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... And while there are some worthy nominees in the other categories (YAY for Penny Red and Lady Mark and Bridget in particular), inevitably focus is going to land on what might be referred to as The Big BOTY, for which I, thankfully, have escaped nomination. Why do I say thankfully? Well, because it's cursed. Or perhaps even curséd. Everyone who wins it stops blogging and disappears. The only person to escape from the curse is gravelly-voiced sexpot James Graham, and he's not telling how he did it.

The poor benighted souls who have been nominated are as follows:
Caron’s Musings by Caron Lindsay (my erstwhile sponsor!)
Lynne Featherstone MP
Mark Reckons by Mark Thompson
The Very Fluffy diary of Millennium Dome, Elephant
Politicomaniac by Joe Jordan
My plea to the judges is a simple one: give it to Mark Reckons. He's already closed his blog anyway, so giving him the award can't do any more damage. In the name of everything sacred and true, don't give it to Caron or Millennium: I couldn't live without those two on my reading list, and it's not worth the risk.

Please, dear, sweet, wise judges: have pity on those of us who read blogs as well as write them, and don't take any more good ones away.

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