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1, Vengeance on Varos
2, Attack of the Cybermen
3, the Colin Baker Dalek one that begins with R that's all Waughy and has the Stengos cliffhanger in that properly freaked me out when I was 8
4, The Horns of Nimon
5, The Sylvester McCoy Dalek one that begins with R with Unlimited Rice Pudding
6, The Daemons
7, The Green Death
8, The Invasion (with the animated episodes, obvs)
9, The Mind Robber (AKA The one with Zoe's Arse)
10, Battlefield because Brigadier Bambera is made of aweome
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The actual episode was OK. Rattled along at a fair pace. Probably won't stand up to too many repeated viewings. Plot had more holes than Blackburn, Lancashire. Needed MOAR RIVER, or even SOME River. John Hurt awesome. David Tennant reminding me of everything I hated about his Doctor. And Clara and Kate FTW. And apparenty I am the only person left on earth who isn't a zygon. Which means zygons ARE good kissers, and I need to do some exploring of some people to find out what to do with all those suckers... >:)

The Afterparty thing on BBC3 was car crash telly but amusing. Highlights were seeing so many girlcrushes in one place. Alex Kingston and Suranne Jones on VT and then Lou Jameson and Jean Marsh and Nicola Bryant and Sophie Aldred oh my. And Sylvester McCoy playing the spoons on Bernard Cribbins' arse. And...

Well, you all know what's coming don't you? BEARDY COLIN! *fans self* ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Beardy Colin ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Beardy Colin getting immensely and adorably excited by an enormous cake. And slapping Sylvester's hand away when he reached for the cake. Colin/cake OTP :) Yes, yes, I'm a strange person.

By far the highlight of the evening, though, was the utterly hilarious Five-ish Doctors, written and directed by Peter Davison, and starring Peter Colin and Sylvester. THAT is going to stand up to repeated viewing. I haven't laughed so hard in a very, very long time. Colin and the Vengeance on Varos special edition! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I would so totally not have been running away...

And now the comedown has hit and I am in bed. Sleep would be sensible because I have to go to thought bubble in the morning... And yet I'm knackered-but-not-sleepy and I have Lib Demmy design work to do and the graphics prog is just there... But if I do design work it'll be crap, cos look how I am abusing the elipsis again... Maybe I'll just go look at Ichabeard on tumblr for a bit...
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If you don't know who Delia Derbyshire is, you've not been reading my blog very long click here

Firstly, the estwhile Dr Goldacre made a sterling suggestion on twitter the other day:I very much approve of this idea. I understand why it hasn't happened yet (BBC staffers never got the credit they deserved, it's why Raymond Cusick doesn't get credited with dalek design too) but that doesn't mean it can't happen now. Just one line to the credits of the show isn't too much to ask, surely? Ben got nearly 250 retweets on that one tweet, but I think Delia deserves a bit more than that. So lets get to it. Email/write/phone the beeb and lets see what we can get done, yeah?

Secondly, and possibly slightly more acheivably, BBC Radio 3's composer of the week feature is seventy years old this year, and they want listeners to suggest composers they haven't featured before. They've provided a handy list of composers they HAVE featured, and Delia is not on it. They say:
If there is someone you think we’ve unjustly overlooked, please do let us know. Send an email to composeroftheweek@bbc.co.uk, write to Composer of the Week, BBC Wales, Cardiff, CF5 2YQ. Or tweet us using the hashtag #COTW70.
I think it'd be awesome to have Delia featured for a whole week on radio 3, and not just because I download the Composer of the Week podcast ;) So if you've got a moment to email or tweet or even write them a snail mail, that'd be fantastic.

Thanks guys :)
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Qualified because he's another skinny abled white bloke. Not Miriam Margolyes, booooooo. But out of all the skinny abled white blokes they COULD have chosen, PCap is pretty near the top of the list.

I don't think the fact that he's a known Who geek (or, indeed, a geek in general, and if you think he might have grown out of it you need to see Cricklewood Greats, which I have previously squeed about) makes a lick of difference - both my favourite and my least favourite Doctors were fanboys before being cast - but the fact that he's a damn good actor is a great thing. I like that by the time he comes on screen he will be the oldest actor to have ever played the role (he's a couple of months younger than Bill Hartnell as I type), and am amused by all those who are whining that he's too old and the fangirls won't go for him - have these people never SEEN tumblr? lol. I also don't buy that he is too much identified with his most recent iconic role. He's not Malcolm Tucker to me, he's The Angel Islington. To many others he is Uncle Rory, and as James points out, that role was pretty close to how we could imagine a Capaldi Doctor to be.

He's got the seal of approval from my two favourite Old Whovians - Louise Jameson and Colin Baker - and he's someone I like as an actor and a person. So yes, a qualified hurrah.

And, of course, the image manipulation has started already, so here are 3 of my favourites:

(by AmyLikesToDraw)

these two are not safe for work )

All in all, I'm rather looking forward to it. Bring on the Twelve :)

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[profile] sassyscot pointed me towards this travesty on the Torygraph website.

For the avoidance of doubt, the correct order in a chart like this should be:
  1. Colin Baker

  2. Circa 60 other actors, including Peter Cushing, Joanna Lumley, Arabella Weir, Derek Jacobi and Mark Gatiss

  3. David Tennant
Poor form at the Torygraph, given that their article didn't even mention the best actor to play the role. Still, what does one expect from a rag like that?

ETA: as Andrew quite correctly points out in the comments The Torygraph article is even more of a travesty than I thought because it calls itself "the top ten time Lords" and yet all of the entries are for the doctor. Whither Anthony Ainley, Lalla Ward, Timothy Dalton, Don Warrington, etc.etc.etc.?
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Today's news that we're going back to all-male icons on our currency reminded me that I meant to blog about the dearth of lady Who writers (covered here and here, among other places).

[personal profile] magister and I have been chatting about this, and we reasoned it's no good moaning about a lack without suggestions so we thought up some.

I'm only going to give you two of the names we came up with because I'd like to see if other people find this as easy as we did.

1, Tanith Lee - from the fantasy/SF/horror side of things, but has written for TV before (Blake's 7)

2, Sally Wainwright - from the TV side of things, but Who when written by writers from outside the box has been great lately (thinking particularly of Vincent and the Doctor here).

Who would you lot suggest?
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Have been discussing with Emma Burnell of Scarlet Standard on twitter which Doctor would win a Best Doctor poll if run under different electoral systems. And then we got to thinking we ought to test it...

We'd ideally want to have "who was the best doctor?" as the question three times, and then have twelve options to vote for (One to Eleven and then Other for the snowflakes) - one question would be FPTP, one would be STV and one AV. Theoretically the poll software on dreamwidth is good for it, but people often have problems logging in with openID etc. So, which would be the best software to use?

Aside from the fact that it would be interesting to Whovians it's also Serious Political Research, to prove that electoral systems really do affect results.

And, you know, I could at least HOPE that my beloved Sixie wouldn't come bottom in all three...

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