear creatures here?

She squeezes his shoulder and says, she confides that they can contrive to find some place for ‘em, providing he will undertake to look after 'em.

O, yes, Mama!

I look about me and am a little surpriz’d that my precious treasure does not go about to make sure all pay attention to her, but I perceive that she is entire absorb’d at looking into the cage with the dormice and making cooings at 'em.

I also see Josiah go pick up one of the ferrets with the air of one that knows what he is about.

Eliza sees this and laughs and say, was a time when he had a very fine ferret of his own.

Bess and Meg are quite enthrall’d by the badger.

(I know not whether, if there is already this collection of animals under Josh’s care, the infant wombatt will seem no great additional matter, or the final straw.)

I go make fond towards dear Jezebel, that waits exceeding patient. I give her an apple and pat her neck and tell her that she is quite the best of all Jezzie-girls and will soon be in her own stable with Ajax rubbing her down and perchance giving her a fine bran-mash to help her recover from her journey.

Comes up to me Flora and tugs at my hand, saying, mice! mice! o, they are pretty.

So I go with her look at the dormice, that are indeed pretty little creatures with furry tails, a deal prettier than common house mice.

Comes over Josh and says to Flora if she will be very gentle he will let her hold one of 'em: he unfastens the cage and draws out one and places it in the hands Flora holds cupp’d before her. She looks at the little creature with an expression of enchantment. O the sweet darling, she says, and starts singing a little tune to it.

Bess and Meg come over to see what’s ado and look at her very doating. (Sure I could wish for Mr de C- to paint this pretty tableau.)

But I had better put him back with his brothers, says Josh, perchance you can play with 'em some other time, so be you are very carefull with 'em.

Flora hands back the little dormouse. Josh strokes it a little with one finger and then returns it to the cage.

I am pleas’d to see her so distract’d by the dormice, for I was in some concern that she might take a jealous pet at Quintus having a fine pony, and none for her, even tho’ there is still the pretty donkey Josephine that she may ride upon.

Milord says that he has bespoke a collation, for he doubts not that Captain P- and his lady have been on the road since all hours, and indeed, we should leave all these fine creatures in a little peace, so that they may settle in their new quarters.

Josh gives the badger a final scratch upon the poll, that it seems to like exceedingly, and we all go into the house.

Seraphine has set a most exceeding fine collation. 'Tis agreeable to see how very fine an appetite Josh displays.

Bess and Meg, I confide, are somewhat envious of Josh’s fine adventures, and also take somewhat of an admiration towards Belinda. Indeed she is an entire admirable woman, but because of her circumstance there are those will consider her no fit company for young ladies, tho’ sure she has liv’d a far chaster life than myself.

My darling Eliza goes talk to Captain P-: sure I cannot think they have much in common to talk of, but then I collect that Eliza was a farmer’s daughter and I daresay there are matters that are always in season that one may mention.

Josiah and Milord are in idle converse: I go up to 'em as there are matters I should open with Milord.

I say that I am like to suppose that Mr MacD- has already spoke to him of these people that would greatly wish to seek Roberts’ advice. Indeed, says he, and there can be entirely no objection. Lord N- has a deal of influence in many quarters when he is not about his hot-houses and graftings and hunting flowers in the woods and fields - 'tis not the like to Lord P- that can scarcely bear to think of aught that is not a cow. And sure he would be most exceeding willing to be obliging in a matter concerning the terrifying virago; and of course that fine fellow the Admiral, tho’ one supposes he will not be much at home to look upon his garden.

I respond that I confid’d 'twould be so. But in another matter, I wonder does he know of any on-dits concerning Lord Geoffrey M-'s talents as a whip?

Milord smiles and says indeed, he hears that Lord Geoffrey is the latest to fall at Lady B-'s feet, shot thro’ with Cupid’s arrows –

Josiah raises his eyebrows and says, Lord Geoffrey M-?

O, says I, a very young fellow, takes a boyish fancy, but his mother is an excellent fine woman, and his sisters are agreeable young women, and do we wish to look well in Lord N-'s eyes I daresay I should not go enact the cruel fair to his son, so I will show civil and agreeable; and indeed, one would not want to be a lady that turn’d a fellow bitter towards all womankind by her disdain. But sure I will not go driving with him am I like to have my neck broke –

Indeed you should not! says Josiah.

Milord laughs and says tho’ the boy is not given out some prodigy in the matter, nor does he hear that he has had any dreadfull accident while driving his phaeton. Has he not contriv’d to break his own neck, your own lovely neck is probably safe.

I am pleas’d to hear it!

Milord then frowns a little and says, is that not the young fellow that goes desire to sit at – MacD-'s - feet as his pupil in philosophy?

'Tis so, says I. Is not quite an empty-head’d wastrel.

Milord then smiles somewhat wick’d and says, late had converse with Lord A-, that remarkt upon Lady B-'s exceeding fine apprehension of cricket.

Josiah raises his eyebrows again.

I laugh somewhat immoderate and say does a lady listen to a fellow with an expression of entire attentiveness upon her face while he discourses to her he will suppose that she has a most fine apprehension of whatever the matter may be. Sure my fine apprehension concerning cricket is that 'tis most entirely soporifick.

But, I add, pray do not tell Bess and Meg that I said so. Tho’, indeed, 'tis no soporifick matter when they go play.

Milord laughs and says, indeed not, he should not care to have to face Bess’s bowling in a match.

Perchance 'tis why ladies are not let play!

I mind that I meant to invite dear Belinda and Captain P- to dine with me, do they have no other engagement, and sure they cannot be going back quite immediate to Northamptonshire, so I go about this matter. Belinda says that will be most exceeding delightfull.

The Perfect Gift

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 07:01 am
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Posted by Doug

The Perfect Gift

It’s time once again for my absolute favourite dedication of the year: Karina’s Birthday!! Happy birthday Karina!! Hope you have a great time today!

Eleven years ago, a few months after I started Savage Chickens, Karina asked me for a birthday dedication. We’ve been celebrating her b-day together every year since then. Here are all of the Karina’s Birthday comics of yesteryear: Happy BirthdayBirthdayBirthday PartyParty PooperBirthday EssentialsGetting WiserKing KongDog DaysLooking GreatFinallyBest Cake Ever

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I have been tweeting only a bit, and posting here not at all. I have some draft posts saved as text files, which is very unusual for me, but I've been too wiped out to finish any thoughts that are longer than a paragraph or two. So here, have some random catch-up blather.

The baby's great--eight months old now and much more interactive, so I'm enjoying time with them a lot more. Story Hospital is going really well and I'm really enjoying doing it. (Ask me questions!) My arms are doing super duper great and I have officially graduated from occupational therapy; I can stir pots and write by hand and carry shopping bags and fold laundry and all sorts of exciting things like that. I have been hoping to try knitting again but haven't managed to find the time. The weather is finally cooling down, which means we can cook in our kitchen and eat in our dining room and stand to touch one another for more than two seconds at a time. This is doing wonders for our feelings of family togetherness.

J and I have started shared therapy for some longstanding issues around physical intimacy that we just were not managing to tackle successfully on our own, and it's going fantastically well, but it's also bringing up a lot of feelings I have about my body that I had been mostly ignoring. One outgrowth of this is that I'm hoping to make an appointment for a consultation at Mt. Sinai Hospital's new Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery to discuss low-dose testosterone supplementation. I also bought some shiny new men's shoes, including a pair with lifts in them, which I've been wanting for years. They are fancy shoes for fancy occasions, same as my femme high heels, so don't expect me to be 5'7" all the time--my knees would never forgive me--but I'm really glad to have them for when I want them.

I am, as always, struggling with workload and time management. I keep staying up until 5 a.m., or even later (today I went to bed at the appalling hour of seven ack emma), even though I don't need to anymore; months on that schedule got it into my head that 5 a.m. is when I stop being responsible for the baby and am allowed to go to bed, and even though I'm now permitted to turn X's monitor on after either Kit's mid-night feeding or 2 a.m. (whichever comes first), I still find myself staying awake way past that. I am so tired, all the time. I want to go to bed earlier. I want to sleep more. I don't know what to do about this. I keep rejiggering my schedule and setting up alarms and nothing works.

And here it is 3 a.m. and I haven't done any work yet tonight. And I need to take the trash out. I will go do that first, and hope that moving around helps me wake up enough to do at least some editing and then go get a lot of sleep.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 03:00 am
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More meta on souls by [personal profile] yourlibrarian.

Season One icons by [profile] gabby227.

SlayAlive talks to Rebekah Issacs about Season Ten, Issue No. Thirty .

fiber tuesday

Monday, August 29th, 2016 10:26 pm
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* Last time, Cajsa had a second sleeve but not one that was bound off. That's taken care of---it's nearly i-cord and in a second color. Goodness only knows what I'll use as buttons. Finishing sleeves before body was right for the reassurance of shoulder-fit. No need to rip this one back yet. ;)

* As a spring/summer garment, Cajsa is paused nonetheless in favor of a winter scarf (well, it's shawl-shaped but very shallow---Nyssa). For Reason + use of leftover yarn = inarguable. Certain targets have shifted, and a simple(ish) wrap knitted end to end is easier to bang out than any cardigan. I mean, I would like to pick up the masterclass vest (sleeveless cardigan) again but doubt that my current brain can handle it. Masterclass vest's recipient owns many things, anyway, whereas Reason does not have something warm for her neck and shoulders. She's skeptical of the color, a deep brown, but has agreed to wear it (and agrees that my chestnut-colored hair can't).

* Reason's candycane sleeveless cardigan is in the end phase: sew in ends. Sew in so many ends. Some ends are sewn. Aghk.

* Because advance prep is my jam, I've tried washing two 50g skeins of fingering-weight yarn. Purchased years ago and discontinued since, the yarn has a reputation for leaking dye, and I wanted to use it in a two-color shawl (probably Herbarium) without its leaking reddish purple onto off-white, tyvm. Five soak/swish/drain treatments later, I suspect it'd be better to keep the purple skeins to themselves. Absent a second color for Herbarium, Uncia is probably the shawl project to follow Reason's Nyssa. Upending the queue is all right as long as yarn already in hand is used---and shawls are practical during a windy commute, not only while typing.

* Misjudgment has ruined the manual that accompanied the Pfaff sewing machine passed down to me. more, and Reason's patch )

Tarot notebook project

Monday, August 29th, 2016 09:02 pm
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I'm making a book, which I'm going to sell on Amazon and Lulu. This is not because I have any expectation of getting noteworthy amounts of money, but because I wanted a tarot printed notebook/workbook so I don't have to write "SIX OF CUPS" and "THE MOON" etc. at the top of each page of a spiral notebook or paper in a binder, and then try to draw stick-figure cards so I can make notes about symbolism.

So I though, I'll make a quick document with the name of the card at the top of each page, a small Rider-Waite pic, and maybe a few sections for "symbolism" and "associations" (I want a tarot songlist) and suchlike, and print it and throw that in a binder. Then I decided that was annoying boring work, and went looking for a Tarot Workbook/Notebook on Amazon. Found some; none looked good--they were all loaded with explanations and "how to read the cards" sections. I didn't want that; just wanted pages to write my notes in.

But I can do better than a binder! )

Hands up if you love Brian Blessed

Monday, August 29th, 2016 11:58 pm
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A capslocked comment in an email had me thinking of Brian Blessed, so I googled 'Best of Brian Blessed' and found him on Have I got News for you.

OMG, it made me laugh so hard. I thought I would share it in case anyone could use a good hearty laugh.


An Unexceptional Day

Monday, August 29th, 2016 11:05 pm
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The weather was good -- sunny and not too humid and not too hot, with the first hints of fall color showing in the trees. Himself and I went down to Littleton to return some stuff to the North Country Health Consortium office from the booth they had at the Moose Festival. We had lunch in Littleton afterward, and also checked out the Littleton Co-op, where we purchased some sesame oil. (The local IGA only has "sesame flavored oil", which just doesn't cut it.)

We returned here, and the rest of the afternoon was more or less bland and uneventful. Dinner was stir-fried spicy pork with cucumbers, because I was wanting to do something with a trio of gift cucumbers that wasn't salad or pickles. The result was okay -- not bad, but not something I would go out of my way to actually purchase cucumbers for, either.

A perusal of old LJ entries for this date informs me that most years, around this time, I have either been glum or harried or both. I suppose it's nice to know that it's a seasonal thing.

Misc. linkspam

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 12:00 am
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Hold everything, there's a rom-com about the Obamas???? [dreamwidth.org profile] china_shop linked to the trailer, and it looks wonderful.

News from this post on Tori Amos' Facebook page: "Tori will be releasing a new song on 9/9 called #Flicker for the important Netflix documentary #AudrieandDaisy which will premiere on 9/23. The documentary follows two cases of teenage sexual assault and subsequent social media shaming that made national news. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of #Flicker will go to RAINN."

"'I've done really bad things': The undercover cop who abandoned the war on drugs: Neil Woods used to risk his life to catch drug dealers. But as gangs responded with escalating violence and intimidation – some even poisoning users who talked to the police – he started to see legalisation as the only solution". [The Guardian]

"14 Game-Changing Products For Anyone Who Sucks At Doing Their Nails". [Buzzfeed]

"How I’m Embracing Femme In A Disabled Body". [Kayla Whaley ([twitter.com profile] PunkinOnWheels) at The Establishment]

"I Looked at my Body and Said Yes: Where Disability and Style Meet". [Autostraddle]

"Artist Suffering From Anxiety Illustrates Mental Illnesses As Real Monsters".

"How Not To Be Afraid Of Driving". [Maggie Stiefvater at Jalopnik] "My inability to feel fear in a measurable way is now often mistaken for genuine competence, and as such, I frequently get asked probing questions by my youthful readers. Top billing goes to “how can I do what you do for a living?” followed by “have you been in jail?” but after that is “how can I be less afraid of driving?”"

"Watership Down and the Power of Not-Quite-Appropriate Children’s Books" [Slate]

"All Mixed Up: What Do We Call People Of Multiple Backgrounds? In a country where the share of multiracial children has multiplied tenfold in the past 50 years, it's a good time to take stock of our shared vocabulary when it comes to describing Americans like me." [NPR]

"‘Mosaic Sushi’ Trend From Japan Turns Lunch Into Edible Works Of Art".

On Atlas Obscura:

--"Six Scientists Just Emerged from a Dome After a Year Simulating Life on Mars".

--"Hold These Tiny Crime Scenes in the Palm of Your Hand".

--"The Olympic Committee Spent Years Concern-Trolling Women About 'Wandering Wombs'".

--"Soccer's Ultimate Con Man Was a Superstar Who Couldn't Play the Game".

--"I Made a Shipwreck Expert Watch The Little Mermaid And Judge Its Nautical Merits".

--"Will We Ever Know Who Staged This Mysterious Moon Ballet?"

even in another time - sappho #16

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 03:33 am
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Title: even in another time
Fandom: World Wrestling Entertainment
Pairing: Kaitlyn/AJ Lee
Rating: G
Prompt: sappho #16 - someone will remember us...
Word Count: 584
Summary: It's only fitting for her last match to be against AJ, Kaitlyn thinks.

[read on AO3]

[#022 | DEJA VU] Voting Post

Monday, August 29th, 2016 09:38 pm
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Congratulations writers, we've got a strange repeat of 6 entries this week!

List of entries )

In order to vote, please reply to this post using the form provided. All comments are screened, and entries are listed in the order they were submitted. For your vote to qualify, you must fill out your entire voting card (all three spots) in order to be counted. First place votes are worth 3 points, second place votes are worth two points, and third place votes are worth one point. Meeting the bonus goal on an entry gets an extra point for that submission.

When voting, please copy/paste the ENTRY NUMBER and the FIC TITLE from the list above into the spot you're voting for (this prevents accidentally mis-numbering a vote and casting it for the wrong entry). It should look like this:

First Place: 61. Fic Title Here
Second Place: 88. Another Fic Title
Third Place: 47. Finally a third fic title goes here

Please note that you cannot vote for your own entry, and that votes cannot be made anonymously. You do not have to be a member of the community in order to vote, nor have submitted an entry for this week; everyone is welcome to participate in the voting. IP addresses are logged to prevent duplicate voting.

Voting closes Wednesday, August 31st, at 9:00PM EST.

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