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Trump is genteel British slang for fart. So when he says "Trump for a stronger America", we all think you guys are going to be forcefed beans. I mean, you lot thought it was bad when we giggled like schoolchildren at Randy BumGardener (sp?) because Randy means sexually voracious over here and BumGardener... well, it's not entirely the most heterosexual name, and we Brits are very childish.

Basically, what I'm saying here is, if you elect Donald, expect to hear gales of laughter wafting across the Atlantic every five minutes for his entire tenure, and all the horrific fart jokes you've ever considered to be levelled at your commander in chief.

And yes, I know we nearly ended up with a chancellor called Balls. Don't worry, we'd have taken the same attitude to him (and did).
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JimJay's comment on the poll post reminded me that it was about time I reminded people of this (and edited my introductory post to reflect it too):

You don't need to have a dreamwidth account to interact with my blog, or to vote in polls. All you need is an openID. If you have a blogger/blogspot account, or an LJ, or huggins of other accounts, you can log in with those. Click here for further and better particulars.

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You might have gathered over the past few days that I am a big fan of the FFW. It's something I look forward to every year. Next year is the festival's tenth birthday, and as such it ought to be a doozy. The thing is, the FFW is not guaranteed to happen; if there isn't enough public demand then there's no point in the museum spending all that money to put the event on. So we need to make sure that the museum know the demand is there...

Now, I know that lots of readers of this blog are fans of genre films. But how many of you would be willing to travel to Bradford to see them? Are there any films which would have you leaping on a train with gay abandon?

Leave a comment to this entry and I will make sure Tony, the festival director, sees it. Or send the man himself an email - tony DOT earnshaw AT nationalmediamuseum DOT org DOT uk.

My suggestions include Ginger Snaps (feministy werewolf films FTW!), Dark City (Rufus Sewell's bum!), The Tingler (with or without seat modifications) and The Blob. I also think it would be cool to do something with Doctor Who - perhaps one of the Peter Cushing films (Dalek Invasion of Earth has genre favourites Cushing and Andrew Keir in, and would capitalise on interest in the current series).

What films/events would attract YOU?

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I was a bit harsh on the Stylish ff extension earlier. I mean, for starters it has made Lib Dem Act bearable to look at...

But what is this Stylish thing? I hear you cry. Well, if you are using Firefox, you can install Stylish and use it to make websites with colour schemes which you don't like, or which give you a headache, or which you can't read due to vision impairment... You can use it to make them better.

Let's use Lib Dem Act as an example. Here is what it looks like in it's natural form:

Now, lots of people really like that. It's a Tory colour scheme fresh and trendy and exciting. But two minutes looking at that big sea of white + very bright colours, and I'll be having a migraine. This is the reason my blog is coloured the way it is.

Install Stylish, and add the style "Lights Out" and it looks like this:

MUCH more bearable.

However, I realise that there are lots of you out there who like to have the pattern of your retinas emblazoned on the back of your skulls. If you're one of these, you want "Black Text on White Background", which makes Lib Dem Act look like this:

And my blog look like this:

Horrible, isn't it?

* shudder *

But yes, Stylish allows you to customise the web to make it look how you want it to be, whatever that might be. You can even, Cthulhu help me, make everything pink if you should so desire.

So really, seriously now, you have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to complain at ANYBODY about how they design their blog. You don't like it? Change it your bloody self and stop whining.

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In my relentless carping about how people don't pay attention to female bloggers, one thing I neglected to take full account of is that the cycle of the blokosphere not paying attention to women is largely self-perpetuating. There follow a number of gross generalisations:
  • Bloggers, when they first start compiling a reading list, look for bloggers who they like instinctively. This is likely to boil down to someone who appears to think like me
  • For male bloggers, this regularly involves randomly adding male bloggers to their list, and skipping over the females, regardless of whether or not the blogger's sex is apparent from their name.
  • Sometimes they ask for recs. Their largely male circle recs them largely male blogs
  • The cycle continues
The reason that a lot of male bloggers have SOME female bloggers on their lists is that there are some women who write like men. I'm one of them. [personal profile] awesomegore is another.

What can be done about this? Well, boys, I'm going to rec you some female blogs. Regardless of my detestment of positive discrimination (see the post I will be making later today on rules versus guidelines for why this absolutely is not ironic at all, honest guv), it strikes me that you poor little lads can't be expected to go and LOOK for female blogs; you need someone to wave them in your face because your male privilege tells you that if anything is really important, it will be handed to you on a plate. Consider this blog post (and hopefully the comments to it) your plate.

There are more recs in the comments, as well as interesting discussions on the nature of blogging, and boys asserting that they actually do read blogs by women in a not-at-all-predictable way ;)

The List

This list is a by-no-means-exhaustive list of fabulous blogs that I know to be written wholly or mostly by women, currently active and not f-locked, and always interesting. I don't always agree with the content of them, but it's always worth reading. Where I know of it, I have given the Dreamwidth syndicated feed link. Most of these also have syndication on LJ. I present them in alphabetical order for your delectation:I'm dead set certain I have left off some important ones, even out of the ones I already read, because my method for selection was to go down my reading list and copy and paste the ones that jumped out. Do feel free to berate me if you are one of those left out, and leave a nicely formatted link for the boys to follow.

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