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One of the things I have noticed is that my depression symptoms are a lot more manageable if I exercise. This is part of the reason why the last couple of months have been so awful: not only have I had legitimate reasons to be stressed out - work, finances, dealing with various government agencies, etc. - but I have been under doctors' orders not to do any exercise at all for a lot of it, and then only the most gentle exercise up until the last fortnight or so.

My brain has not enjoyed this, and my body has turned to flab.


One of the good things our local council did in the last year was build a new swimming pool and fitness centre in our town. It's literally at the bottom of my street. Last week I bit the bullet and paid for membership; I figured if I was going swimming 3 times a week it would end up worth it over the course of a month. I can go swimming as often as I want to, use the gym as often as I want to, and take as many fitness classes as I like. So I have been trying out lots of different things to see what I like; I had my membership's money's worth before the first week was out.


I love swimming, but I haven't had any lessons since junior school. I can do breast stroke and back stroke and variations on them, but I can't do crawl or butterfly. I have signed up for the stroke skills class to improve my technique.

What I have been doing so far is every time I have had some sort of class, going for a swim afterwards and doing between 20 and 40 lengths (half to one kilometre) depending on how strenous the class has been to cool off and reset everything. This seems to be working pretty well.

Step Aerobics/Aerobics

I did an aerobics class and a step class. It was my first ever of either, and it will be my last. I haven't got the rhythm or coordination to do aerobics right and I just got very frustrated with myself; step was even worse because you're working in two planes not just one. Not for me at all.

Body Conditioning

I loved this class. It was basically dynamic weightlifting, and because I'm pretty physically strong I found it worked really well for me. I'm signed up to do this three times a week now. The teacher is very encouraging, and you can tell she's really into what she's doing.

Tai Chi

I had the first class of this today. I was struck by the way bits of it were very similar to the warmup exercises Sensei Puddin' has us doing before karate. I think it's going to help me a lot with my coordination; one of the things I am bad at with karate is timing my breathing properly and this appears to be absolutely basic to Tai Chi. I also really enjoyed it, and felt really centred and relaxed at the end of the class.

The teacher is wonderful; she's one of those people who just instantly makes you feel at ease, and she's very good at explaining WHY you're doing stuff as well as how to do it.


I went back to karate club last night for the first time in four months. It was HARD, but so worth it. Some stuff seems to have solidified in my brain while I have been off; my back stance in particular felt much better and more natural.

We spent some time last night doing kata with Paul, how is one of the senior black belts; he's another person who is very good at explaining why you do things a particular way, which I find helps me a lot. Kata are kind of a formalised fight with an imaginary opponent. He had a couple of the lads attack him to show what the kata moves were for, and that helped to set them in my brain.

I have missed going to karate so much, and am very glad to be doing it again.


I have been cycling home from work a bit too, which is lovely. My route home is mostly along the canal towpath, so I don't have to worry about traffic, and I can listen to podcasts as I go. If work has been stressful and I want to push myself I can do it in 17 minutes. Mostly, though, I take about 25 minutes and relax into it.

Walking the dogs

The dogs need taking out three or four times a day every day, just for toilet breaks. However I have been trying to go further with them recently, and to use the ball chucker so they get a good run and my arms get a bit of work. I find the nicest dog walk is the last one of the night. We cross the road and go in the car park for the swimming pool, which is totally empty at that time of night, and I can bounce the ball for them in lots of different directions, and they are running on tarmac, which helps to keep their claws worn down. I tend to be half to three quarters of an hour when I do this, but sometimes more; the length of whatever podcast I am listening to.

All of this seems to be really helping with my mental health. I have been using a mood tracker, and it's clear that when I have exercised it seems to automatically improve my mood. And the flab is slowly turning back into muscle, which is very welcome indeed. I am looking forward to slotting climbing in somewhere when the new climbing wall opens later this month.

Now if only I knew what was going to be happening at work, life would be hunky dory...

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Friday, February 17th, 2006 06:38 pm
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- Good vibes and stuff being sent out to:
- Briargate and the gang who are off to Petrolheads tomorrow

- puddingcat on her trip Down South

- everyone who is by now converging on Chez NannyO - See you tomorrow :D

- Only 25 lengths of the pool today :(

- Much giggling over lunch over the "35 essential recipes" in the Indy and the pretentiousness of most of them, coupled with the oh-so-knowing earthiness of the others.

- apparently, I'm capable of murder, although I'd guilt-trip myself afterwards:

Maybe you could...

You scored 12% Cold and 66% Level-Headed!

In a pinch, you could do it, but you'd need a damn good reason to. And you're not going to be too happy afterward.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 1% on Cold
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You scored higher than 76% on Level-Headed

Link: The Can You Kill a Man? Test written by notmarkflynn on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

- If I DO decide to kill someone, it'll probably be This person. Bras are RACIST??? Mr Head, meet Mr Desk.

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