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So, those of you who know my podcasting habits will know that one of the few constants is The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. It's the ONLY music podcast that's lasted the distance for me - must be five or six years I've been listening to it now.

There's several reasons for that. It helps me keep up with new music I'll (probably) like in this increasingly fragmented musical world, because it defiantly includes all kinds of rock and metal, and doesn't restrict itself to any of the increasingly narrow bands that modern bands like to slot themselves into. I like Carl's relaxed presenting style, and his comfortingly Yorkshire voice - there's something very reassuring about him. I like Elfie's enthusiasm and joy at finding new stuff to bring to the world. But mostly, I like the attitude of the show, which is: it's the music that matters.

So the Wyrd Ways RS doesn't discriminate if you're black, or LGBT+, or a girl. Orianthi is just a bloody good guitarist. Doro Pesch is just a statesman of rock. Rob Halford is just the singer for Judas Priest. None of that gatekeepy bullshit on the Wyrd Ways RS: if your music is good, you get played, no matter what your non-musical attributes.

Recent events have brought to the forefront just how bloody special this is. Don't even start me on the silliness that is #Metalgate (except that I feel sorry for these Czech festival organisers who have been going since '08 and suddenly got tarred with a very silly brush). So it was with the greatest joy that I listened to the last-but-one episode of the show:

Here is a link to the webplaying version of episode CCXCVI. This episode will be known forever to me as the "what is this female-fronted-metal pigeon-holing bullshit? Women play ALL KINDS OF METAL!" episode. And it's got some bloody astounding music on. Srsly, check the playlist. It's nearly four hours of glorious, joyful, beautiful music that sticks two fingers up at the rest of the world and says: "I don't care what YOU think; this is what I like".

So go listen to it. Go on. You can do it in chunks if you like. Then go subscribe and help pay for the upkeep of the show: it's worth it, I promise.
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In 1958 Christopher Lee played a radically different Dracula from any that had been seen before: sexy and urbane, he broke the mould and refashioned it around himself. In countless movies, Christopher Lee played an intelligent, saturnine villain. The Hollywood stereotype of the aristocratic British villain undoubtedly sprang from this.

This year, at the age of 91, he released his third metal album, to a reasonable amount of acclaim. And now other actors are getting in on the act:
That's a tweet from BRIAN BLESSED's official twitter account. Yes, that BRIAN BLESSED. Yes, that Manowar.

I don't know if the world can survive the volume of the track that will ensue from that recording session, but I advise you all to buy shares in earplugs. I will certainly be buying the album.
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I've been planning to do my own riff on Music Monday for a while, and when I saw about the death of HMV on twitter it spurred me into posting.

When I was a wee thing, my godmother gave me a Jason Donovan album for either Christmas or my birthday. It was a reasonable guess, given the fashions of the time and my age, but she didn't know my musical tastes very well. Luckily she also had the foresight to include the receipt. So I toddled in to HMV in Bradford with a Jason Donovan album and a receipt and swapped it for two of the Iron Maiden First Ten Years double 12"ers. This song was on one of them:

You can also get it on Spotify and last.fm.

I spent much happy time in HMV Bradford, although as the years went by I spent less time buying music and more on peripheries. My two most recent purchases there were a set of headphones and an Iron Maiden T-shirt. Both times I looked at the CDs, and both times I thought "bloody hell, I'm not paying that." And therein lies the reason they're gone. I'm sad, but it's kind of inevitable.

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So last week Any Questions had an... unusual panellist. In among the usual bunch of journos and politicians was fencer, pilot, historian, novelist, poet, 6 Music DJ and occasional lead singer of Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson. I thought he performed reasonably well for someone who isn't a professional politico or politics commentator, although he's quite a long way to the right of me politically. More amusing were the other panellists reactions to him. I definitely think there was a closet Lib Dem Friend Of Metal on that panel...

But anyway, Bruce appearing on AQ reminded me that I hadn't listened to any of his stuff for AGES, and that really wasn't on; so I have been mainlining both Maiden and his solo stuff for a few days now, and it's inspired me to blog a few points:
  1. Anyone who claims to be any sort of horror film geek needs to listen to Fear of the Dark - the title track of the album by the same name - and then head straight over to the album Brave New World and listen to The Wicker Man. And then go retro and pick up The Phantom of the Opera from the first Maiden album (although it's not Bruce singing on that - anyone else recall the lucozade advert with Daley Thompson?)

  2. Similarly, there's a rich vein of sci-fi geekery in Bruce/Maiden's work - stuff that springs to mind is Out of the Silent Planet (from Brave New World), The Prisoner (from Number of the Beast), and the entirety of The Final Frontier album. Also you can play Spot The Tardis on the cover of Somewhere in Time.

  3. Bruce's influences are really very eclectic. I mean, just on the Chemical Wedding album, you've got a race through a tarot deck, William Blake, a song that sounds like a lost Marilyn Manson track... I like eclecticism. A lot of the Maiden stuff is somewhat samey, and I reckon if you've heard one Maiden album you pretty much know whether you're going to like most of the others, but Bruce's solo stuff is not like that at all.

  4. I really miss Bruce's 6 Music rock show. He introduced me to lots of really cool stuff, and was not afraid of playing LAdyMetal like McQueen and Wicked Wisdom, both of whom are bands whose CDs I bought after hearing them on his show.
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Holly is on half term. We have been having a bit of a dance around the living room. Among the vast range of stuff we've listened to, from Lady Gaga to Iron Maiden, this is the song she liked best today:

Via [personal profile] boxcarwilly

Thursday, November 29th, 2007 11:00 pm
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Some of the activities included in "Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book" are:

* Color Rob Halford from JUDAS PRIEST
* Finish drawing IRON MAIDEN's mascot Eddie
* Hair Metal Crossword Puzzle
* Connect the moles to find out who this member of MOTÖRHEAD is
* Heavy Metal Sudoku
* Backstage Maze - Help SPINAL TAP through the backstage area
* How many words can you make out of WHITE ZOMBIE?
* Color METALLICA (1983)
* Color METALLICA (1988)
* NEUROSIS songtitle word search
* Use the maze to help Ozzy Osbourne get to Ozzfest

I see that...

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 01:45 am
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... classic rock magazine have resurrected Donny, but moved it to Milton Keynes.


I don't quite know what to think about it. I'd pay £38 to see Alice and Thunder, because they're both bloody fantastic live, but not to see them sandwiched between a load of MoR crap and an unpurple Purple. Now, if it was PROPER Purple with Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord it'd be worth seeing... And of course, there's what Donny was evolved into, which is something called "Download" :/ I don't like this separation business. Time it was (and what a time it was, it was) that Donny featured new bands AND classic bands, and Rock was one happy brotherhood. I don't like this splintering off thing. It makes me sad. I should have gone to Donny when Maiden headlined in the early nineties. Another missed opportunity.


Of course, the gig I'd REALLY like to go to is Alice's warm-up gig on the I Love Man Isle of Man on the Thursday. Yeah, I know. But I MIGHT win the lottery.
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A song I haven't heard in (literally) years: Painkiller by Judas Priest. The music is first class, but really, how in hell did Rob Halford ever get kudos as a vocalist? He sounds like a dalek on helium! LOL. Priest really are the stereotype metal band, all chains and black leather and a screaming (in both senses) queen for a singer.

Still, I've cranked it up as loud as I can without waking the household (which is sadly not very loud) and am headbanging away with happy memories of Bradford Rios when I was about 15 and my buddy Kim (6 foot tall kickboxer) actually managing to get people to stop headbanging and look for her contact lens when it flew out when this song was being played at ear-bleeding volume... Ahhhh happy days. :D

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