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2017-01-31 05:45 pm
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Your suggestions please

… for hot breakfast. We seem to have got into a bit of a rut with daughter, where it's either bacon OR sausages OR American pancakes. She doesn't like scrambled eggs, sadly. Anyway, I'd like to add some more things to my repertoire. What hot breakfasts do YOU eat?

(FCC report later this evening for those anxiously awaiting it, btw)
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2015-12-14 06:58 pm
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Milk Frothers are weird. Or maybe milk is...

Our household has recently obtained one of these and we've discovered an interesting thing:

The amount of froth you get depends very much on where you get the milk from.

We'd been looking at getting one for a while - [personal profile] matgb for his coffee, and me for my sinister milky drinks - but were reasonably puzzled that pretty much every one had wildly variant reviews. We think this explains it. And we probably never would have noticed were it not for the fact that we tend to pick up milk ad hoc from whichever shop we happen to be in. So far we have tried Tesco's, Sainsbury's and Jack Fulton's. Tesco's is RUBBISH for frothing, Sainsbury's is pretty good, and Fulton's is better.

I now have the urge to try ALL the milks LOL.

Anyway, if you've got yourself a milk frother* and it's not frothing as you expect, try getting your milk from a different shop.**

* if you haven't buy the Hostess one they've got on offer in Debenhams at the minute - it's really easy to use and clean, and it's made in Hipperholme so you're funding much needed employment in my patch

**other possible solutions include making sure you rinse properly after washing it, because washing up liquid residue will affect frothing too.
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2012-03-27 10:00 am

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2012-03-15 09:00 am

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2012-02-28 09:00 am

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2012-02-23 11:13 pm
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Challenge #1 is up on Weekly Food Challenge

... and you can find it here. Pop over and join in if you fancy it :)
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2012-02-17 09:00 am

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2012-01-25 02:38 pm
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Today I Are Bin Mostly... In the Kitchen

Veg box came today, and we had some leftover stuff from last week too, so I have been busy in the kitchen. I have a HUGE pan of French Onion Soup, two cottage pies, a pan of bolognese sauce, some cheesy jacket potatoes, some fresh squeezed juice, and ten two-person portions of mixed veg all prepped and ready to just throw in the steamer. This afternoon I shall be making crumbles and pies and bananananana bread. I feel I have acheived something.

Anyone want some french onion soup?
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2012-01-22 09:00 am

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2012-01-11 04:00 pm

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2009-10-16 10:26 pm
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Weapons Grade Salsa

Upon finishing my shift at work tonight I had a pint or two of Goose Eye Over and Stout. When we got home I was a little peckish, but I found half a bag of Hint of Lime Doritos in the cupboard, so I thought I know! I'll make salsa and have Nachos!

1 small onion, diced, and sweated in a knob of butter.
3 cloves of garlic.
4 medium sized tomatoes.
1 tiny, weeny, home-grown habanero chili

I grated some cheese over the Doritos, microwaved them for one minute, and poured the salsa over the top. Then I ate them. I am sweating, my nose is running, and my eyes are watering, but BY CTHULHU THAT WAS AMAZING.

[personal profile] matgb touched his finger to the salsa, and got the tiniest drop, not even visible, on it. Then he touched his finger to his tongue. Then he ran downstairs, shouting BLOODY HELL!!!! for a glass of milk and a yoghurt. Gret Southern Softie.

Me personally, I think I underdid the garlic a touch. Mat says he's not going to kiss me tonight :(

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2009-07-30 11:41 pm
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Aside from Gardening...

... and the planning of gardening (my seed potatoes came today! And also I have planted some of these, because what more appropriate flower could there be for our garden?) and work... today, I are bin mostly making these.

They should be just about ready for my birthday.


Hope you are all well. I should be back to normal soon; I actually have some days off coming up! Imagine the luxury! Also, lots of unread emails and unreplied-to comments to sort out, but I will get to them, I swear.

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