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The series so far, barring the gender-and-race-fail which is endemic in television (and which has been amply covered elsewhere - for example here and here), has been excellent. And yeah, I know that's a big thing to be barring, but...

The third and final episode wasn't as bad as the first two (especially not the second) for those things. What it was, was:
  • beautifully written by Mark Gatiss, seamlessly slotting in clever references to the source materials with modern twists
  • brilliantly directed, pulling the stylistic cues we had got used to from the first two episodes and swirling them around the story in a glorious work of art
  • stunningly acted by the Martin Freeman and Benedict Frumious Bandersnatch, and indeed, most of the other actors. I particularly liked the blind old lady
  • enjoyable from start to finish
Sure, it wasn't perfect. Nothing ever is. spoilery bits under the cut ) But aside from those minor and picky points, I really loved it. And Mycroft. Oh Mycroft. A character I have had a crush on since I first read his name in print. A character I crushed on even when he was played by a very elderly and rotund Charles Gray. And now played by a writer/horror geek/Who geek/actor I have a crush on anyway, and the guy who wrote this very fine episode...

Mystic SB foresees many fandom icons.

Just, you know, Grand Moff? Mr Gatiss? Sort out the gender-and-race-fail for next time. Please? Because then it would be perfect.

I really wish they had cast the gorgeous girl who plays the sergeant who calls Sherlock "freak" and whose name I forget because her character was clearly a tokenistic bolt-on as LeStrade. That would have been awesome.

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Words cannot express how hard my jaw hit the table when I saw this trailer for Guy Richie's Holmes movie this morning.

It's going to be horrendous. It's going to be awful. It's going to be disgustingly unfaithful to both the source and the definitive interpretation by Brett.

It's got naked Robert Downey Junior in it.


I'm going to have to go see it, aren't I? And then immerse myself in cleansing Brett!Holmes afterwards.

((for other views on this see [personal profile] lizbee, here, and [personal profile] moviegrrl, here.))

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