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So, yes, [livejournal.com profile] matgb posted the Cabury advert with the gorilla. And it's very good. And it reminded me that Phil Collins CAN actually write a halfway decent tune without the rest of Genesis being involved, and it was good. He also posted a link to a bunch of remixes. The Fatboy Slim one was a bit pants; the Bodyrockers one was better (even though I can't hear that song without thinking Top Gear advert = James May in an XKR = weak knees and dribbling)

But the cheesy rock ballad fan in me HAS to post this one:

And yeah. Am obscenely excited about the fact that I get to see Mister Mat tonight. Five and a half weeks is far too long, and I've missed him so much, and I suspect you won't hear a HUGE amount from me for the next couple of days. Well, not on LJ anyway. You might hear ecstatic screaming if you're in the Yorkshire area ;)

ETA: Also, singing along to that has made it clear to me how much more softly toned my singing voice has become since I gave up smoking regularly. I need a half pack of Marlbies and a good chug of Jack before I can do Bonnie Tyler justice.

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