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Thursday Night is Liberal Drinks West Yorkshire (invite yourself on Facebook or Flock Together - or just turn up like [personal profile] burkesworks usually does ;)) in which we will drink liberally and plot to take over the world, and then this weekend is the 8th FuffWoo, in which geeks from all over everywhere will descend on Bradford to watch cheesy horror and sci-fi in our marvellous National Media Museum (invite yourself on Facebook or buy tickets). The films on offer include:
  • Flash Gordon
  • the Call of Cthulhu
  • The Satanic Rites of Dracula
  • a midnight screening of Shaun of the Dead
  • a 70mm print of Aliens
  • IMAX Star Trek and Watchmen
  • and the old silent treat Vampyr with a new score played by a live band.
It's going to be awesome! Unfortunately it will probably interfere with blogging a fair bit too...

Oh well. Time to dye hair and tiday house a bit for visitors. For those keeping track, gmail inbox currently stands at 171 unread, and Faceache inbox at a mere 49. ;)

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