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We ([personal profile] magister and I) are watching the film of Goldeneye, having been playing the Wii game all week. So far impressed at how much they have got the detail of the sets right in the game, still loving Boris like crazy, and wishing that they hadn't inserted Daniel Craig Bond into the game, because Brosnan is awesome. Not quite as awesome as Judi Dench M, but nearly.

The difference between the two men is that Brosnan is clearly dangerous and not afraid to do nasty things, with a big glossy coat of smooth over the top. Whereas Craig is just a brute. Brosnan has layers; Craig has a big slab. I don't care what anyone says, Brosnan is just better.

Perhaps it's that there's something in his body language that reminds me of Paddy...

Having said all that, playing multiplayer as Scaramanga and kicking Mat's arse as Xenia Onatopp was a lot of fun. Although he's had a lot more practise than me the last couple of days, so the rematch could be interesting...

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