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Monday, July 3rd, 2006 08:28 pm
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I am going to attempt to backread. I may be some time.

Automotive porn I saw this weekend:

Lambo Gallardo. Guh. Drool. Etc.
Porche Carrera GT with ceramic brakes. Wow, a Porche I don't hate. Still overpriced, though. I'd rather have the Lambo.
TWO new Sprint STs... Mmmmmmmm pretty

The Daytona 675 *vic 'n bob thigh rubbing*

OMG it's gorgeous. If possible, even MORE gorgeous in the metal than in pictures. I want it, and I want it now.

Plus random assorted 911s, S-classes, etc. And enough Honda CBR600s to sink a battleship.

Scotland is stunning even when it's dreary and wet, which it was only about a third of the time. Ian took LOADS of pictures with his posh new camera; on the sunny days we could see Cumbria AND the I Love Man AND Ireland from our chalet, but mostly the I Love Man. The 7 mile walk from St Ninian's Cave back to the chalet was an almost spiritual experience. Even with factor 50 sun cream I have gone a sort of pale creamish colour instead of pure brilliant white, and my Michael Jackson nose has returned.

I would move to Scotland tomorrow if I won the lottery.

And then I'd miss Yorkshire and want to move back, and probably end up with some sort of 50/50 arrangement.

Doctor Who (on a very crackly portable telly) on Saturday was actually pretty enoyable (yay) although it hasn't totally restored my faith in RTD as there were SOME cringy moments. Further details when I've watched the repeat on a decent sized screen.

I have a drabble brewing.

A momentous thing; I've finally found a BF Audio Who I haven't enjoyed. Medicinal Purposes was sloppily plotted and characterisation was nowhere near as tight as I've grown to expect. And Daft Jamie made me want to scream and kill him he was SO annoying, which shouldn't be a surprise, except that I SWEAR I didn't look at the cast list until after I listened to it...

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