Happy Birthday Nan

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 10:29 pm
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Today would have been my nan's 98th birthday. I was reminded of this by Google calendar - I am RUBBISH at remembering birthdays and anniversaries and things, so all the important ones have been saved in some sort of calendar software since the nineties; somehow, although it's several years since Nan died, I can never bear to take her birthday off.

My nan shares her name with a world champion hang glider pilot, apparently. I expect shed find that highly amusing. She was a pretty amazing lady herself, mind, and had a lot of influence on me. She was a formidable intelligence, always reading and debating and learning; she was a pretty talented painter, and I have a couple of her oils (one is a fabulous portrait of my dad); she was also also an awesome cook and keen gardener.

She was a pretty major influence on my politics - although she never told me who she voted for she gave me lots of political books and ideas through the years - including the idea that no book in her house was off-limits (an idea my mum and dad carried forward too - although I suspect some books were placed on very high shelves for a reason ;)).

I guess this blog post is just to say: I miss you. And I wish Holly could have known you better, because you and she would have caused SO MUCH mischief together. And I hope you'd be proud of me, as I am proud to be descended from you.
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Mat: "what are you meant to be reminding me thing morning, Holly?"
Holly: "Lights!'
Mat: "which means?"
Holly: "well, lights!"
Mat (sighing): "which means?"
Holly: " I need new bulbs for my lights"
Mat: "and what do we need to do to GET new bulbs for your lights?"
Holly: "something I don't want to do which is why I didn't mention it"

But of course, girls all LOVE going shopping...
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My brother, who is definitely not fifty today because that's a frankly terrifying prospect, is doing a marathon to raise money for SSAFA. SSAFA are a charity you may not have heard of, but they are a cause that's very close to my brother's heart. They helped him out a LOT at a time when he really needed it, and now he's in a position to help them, so he is doing.

If you've got a bit of spare brass, and fancy chucking it his way, his just giving page is here. Think of it as a birthday present to him for having to put up with an annoying little sister like me, if you like ;)
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Those of you who have known me for a long time might remember me talking about my Canadian cousin Dianne. I never met her, but we used to correspond by email a lot. One of the reasons that I never met her was that she had a lot of health problems, which ended up claiming her life at a very young age a few years ago. Her brother, my cousin Mark, is going to be running a marathon to raise funds for the hospital that cared for her (and also my uncle John in his final illness). Specifically, he is raising money to go to the clinical research department of Ottawa hospital, which is a world leader in various areas, and so the money will help people all over the world because the research they do there is THAT important.

Mark is doing REALLY well in raising funds (he's a bit of a local celebrity in Canada), but if any of you can nudge him a bit closer to his target, click here. Thanks.

My Grandmother

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 10:12 pm
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Today would have been my nan's birthday, had she not passed away last year. My nan was an awesome woman, a brilliant intellect, a fabulous mother and grandmother, an amazing cook, and an inspiration to the entire family.

She would have been so proud of how Holly is turning out.

Miss you nan.

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons.

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