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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 06:51 pm
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I am typing this on my brother [personal profile] angeliiiii's computer. I think you should all be told that I am being forced to use IE because he is a disciple of Gates and mistrusts Firefox. Eurgh. I feel dirty.

Anyway, the bike show was fab. I sat on lots and lots of bikes, and although my little leggies were too short for many of them, they were fine on the ones I actually want - the Triumph Daytona 675SE (hubba hubba), which will be for if I get a stonking great pay rise, or the more realistic Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The only problem I can see with the little Kwakker is that if I get one, I'll want it in Black, and Holly will want it in Green...

Daddy, meanwhile, has fallen in love with the Versys. His current bike is a V-strom, and the Versys is very similar in spec, but the physical size and shape of it is different enough to make a big difference to handleability.

We looked at a lot of helmets and boots, and Dad ended up getting a Roof Boxer like the one I used to have (except in blue to match his bike), and I ended up confirming my suspicion that no helmet is ever going to fit me as well as my Shoei (you'd be amazed the number of them that try to lobotomise you), although I DID rather like a couple of the Scorpion ones... Of course it does help that Scorpion make this (which I SO want).

Anyhoo, bike show good. Off to watch the footie with my bro now. Apparently we're playing Tranmere...

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So, for some time now it has been arranged that my brother and I would be going to the football on Saturday, and since it's a Leyton match we would meet up with [personal profile] djm4 beforehand for lunch and go to the match together.

My brother just cried off, and I've never been to a match on my own before.

If I do what I'm supposed to and go in the home supporters' stand I will be all on my own in a sea of people I don't know. If I go and sit with David in the Away Supporters' stand, I might inadvertently cheer when my team score and get beaten up. What should I do, oh all-knowing internets?

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be a wussy (and save myself the price of a ticket) and not go at all
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