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Thursday, November 17th, 2011 07:27 pm
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We had a meeting today with Holly's teacher. Holly's teacher thinks she is somewhere on The Spectrum, towards the high-functioning aspie end, and wanted to get our permission to put her forward to the SEN lady. The examples that Kelly gave of stuff that Holly does which are aspie-ish were stuff that I do, and mostly that my dad does too, which I thought of as harmless eccentricities or personality quirks.

Anyway, permission was gladly given, and (me being me) I came home and googled and started reading up on female-presenting autism spectrum disorders.

And I saw myself.

Over and over.

One page had a list of signs and symptoms four columns wide and I got to half way down the fourth column before I found one that didn't apply to me.

My first thought: well, Freddie SAID that pretty much everybody falls somewhere on the spectrum, I'm just proving her right.

The fourth column, incidentally, was all about the social problems people on the spectrum have. I don't have most of these. But then, the reason I don't have most of these is because my dad is a biology teacher, and my partner for ten years did a degree in psychology, and between them they have lots of books about body language and the rules of social interaction and non-verbal communication and stuff like that, and when I was kid B.G. (before Google) my first instinct if I didn't get something was to read books about it. I see body language and non-verbal cues because I studied them.

Anyway, at some point soon both Hol and I are going to be going to see our GP. At that point we shall see what is to be done.

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