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I mean, clearly, the idea of inviting on a guest who owns a bunch of lapdancing clubs, and a guest who spent vast numbers of column inches drooling over the home secretary's tits when the home sec was Jackie Ashley was to celebrate International Women's Day in a suitable manner.

I really want to force Peter Stringfellow to read that article on things rich people should stop saying that I linked to this morning. Because, to me, the idea that a 2 million pound house might not be a mansion is utterly ridiculous.

Can't wait for Quentin Twat to turn up and mansplain what's happened this week to those of us to stupid and/or female to have understood...

Still, it's nice to see Diane back, and Michael seems much more comfortable with her on the sofa.
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The following is a list of stuff I thought was important enough to link to before I went to bed:Wasn't Question Time a bloodbath tonight? I don't think May has ever been faced with a baying mob before; she looked terrified. The #bbcqt hashtag on Twitter went bonkers tonight, even hitting the top five trending topics. Which is why it's now full of spam.

Didn't watch much of This Week because I couldn't stomach Peter Hitchens AND Quentin Twat in the same episode. Not after I spent much of the weekend throwing up.

Anyway. Night night.

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Friday, November 30th, 2007 11:29 am
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Dogs did fine at vets. Byron is a couple of pounds (literally a couple of pounds, not lots) overweight, and Roxy is a little bit underweight. Both are bright and healthy, and the vet seems very happy with how they are getting on together (they've only known each other three days? Wow! How did they get so close in three days?). Byron has had one jab and needs to go back in two weeks for another, and Roxy is going back on the 21st for spaying.

[livejournal.com profile] theyorkshergob got linked to on Liberal Conspiracy again (right at the bottom of this post)! Tee Hee. Oh, and for the interested, the text of my email from the producer of This Week (in response to this post) was: Oh, most flattering!

We shall be looking out for more (unless, of course, knowing that would
inhibit you from being critical when the need arises...)
Of course, this means that because I didn't get to watch this week's episode last night for various reasons (OK, I fell asleep) I shall have to watch it online and blog it tonight...

My head is getting so big I won't be able to get out the door to work... which I must do right now LOL.


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