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Will Howells has just made a comment on twitter that reminded me of one of the things that struck me at conference.

Cleggy is Captain Kirk.

No, seriously, stay with me on this one.

Kirk has a kind of gung-ho charm, and his heart's mostly in the right place, but he ain't all that as far as captaincy goes. What he has got, in Spock and McCoy and Sulu and Scotty and Uhura and Chekov and even Nurse Chapel, is a top notch team. He also has the management skills to deploy them where their talents are best suited, even if this means bending the rules a bit sometimes. I also suspect that Kirk's had at least 30 ladies.

The problem we have, as a party, is that we have a Sulu in Chris Huhne, and an Uhura in Jo Swinson, and a Janice Rand in Lynne Featherstone, and a Nurse Chapel in El Presidente... But the whole rest of the party is stuffed full of Spocks, and much as I adore the Spockster, we really could do with a McCoy or two to balance things up.

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Spewings From my Brain

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Am trying to write the post that I obliquely promised yesterday about rules vs guidelines, and am finding it difficult to concentrate because next door's two extremely stupid boxer dogs are alternately trying to tear each other to pieces and barking at people who dare to walk past. Also [livejournal.com profile] andrewducker tells me that there are people in this world who don't have huge piles of books in the bathroom. This is perplexing and frightening to me. I would have had a discussion about it with him on LJ, except that LJ is being an arse for me today and refusing to submit my comments. Seriously, what sort of weirdo doesn't have reading material in the bathroom? It's just WRONG.

Speaking of books, this girl is my newest hero. It's a bit depressing that she has to resort to this, but it's very cool that she is doing it.

And speaking of even MORE books: my friend [livejournal.com profile] cassandravert has asked me to plug her bookselling website, which needs a bit of a polish in terms of site design (I note that some of the buttons at the bottom don't work in my version of Firefox), but has a pretty impressive stock list. I suspect many of you will find something of interest on there.

And now I am going to go for a bath, and take my notebook with me, and see if that helps me to compose this damn post. Got to get my # of blog posts still to write down for next Sunday... *tries to ignore the fact that gmail inbox is at 66 and facebook at 31 unread*

ETA: oh yeah, ifn yer in Yorksher, don't forget to vote here.

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