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Yet again the puppies have shat on everybody else's carpet. It'll be interesting to see if people take the Scalzi line and vote for people on the slate who are deserving anyway, or if they put the mighty Gneil (for example) below no award - which is what I'll be doing for rabid puppy nominees - for sad, they had open noms, so I have a more open mind. Happily the ones I nominated that made the ballot were not on any puppy slates so I can vote for them with a clear conscience. NK Jemisin FTW! But I think no award is going to be my most prominent view in most categories... :/

Let's hope the rule change passes, eh?
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Here is what I have put on my om nom nom form:

Best Novel

The Fifth Season - NK Jemisin
Signal to Noise - Silvia Moreno-Garcia
The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School - Kim Newman
Unhallowed Graves - Nuzo Onoh
Veiled - Benedict Jacka

Best Novella

Witches of Lychford - Paul Cornell

Best Novelette

So Much Cooking by Naomi Kritzer (I first heard this on the Clarkesworld Podcast and Kate Baker's performance of it made me cry)

Best Short Story

Ten Things You'll Only Get if You Were a 50's Kid - Andrew Hickey

Best Graphic Story

Corpse Talk: Season 2
Tamsin and the Deep
Ms Marvel vol 4: Last Days
Judge Dredd: Dark Justice

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)

Ash Vs Evil Dead (because it all came out at once it goes here and not in short form in eps)
Mad Max: Fury Road
Lego Dimensions

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)

The Stone Tape - Nigel Kneale/Peter Strickland - BBC Radio 4: Fright Night
Dr Who: The Husbands of River Song

Best Professional Artist

Neill Cameron
Sarah McIntyre

Best Fancast


Best Fan Writer

@MicroSFF (O Westin) - https://twitter.com/MicroSFF

I'm not going to be adding anything else now unless there's a really compelling reason to go through the rigmarole of putting my name in wrong and fannying about with a form that's incompatible with lastpass again
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I have some ideas for some of the categories, but the problem is I will not nominate anything I am not personally familiar with, and there are some categories I have not read/seen/etc enough things in. So, I have nearly two months till deadline; I am going to ask for recs. What do YOU think ought to win awards in the following categories? Rec me stuff, I shall try to check it out, and then if I like it, it might get a nom from me:
Best Novella (between 17,500 and 40,000 words)

Best Novelette (between 7,500 and 17,500 words)

Best Related Work

Best Graphic Story

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)

Best Semiprozine

Best Fanzine

Best Fancast

Best Fan Writer

Best Fan Artist

The John W. Campbell Award for new writers (1st published 2014 or 2015)
The categories I have left off are the ones I think I have enough things to nominate in without crowdsourcing stuff I might not have seen, but if there's an novels or short stories you genuinely think I might have missed, do drop those in the comments too. Obvs I might not get chance to check everything out, but I'll do my best.

Over to you lot! :)
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tl;dr version: all the puppy stuff went below no award, as did some of the non-puppy stuff. Things I particularly hated that were non-puppy included The Day The World Turned Upside Down by Thomas Olde Heuvelt and Sex Criminals Volume 1: One Weird Trick, by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. If I could have given like an overall Hugo for the best thing of all on the ballot, it would have gone to Ms Marvel, no question, that was fantastic.

If you want more detail than that, you'll find it below the cut... )
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So of course all the actual goths are hiding. They wouldn't want to be associated with something so mainstream as World Goth Day.

I (who, of course, am not a goth in the slightest) am working my way through my Hugo packet*. I am now decided how I am going to vote in 13 of 17 categories. The Graphic novels this year have some really, REALLY awesome stuff in - two of the four I've read have made me want to engage with anything else in the series. I need to read the rest of the novels to see if anything can beat Ann Leckie. And I've committed a heresy against my Whovian religion by deciding that the Orphan Black episode nominated is better than the Doctor Who episode nominated (I really didn't like Listen).

Who all else here is Hugo Voting? What have you really loved (or really hated) so far in what you've read/seen?

a million thank yous to Mary Robinette Kowal, without whom I would not have a Hugos packet. I will totally buy at least one of your books and read it as soon as I have a job again.
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To my knowledge there are now three members of the Calderdale Liberal Democrats Policy Working Group with voting rights in the Hugos. Now the words "Calderdale Liberal Democrats Policy Working Group" might not convey just how SJWy we are, so I'm going to lay it out for you.

We are members of a British political party that openly champions social justice*.
We are ACTIVE members of that political party.
We are such active members that we debate policy and submit motions & amendments to party conference, thereby to make party policy EVEN MORE SJWy than it already is.
We have been pretty successful in making party policy even more SJWy than it already is on a number of occasions.

Now the name of our party is the Liberal Democrats. This means that yes, we are liberals. We are also very committed to democracy (we're putting huge amounts of effort into the election campaign here at the moment). That means we take voting very seriously, and like doing it in as informed a way as possible. So all your sad/rabid nominations will be being read/watched and scrutinised. And we will vote according to what we think is best.

Now here's the bit that'll really blow your mind: Calderdale is only one of hundreds of local parties within the lib dems. I never met a local party within the lib dems that wasn't stuffed full of scifi geeks. And I know for a damn straight fact that our local party isn't the only one with Hugo voters in it.

As the very wise (black LGBT+) lady once said: "YES it's fucking political: EVERYTHING'S political".

*yes, I know, UK folks, we haven't been as great at that as we could have been in coalition, but we've tried.

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