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Vince has pointed out that not being able to recruit the right skilled people might be damaging to British businesses. Inevitably, the media are screaming SPLIT! SPLIT!, and the Daily Fail are particularly strident.

All Vince is doing is pointing out some empirical evidence that has arisen from the trial application of this policy. OK, so it's anecdata, rather than a proper study, but that's better than no data at all, right? Collective Ministerial Responsibility should not have to mean blindly ignoring signs of trouble. And if Vince is right, and this is expelling banking business abroad, well, that IS trouble. Our economy is very skewed towards financial services, for better or for worse, and I don't think the best way to fix that is to make the financial services industry go elsewhere.

Still, my conclusions on this might be coloured by my own views on immigration, which are pretty intensely Liberal even for a Lib Dem...

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