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It's taken me a couple of days to become coherent enough to type this up. We saw some features (CHUD being a particularly cheesy highlight) and shorts (Mortified was the best IMHO, but the shorts on Sunday were ALL good, technical issues with one of them notwithstanding) and ate some of [personal profile] matgb's home made cake and it was all good.

And we recorded little bits with both of the makers of short films who had come to the screenings, and they were both very cool. It was fun geeking about The Amicus Hand with Ashley Thorpe especially.

And then at some point before the screening of Whistle And I'll Come To You I was standing outside having a fag when a gentleman approached and lit up saying Aha! This is where the outcasts go... ... AND IT WAS SIR DR JONATHAN MILLER!!!!!eleventy!! And he chatted away quite amiably to me and [personal profile] magister on a range of subjects and was witty and interesting on all of them. And James and I went inside mumbling variations on a theme of OMG Jonathan Miller OMG and having geekgasms. And then the next time I went out for a fag it happened again!

Anyhew, to cut a long story short we secured his agreement to record a little bit for [community profile] mygoditsthebaggageman, which we did after his interview with Sir Professor Christopher Frayling (who is enough for geekgasms all by himself). I don't know how good or useful the recording is because my brain was basically in screamingOMG mode by the time I hit record, but I suspect that even if I am totally incoherent on it we'll be able to make something of it because the man can just talk about ANYTHING. I seem to recall us chatting about opera, German film, atheism, psychology, philosophy, sculpture, and many other things, but which of those I recorded I couldn't tell you.

The man has such a towering intellect, but he's so unpretentious with it. He is an absolute master of the fine art of not giving a flying fuck what anybody thinks about him, and I fully approve of that. Yeah, if you hadn't noticed yet, I was very, very impressed.

Oh yes, and apparently Madame Bovary is a tedious slut, and you might as well have a degree in stationery as media studies. And lots of things are drivel.

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Because with the removal of the RSS button and the status bar, both of which I use a lot (and so does my wife), and the fact that extensions now opens as a webpage, instead of an options dialogue, we are only seeing downsides...

Thankfully the add-ons to put the RSS button back and reintegrate a statusbar have already started arriving, so the problem is easily fixed, but it's still annoying.

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For those of you who are interested in my appearances elsewhere, I have a guest post up on Geeka Chicas (again) about the FFW, and I have a three minute speechy bit (and lots of mentions) in this week's Eleventh Hour podcast. They also go on about how brilliant my lovely sponsor is, with which I can only agree...

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First, the success:

Mat's netbook is one of those ones with windows 7 starter, which means that (among many other things) you can't change your desktop wallpaper. Unless you download software. There are lots of software packages out there that offer advanced customisation options, but if you just want to change your desktop (and conserve resources) then Oceanis Change Desktop is the way to go.

My desktop is now this: ) which is v cute, I think you'll agree (thanks to the fabulous Dirty Whoers for the image)

Second, the failures

Remember how I had to reset my phone to factory settings? Well, this involved a lot of software updating afterwards, which took up most of saturday morning. I have re-installed lots of things, and resubscribed to all my podcasts, and installed the latest versions of some things. And that's where the problem comes in...

Opera Mobile 10

... is fabulous. The rendering of images is gorgeous, the tabbed browsing and stuff is excellent, the UI is intuitive and pretty... But there is one problem. It won't save my bookmarks/history/start screen. I'm probably missing something very obvious, but I can't find anything in the settings to stop it from doing this, and my google-fu is failing me. Help?

Nokia email client

Again, it's very pretty, and the UI is brilliant, and it beats the google email app for Symbian into a cocked hat... except that after 2 days of use it has suddenly stopped working. When I check the status page, it says it is in offline mode, and nothing I can do can get it to go into online mode. Again google-fu is failing, in that I have found a couple of forum posts from people having the same problem, but no solution. Any ideas?

Please to be noting that funny suggestions like get a different phone or use different software will be met with short shrift. I love my phone, and both of those bits of software are ones that 1, I like and 2, are better than any of the other apps I have found that do the same thing, aside from the bugs I detail above. Anyone recommending that I get a bloody iPhone will be met with extreme violence once I have hunted them down.

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Heroes season 2

Saturday, March 13th, 2010 10:30 pm
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We have watched the first disc of season 2 of Heroes from lovefilm. It hasn't grabbed me at all, and George Takei is dead. Should we persevere through the series, or follow my gut instinct and knock the rest of it off the list so we can watch other things? Mohinder's pretty is not enough to keep me watching, I fear...

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Heroes Season 2

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I thought it was fabulous from the beginning, so you don't want to listen to me
1 (10.0%)

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So, like all good geeks, I have the Bad Science book and read the sainted Dr Ben's blog regularly. I also have a slightly rusty A-level in Statistics, and a penchant for picking holes in things. So when I see bobbins like this trumpeted as proof that men are better than women, I start wondering if David Tennant's little misogynist organisation from the new St Trinian's film* is real. I'm not even linking to the Daily Fail's version, which proudly trumpets that because the study was done by a woman it must be totally gospel.

Here are the things that occurred to me when reading that news report:
  1. 65 volunteers; self-selecting sample; 5% difference (not statistically significant on such a small sample). This study is not scientifically rigorous enough to prove anything.

  2. who was paying for this study? The paymaster often has an influence on the conduct of the study - after all, (s)he who has the gold, makes the rules...

  3. It says there were 65 volunteers. It doesn't say what the gender split was. What if only 5 of them were women?

  4. How familiar were each of the volunteers with the car? An Audi A6 is a big expensive saloon. Were the male drivers more familiar with driving big saloons than the women? Were the male drivers less worried about damaging an expensive new car than the women? Could this be an explanation for their differing performance?

  5. There is research shown that both men and women will play up to stereotype when under scrutiny - was some sort of control put in place to account for this?
I'm sure that there are other holes pickable. I'm also sure it's possible to pick holes in my holes. Do feel free to do so, BTW. Learning is good :)

* the new St Trinian's film is well worth seeing, by the way. It's very silly, and doesn't have as much naked Colin Firth in as the first one, but it's a lot of fun, and made me giggle lots. And it passes the Bechdel test. And it has a very feministy-yet-fun message. I approved.

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On Monday I'll be booting up the desktop and sorting out the extensions on both computers. To that end, here is a list of what I have on McGruder at the moment. Expect a master list on Monday ;)

list under the cut ) - isn't computer maintenance FUN? ;)

* goes to sort out all her bookmarks *

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Firefox and its lovely add-ons make me happy. Click here to find out what shiny shiny Add-ons I have installed )

Also, Dreamwidth continues to make me happy. For instance, one of my bugbears with LJ was having to use the clunky and inefficient LJ Toys to track usage. But now? Now Google Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now.! YAY!!!!

Now all I have to do is hope that the lovely lovely customer who said he would take a look at McGruder, and if he can fix her will do it for parts + a couple of pints, will be able to sort her out...

Are You Interesting?

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 10:57 pm
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Been playing about with DW's interests page.

They've resurrected that similar interests thing that they used to have on LJ but got rid of. It's rather amusing picking out the people on my f-list:

Similar People

The following people are the most related to [personal profile] miss_s_b:

# Username Magic Index
1 [personal profile] matgb 204.045
2 [personal profile] innerbrat 117.008
3 [personal profile] pickwick 72.928
[lots of unfamiliar & a few vaguely familiar names]
123 [personal profile] strangefrontier 14.467
[slightly smaller gap]
144 [personal profile] lizw 13.413

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