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I was reading this earlier, and it struck me as very persuasive. Go read it. I'll wait.

I think we are at 1913, and all the pieces are in place, and all we need is for someone to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand. Or we are at 1938, and all we need is for someone to invade Poland...

We have an actual fascist as president elect of the USA.
A majority of Europeans now have authoritarian views.
The disabled have been derided as scroungers to the point where the UN human rights commission decries our treatment of them, and most Brits just shrug.
Muslims, anyone with a brown or black face, and LGBT people have been prepped by demonisation.

All we need is an Archduke Ferdinand moment, and we'll all start blowing each other up with heterosexual abandon.

Me, personally, I can see it going down one of two ways:

1, Some nutter assassinates Trump. Could be anyone, doesn't really matter. Whoever it is, the whole festering can of worms will explode. Ugly white supremacism will blame muslims and the retaliation will be swift, merciless, and violent. America has guns. Lots and lots of guns. And they don't mind pointing them at each other or anyone else. At some point it will go outside American borders and we'll all end up caught up in it.

2, Russia continues expansionism into Baltic states to the point where we can't keep ignoring it. Conflagration ensues.

What do you guys think is going to be the end of our civilisation?
And is there any hope for the one that comes after?
(I think there might be - humans are very adaptable. It's going to be fucking awful for those individuals of us who live through it, but humanity as a whole will survive. In some form)

ETA: I watched Supergirl today. I wish with all my heart that Lynda Carter was the POTUS and that speech she made about the Statue of Liberty was how America was thinking... Then I saw this. And I cried and cried.
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Trump is genteel British slang for fart. So when he says "Trump for a stronger America", we all think you guys are going to be forcefed beans. I mean, you lot thought it was bad when we giggled like schoolchildren at Randy BumGardener (sp?) because Randy means sexually voracious over here and BumGardener... well, it's not entirely the most heterosexual name, and we Brits are very childish.

Basically, what I'm saying here is, if you elect Donald, expect to hear gales of laughter wafting across the Atlantic every five minutes for his entire tenure, and all the horrific fart jokes you've ever considered to be levelled at your commander in chief.

And yes, I know we nearly ended up with a chancellor called Balls. Don't worry, we'd have taken the same attitude to him (and did).
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We geeks might be kicking against the pricks over here in the UK, but in the US we've actually infiltrated the White House. Pictorial evidence:

(image via DC Women Kicking Ass)

Live Long and Prosper indeed, Mr Obama.
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Obama: still cool

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 03:02 pm
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The only Prime Minister I can imagine doing this:

in recent years is Tony Blair. And he wouldn't be slightly shy yet effortlessly cool, he'd be grinning and smug and embarrassingly bad. I mean, Ted Heath could conduct, and I can imagine Wilson doing something with a brass band, but singing with BB King and Jeff Beck? C'mon, that's just awesome.

I'm sure there are policy reasons to disagree with Obama, and I'm sure there are reasons his supporters are disappointed in some of the stuff he's not done, but you've got to admit, the man has style. And yeah, I would.
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