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2014-02-24 10:29

An overheard conversation

Mat: "what are you meant to be reminding me thing morning, Holly?"
Holly: "Lights!'
Mat: "which means?"
Holly: "well, lights!"
Mat (sighing): "which means?"
Holly: " I need new bulbs for my lights"
Mat: "and what do we need to do to GET new bulbs for your lights?"
Holly: "something I don't want to do which is why I didn't mention it"

But of course, girls all LOVE going shopping...
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2010-12-14 23:49

Hopefully I have set up automated link blogging...

This is mainly because I looked in my "things to link to folder" and swore hugely and loudly at how big it was. Words to the effect of I'll be pimholed if I'm going to manually code THAT lot were used. So I asked [personal profile] matgb to help me set up autoposting from delicious, like wot he does.

The first resulting post should come through in the morning, and I'm afraid it's going to be a biggie. After that they should be more reasonably sized. Do feel free to comment on, share, and whinge at me about the size of the post as much as you like.


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2010-05-29 12:40


I am loving the new version of spotify. If you are on it and you want to be friends and see my playlists, my profile link is here. If you have similar love for spotify, do join [community profile] spotification, which has probably not reached critical mass yet, but is a playlist sharing comm. And if you have no idea what I am talking about, I have two invites available for spotify free for people I know if you want to find out - first come first served. I have a couple of collaborative playlists (girl power being the one that seems to be favourite among most people) and many public ones. I am happy for people to leaf through my musical knicker drawer.

I love being able to nosey through other people's playlists too - Music that Dave Hates made me LOL, and made me think I ought to have a music that Mat hates playlist. And the fact that Tory Tim is subscribed to "learn french by podcast" makes me giggle too.

ANYWAY, the point of this post is that Mat is going to be signing up with the invite I sent him weeks ago this afternoon, and in my bounteous loveliness, I have started building a playlist to get him going. It's collaborative, so other people can add stuff too. If you can think of a particular song that he really really loves, do feel free to go and stick it on there. Pls no Steps ;)
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2009-09-07 00:54
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A Soppy Post of Soppiness

This weekend has been a bit weird. Aside from the major Up of the Cheeky Girls Birthday Bash last night (which was an absolute riot, and I haven't enjoyed myself at work so much for ages) there have been various struggles and crises and injuries and general downery things which have all conspired to make me want to curl up in a ball and cry. However, I am not giving in. There follows, therefore, a list of lovely things which have made me smile today:
  • Miss Holly, who does the bestest hugs
  • Charlie Brooker, who really ought not to read Andrew Hickey's latest post in case his brain implodes.
  • My daddy, who can do more with a couple of carefully placed words in an email than most people can with a tome
  • Will Howells' lyrical genius
  • The Twin Dilemma coming out on DVD tomorrow - props to Daddy Alex for the news - with a Special Feature called Stripped for Action - The Sixth Doctor fnarr fnarr
  • And, as always, my lovely [personal profile] matgb, who is my rock, and who is making popcorn for us to watch Blake's 7 with. I'd be a lot crazier if it weren't for him ♥ Sometimes I look back to old blog posts before I knew him. Gods, I was miserable. And, no matter what my current financial tribulations... Well, I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable. Neither of us is any good with money, and I don't think either of us ever will be, but we have each other, and we have our friends, and that's worth more than any amount of money. Of course, given the choice, I'd have both... ;)

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2009-09-02 22:54

Gender Roles in a Relationship

Most of the time, I refer to [personal profile] matgb as my wife, and he calls me his husband. There is lots of role reversal in our relationship, when it comes to what most people think of as traditional gender roles. He does much of the cooking and cleaning, I go out to work and spend all my time in the pub. I do the DIY and gardening, and he compiles the shopping list. He does a lot of the day-to-day childcare, and I go out climbing trees with Holly. Mostly, we are both very happy with this. However, there are some ways in which he is very stereotypically male, and I am very stereotypically female.

This video made me laugh a lot.

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2009-07-22 00:50
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Cake! Or, this is why I am marrying him...

This is what my lovely wife made for pudding tonight:


Guh. And, indeed, om nom nom. And people wonder why I am putting on weight! For those of you who are in the area, there is just less than half of it left, and if you hurry...

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2009-05-28 10:39

Political Quote of the day

Tabman on Lib Dem Voice makes a FINE point about Call Me Dave's views on proportional representation:
Whenever David Cameron mentions the benefit of FPTP, he should immediately be asked to resign in favour of Davidf Davis who “won” the FPTP bit of the election for Conservative leader:


1st Ballot result:
David Davis 62
David Cameron 56
Liam Fox 42
Ken Clarke 38
I have too many things to do and not enough time and my brain is all fuzzy this morning. Poo.

Roxy continues fine; Byron is getting a bit jealous that she's getting lots of attention, so I'm going to go make a fuss of him for a bit. Mat and Holly are both still snoring.

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2009-01-23 22:10

Not of interest, probably

Mister Mat just came upstairs with the cake, and sliced off a delicate sliver. Mildly disappointed at being thus rationed, I enquired I am only to be allowed a little bit of cake? Mister Mat took the delicate sliver of cake over to his desk and left the entire rest of the cake with me.

I am going to London in March, straight after spring conference. I am going to be participating in a bloggers' interview of Vince Cable. Six weeks to go and I am already crapping myself. I had no such feelings about the Nick Clegg interview I was meant to go to at Yorkshire regional conference, mainly because Clegg strikes me (having been in his presence) as a complete onanist, and thus I'm not bothered if I offend the self-important Glorious Leader; Vince, having been in his presence, is utterly, utterly lovely as well as amazing in a political sense, and I will be mortified and want to throw myself off Westminster Bridge if I offend him. Which, of course, I am almost certain to do, and the more worked up about this I get, the more certain it becomes - you steer towards where you're looking and all that.

Short of filling my hipflask with the old Remy and hoping like hell, any suggestions from the peanut gallery on how to deal with debilitating nervousness? I came very very close to saying no to the whole thing on the grounds that I am bound to make a complete arse of myself, but several people have moved heaven and earth to make it possible for me to be there, and it would have been really ungrateful to hide in a corner wibbling uncontrollably like I want to...
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2008-12-15 03:08
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For the Avoidance of Doubt...

... my fiance may, on some (but not numerous) occasions be an ignorant buffoon, but his cock is NEVER tedious.

* giggles at this google result anyway *

Bless him. Still, this is another opportunity to link to his post on Brian Coleman...

ETA: His bottom is rather lovely too, which rather defeats the object of him turning his back on me in a mock-huff. Especially when he's naked.
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2008-11-17 01:20
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Momentous News - a Milestone Reached.

Mat and I have had our first ever proper shouting argument. I thought you'd all like to know.

As predicted it was about something very silly - I had done some tidying up and he put something in a place I didn't want it to go, and I got cross because he had marred my tidying up, and he didn't understand why I was cross because he thought he was tidying too, and then I got upset because I couldn't make him understand why I was cross, and then he got cross because he couldn't understand, and before you know it we're both shouting at each other... Yeah. Very silly. But it shows how easily these things happen, especially when I am in the fretful mood I have been in today. The sooner Wednesday night is over the happier I'll be...

Anyway. We have clung weeping to each other and apologised, and hugged and kissed and apologised some more, and then made each other laugh with silly hats and such, and everything is all right now. He has commandeered my comfy office chair and is playing his silly computer game, and I am in bed listening to classic rock and playing about on LJ.

I could do with a very large brandy, though. I might go and get one...

ETA: a couple of minutes ago the computer game noise stopped. I looked up to see why and Mat was waving the brandy bottle at me.

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2008-10-27 21:42

Things I Have learned today

Shrublette + library = Cute overload.
Mat + library = OMG the house is full of books!

We took the small one and signed her up at the library today. It was awesome. And she got a little card that they will stamp if she reads two books a month, and if she fills the card she gets a prize. She has already read the two books we got out today. And I have read two of the three I got out and am going to start on the third in the bath.

YAY books!
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2008-07-21 01:20

A Reported Conversation

Him: That's the last of the gin
Me: The gin is gone?
Him: Yep!
Me: Why is all the gin gone?
Him: Because we've drunk it all.
Me: But WHY is all the gin gone?
Him: Because you're a pisshead, darling.
Me: Oh yes, there is that.

On the plus side, this means we get to go to Czerwik's and buy more gin! On the downside, this will cost money. Oh well.
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2008-07-19 13:41
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I am in Soppy Mood Today

Is it bad that after more than 18 months of relationship with [livejournal.com profile] matgb I am still regularly transfixed by how beautiful he is? cut for extreme sop )
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2008-06-04 23:58
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I Luffs my Mat

He is fab and ace.

That is all.
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2008-05-21 11:17

Music to go past wedding guests to...

I have heard a number of suggestions for good walking down the aisle music. My friend Claire had Friday I'm In Love by the Cure, and [livejournal.com profile] icekestrel today suggested Eve of the War from Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds. I still think [livejournal.com profile] burlesque_bunny has the right plan with The Imperial March from Star Wars, though... But what do you guys reckon?

[Poll #1191407]

Mister Mat is snoring and sweating feverishly beside me. I was pretty poorly yesterday, but am much better today. He seems to be worse today. Please to be sending him get better vibes? I doesn't like my lovely fiancé being all poorly :(

I have been giving him lots of hugs and stuff, but that doesn't seem to be working :(
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2008-02-22 01:17

Won't Be Sleeping Tonight, then

Shrubby is next to me. She is sleeping mostly peacefully, right now. She keeps waking up and vomiting, though. Which is not good. Really not good. She's not even keeping water down. Am waiting for the callback from NHS Direct.

I think Mat saved her life.

We were watching This Week. I heard something, said Was that Shrubby? then we both heard her scream. Mat got upstairs first to find her on her bed, on her back, vomit pooling in her mouth. He had to persuade her to turn over and clear her mouth. She nearly did a Hendrix. My baby was laid on her back, with puke in her mouth, and Mat turned her over.

I am still shaking.

And then he's volunteered, VOLUNTEERED to go sleep in the other room so that I can be with her tonight.

I don't know what I did to deserve this wonderful man, but I'm bloody glad I did it.
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2008-02-17 22:24

I am such a lucky girl

Mister Mat is putting Shrubby to bed. He has read her her bedtime story (there was an old lady who swallowed a fly) and is now being coerced into singing a lullaby. It's quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever heard, ever. I may have to sneak recording equipment into her room for next time.
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2008-02-08 22:27


I may possibly have had some this evenong. Just sa small amount.

I am worried abou t my friend Nigel. Hig GF (possibly ex) is making him miserable and I want to cheer him up but I don'y know how because he's veryveryvery monogamous so /that/ won't work even if he decides he /has/ split up with her. //i have given him hugs and that is only making so much headway...

Mat has tken the dogs out for a quivk walk and when he comes back there will e nookie.

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2008-02-04 11:42
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In the mornings, I get up, I feed and dress my daughter, I walk her to school, I walk back home. When I get back home (at this time of year) I am freezing cold, still half-asleep (I am so not good at mornings) and full of grump.

click for sop )
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2008-01-31 00:34


It are Sarah ex-lodger's birthday
We went for a curry and then we went to The Parish
Much alkyhol was consumed
We are now in bed wathing KLife on Mars.
Ican has snuggles with msiter Mat,