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So, it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new year... And we all know what that means, don't we? It's time for another round of SB's Very Prestigious and Entirerly Serious Blog Awards!

There are ten categories, and I am seeking your nominations. Well, I'm not, because what sort of narcissistic idiot would award themselves an award? I want you to nominate people OTHER THAN me. You can email me or leave a comment to this post to nominate someone. Comments are screened, so don't worry, nobody will see who you are nominating for what.

Each category will be the subject of a separate post, ending with a poll for you to vote for the winner of that category. Some of the categories might possibly not be ones you would want to win... Regardless of that, the winner of each category will then be put forward to a final poll to determine the overall winner. This means that anyone who wins one of the less complimentary categories can always swamp the final poll... ;)

The categories are:
  • The Guns 'n' Roses award for Blogger who ought to post more often - Examples: Alix Mortimer, Andy Strange. Named for the band's famed inability to get an album out over the course of fourteen years or so.

  • The Andrex Puppy award for Cuddliest Blogger - examples: Millennium Elephant, Mummy Helen

  • The Justin Trousersnake award for Bringin' Sexy Back to Blogging - Sexiest Blogger. Examples: Laurie Penny, Richard Reeves.

  • The Stephen Fry award for Services to Twitter - examples: big_ben_clock, polljack

  • The Delia Smith award for best cookery blog - this one is included by special request of my wife, and honestly? I have no idea

  • The Ian Paisley award for Rantiest Blogger - examples: Charlotte Gore, James Graham.

  • The JK Rowling award for Longwindedness - examples: Daddy Alex, Unity at Ministry of Truth.

  • The Chambers Dictionary Award for inabbilitti too youse the splel chequer - examples: Jane Watkinson, Irfan Ahmed

  • The Total Bollocks award for most consistent stream of ill-informed drivel - examples: Richard Barnbrook, Nadine Dorries

  • The BT Award for Blogger one would most like to disconnect from the internet on a permanent basis - examples: Nadine Dorries, Guido Fawkes (mainly for brazenly stealing other people's credit for breaking news stories on a regular basis)
Anyone has any questions, feel free to ask and I'll unscreen it if it's something people ought to see. Get nominating, then!

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