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In 1958 Christopher Lee played a radically different Dracula from any that had been seen before: sexy and urbane, he broke the mould and refashioned it around himself. In countless movies, Christopher Lee played an intelligent, saturnine villain. The Hollywood stereotype of the aristocratic British villain undoubtedly sprang from this.

This year, at the age of 91, he released his third metal album, to a reasonable amount of acclaim. And now other actors are getting in on the act:
That's a tweet from BRIAN BLESSED's official twitter account. Yes, that BRIAN BLESSED. Yes, that Manowar.

I don't know if the world can survive the volume of the track that will ensue from that recording session, but I advise you all to buy shares in earplugs. I will certainly be buying the album.
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So I saw a tweet yesterday which mentioned Brian May was campaigning for the Labour party, and decided to look further into it today. I am relieved to report that it's not quite that simple. He was campaigning alongside a Labour candidate on Saturday, in favour of a single issue campaign on blood"sports" which he is running, mainly focussing on the Hunting Act, but also on badger culls and other bloodsport-related matters. He says on his blog (which is STILL not RSSable - ARGH! LOL) that he is supporting ANY candidate from ANY party who pledges to support the Ban on hunting.

My personal view on the hunting act is that it's a shoddy and unworkable piece of legislation which needs serious amending, but that things would probably be worse if it were repealed. The hunting act itself, therefore, is not massively important to me one way or the other. HOWEVER, the Tory plans to stop vaccinating badgers against bovine TB and cull them instead is something I am furious about. Badgers are not the SOURCE of bovine TB, they are the VICTIMS of it, and killing badgers does not stop cows giving each other TB (although I'll grant that it stops the cows giving the badgers TB because they are dead). All it does is kill badgers. I am therefore, like our awesome parliamentary candidate Hilary Myers, going to get behind this campaign.

If this is the kind of thing you feel strongly about there's a website which I am quelling the urge to critique for navigability and the inevitable facebook group.

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