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This evening we had tickets for Question Time in Huddersfield. We arrived and got security checked and all that jazz, and were full of joy and hope. What we hadn't realised was the way they make sure that the audience is always full. They do it by allocating more tickets than they have seats. We were last on the list and didn't get a seat.

To be perfectly fair to the production team (who were all really lovely), they had a problem with one of the cameras taking up more space than they thought it would have done, so there possibly would only have been one or two people left out, rather than the fifteen or so that there were, had it not been for that. And we have been told that the next edition we can get to, we are guaranteed front row seats. And we did get to watch, from behind a pillar, we just weren't allowed to join in.

What was extra annoying, though, was that I got a question selected. And the lovely lady asked lots of people if they would move to let me have a seat in the audience proper so I could ask it... And not one of them would. Special Being Annoying Points to the spotty greasy oik who was one of the people out of eighteen or so of us at the end of the list who got one of the final three seats and didn't even put his bloody hand up the whole show but still refused to swap seats with me.

As for the content of the show... Well, it comes to something when the least Liberal person there is the Lib Dem. Norman Baker was not just incompetent, he was actually offensively wrong - his comment on tuition fees was breathtakingly bad. And, worryingly, I found myself agreeing with John Redwood a lot of the time (although he did say a couple of really offensive things which was a relief).

Anyhew, it was fun and I am glad we did it. And afterwards we stopped by the Parish for a couple of pints, and on the way home we had cheesy chips from Pizza Napolena. So although the evening didn't go exactly as we expected, it was still good.
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Me: bloody hell! GO PADDY!
[personal profile] matgb: Can we have Paddy back as leader now, please?
Me: That'd be awesome!
[personal profile] matgb: how old is he anyway?
Me: 70ish? Younger than Disraeli was. Probably.
[personal profile] matgb *looking it up on t'internet* : he's 70. Only two years older than Ken Clarke. There's a cabinet reshuffle coming up soon...

Seriously, though, Paddy is on fire tonight. ♥ Just what this Lib Dem needed to see.


Thursday, November 12th, 2009 11:13 pm
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I had my first karate lesson tonight, and I really enjoyed it (even though I was rubbish) and I've come back home to watch QT. I feel somewhat guilty for thinking that Humphries is better than Dimbldore, given that the poor man is injured. But I am really enjoying seeing Woodward eviscerated. That said, my brain and body are tired, so in lieu of proper content, have some:

Fresh Squeezings From the veins of the Internet

And today's meme is, given that Dimbledore is injured and Humphries is being his stand-in tonight:

Who is your dream Question Time presenter?

I reckon Martha Kearney would do a good job.

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The BBC Speke Yor Branes Have Your Say forums are already overrun with people saying it was a set-up, poor ickle Dick Griffin didn't get the chance he deserved, the audience were all hand-picked leftie conspirators, etc. Griffin himself thinks he came across well. My view is more akin to that of Mark Reckons.

I thought he got ample opportunity to spout his poisonous tosh, and I thought the rest of the panel missed a few golden opportunies to skewer him, but on the whole he came across like the lying, shifty, weaselly toad he clearly is. I don't think the show will have put off any fervid BNPers, but it might have made a few protest voters think again - after all, he came across as just as two-faced and weaselly as any other politician. It's understandable that Dimbledore was so hostile to him, but it did kind of add to the air of the lynch mob, and it would have been better if the show had not been entirely BNP-focussed... But, on the whole, it was an entertaining hour, and Griffin came across as the swivel-eyed loon he clearly is. It could have been worse. It could have been Brons. He's actually got a braincell, and would have been much more coherent.

Best panellist this week? Bonnie Greer, by a country mile. Worst? I don't think I need to say, do I?

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The following is a list of stuff I thought was important enough to link to before I went to bed:Wasn't Question Time a bloodbath tonight? I don't think May has ever been faced with a baying mob before; she looked terrified. The #bbcqt hashtag on Twitter went bonkers tonight, even hitting the top five trending topics. Which is why it's now full of spam.

Didn't watch much of This Week because I couldn't stomach Peter Hitchens AND Quentin Twat in the same episode. Not after I spent much of the weekend throwing up.

Anyway. Night night.


Friday, May 8th, 2009 10:21 am
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Some random linkage to start off your day:
  • The cartoon in this morning's Graun is very amusing. Lots of Fat Cats showing us their bottoms.

  • May have to watch Question Time. I missed it because I was at Liberal Drinks, but according to the Twitterverse Dorries was something to behold. I particularly like these tweets: 1, 2, 3.

  • As several people have reminded me, today is THE EIGHTH OF MAY, THE EIGHTH OF MAY!!! It is compulsory to give people a Motorhead earworm. Here you go. Also, don't forget that Monday is Towel Day (the anniversary of the death of Douglas Adams), and it's really important that you know where your towel is. I shall be wearing one on my belt loop all day, as I did last year.

  • [profile] esmereldus is pimping out her artist friend, and he is GOOD. Please go and look, and if you have a bit of spare brass, let him have some.
And now I go and have my bath. I probably won't be back online much till the early hours; I have an eight hour shift at work (and Fridays are BUSY) and then the Greetland & Stainland Lib Dem Quiz Night Fundraiser to whup everyone's arses at attend immediately after. You lot behave yourselves while I am gone! :P

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