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Thank you to everyone who bought something, or donated, or boosted the signal, or just sent us hugs. We have now raised enough for Byron's operation. I am totally overwhelmed by how lovely you all are. Thank you, from both of us. Hopefully this will mean we will be able to have lots more times like the one in the picture.

I'll keep you posted about what happens tomorrow, and thank you again.

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miss_s_b: (Mood: Grateful)
the loathing for my fellows rises steaming from my brain,
In the bath,
In the bath

And condenses to the milk of human kindness once again,
In the bath,
In the bath

Oh, the tingling of the scrubbing brush, the flannel's soft caress,
To wield a lordly loofah is a joy I can't express,
How truely it is spoken one is next to godliness,
In the bath,
In the bath

Am feeling much better now. Have had a good long bath, and listened to lots of shouty music, and had several good cries. And have seen a woman driver take the top spot on the Reasonably Priced Car lap time board again, albeit briefly. Now we just need Ellen MacArthur to come back...

Anyway, I am now at the que sera sera stage, even if I have to wait till the 23rd of August to see sera (don't ask - if you do, you won't get an answer). Thanks are due to three beardy comfort blankets this time: [personal profile] matgb for taking me out with the doggies and causing comedy to happen in the park; Andrew Hickey for sending me silly songs that made me giggle on Spotify; and Lady Mark for lovely text messages. Plus the non-beardy Duracell Bunny gave me a lovely phone call, and my first smile all day.

At some point in the near future there will be a linkblogging post, but first: Sherlock.

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