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So the problem with coming off the happy pills and managing my various eccentricities with diet and exercise is that if I have a week of megabusy like I had last week, the care regime tends to go out of the window. Don't get me wrong, I'd do everything I did last week again in a heartbeat, but possibly I need to remind myself that self care reaps it's own rewards. As it is, this morning I woke up 2 kilos lighter from not eating properly, with achy muscles from not eating properly OR exercising properly, and with clanging depression and anxiety symptoms.

Experience has taught me that when the day starts like that I can go one of two ways. I will notice and dwell on lots of horrible things that I have no control over and spiral into panic, despair and worse; OR I will notice and dwell on things that piss me off that I CAN do something about... The latter situation is rarer but more productive. At that point the Angry playlist goes on and whoever has annoyed me had better watch out.

Which brings me to the music part of this. I have 29 playlists that I maintain carefully on Spotify to cover various situations. For instance, the Gym one is full of pumping stuff at a decent BPM for exercise; the Miserable one speaks for itself. The Angry one, though, is full of tracks to shout along to and motivate. Such as this:

In This Moment are a band I have only discovered reasonably recently, but have fallen really in love with them. And this particular song has been resonating today.
We wanted peace but you brought this war
We took enough and we won’t take any more
With our fists in the air, we’ll burn it all to the ground
We will tear your fucking empire down...
If you liked that you might want to check out You're Gonna Listen (also on the angry playlist ;)) and Adrenalize (which is on a totally different playlist which we won't go into here)


Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 01:00 pm
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  • House is approaching cleanliness. Gas safety check tomorrow. Won't have the whole house done by then, but at least the kitchen and living room should be ok.

  • Byron is healing ok. The bottom third of his wound is not healing as well as the rest because it's where his leg bends, but it's still ok.

  • Roxy's skin thing is not mange or anything TOO nasty; she's had some sort of a sting on her back and had an allergic reaction to it, so SHE'S on medication now too.

  • Mat has (temporarily) left me, and I am all alone in the house. It's very strange and quiet. Still, am having lots of phone calls with the Duracell Bunny, and Posh Boy is coming to visit on Friday.

  • I am exhausted.

  • No, really, I am exhausted.

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Last night was good. I had beer and chatter and played on the pub quiz machine with an old school friend. I am slightly fuzzy-headed this morning, but it was a good night. However, I now have a nagging feeling that there was something I was meant to be blogging about, and I can't for the life of me remember what it was...

Oh well. In the meantime, it's Caron's birthday. Go and wish her a happy one.

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I was glancing at twitter, and saw Mummy Helen (who's subtitle looks suspiciously borg-esque to me) saying she'd been to dinner with Daddy Richard, and it struck me that I'll know I've really arrived as a Lib Dem Blogger when I get a spontaneously erupting nickname.

Isn't that right, Scary Charlotte, Count Packula, Mortimer-Who-Ate-All-The-Pies, and Gravelly-Voiced Sexpot?

((This post brought to you by gratuitous linkage for no good reason))

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Work has been fun this weekend. Vinyl night was a scream last night - someone brought in the It Ain't Half Hot Mum album and we played Whispering Grass and everything! - and people have been generally good-natured and happy. I am knackered, though. Conference takes it out of you, and then not even having a full day to myself between that and three long shifts at work, and my foot still not being 100%... Looking forward to day off tomorrow, that's fer damn sure.

However, I have achieved some stuff. Mostly in the planning of other stuff, but still...

[personal profile] djm4, I have booked a late start for work on that Saturday, so we can go to support opposing teams at the football. My brother is also coming up for that match, and he has a friend supporting Leyton (Wilf, apparently) so maybe some joint transporty thing might be a plan? I know you'll have small people with you, but still, greenery and all.

And... I just read that preceding paragraph back to myself and realised how much I am failing in the eloquence department this evening.

I am off to get rascally drunk. More blogging tomorrow, and exorcising of the plot bunnies that are bouncing about it my head thanks to your prompts :D

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