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... so we used up the remains of the last one tonight. Because I have been having ARGH BAD BACK we hadn't used much of it at all. So tonight's tea was a medley of roast vegetables (carrots, parsnips, beetroot and potatoes) with mashed butternut squash. Then I ran the apples and grapes through the juicer and we're having juice and gin for pudding.

I totally had my five a day today :D

Veg box is something that might at first seem something of a luxury, given our limited budget, but it has actually reduced our food spending enormously - principally because we're guilted out of buying ready meals and stuff by the fact that we have a big pile of veg that'll go off if we don't use it. Those of you who have known me for a while will know that I used to get my veg from Farmaround North. I recently switched to Organics To You - partly because they were cheaper but also because they are more local - and have found them to be excellent. Neil is totally unfazed by being faced by me in my dressing gown and a grumpy expression of a Wednesday morning, and all of the produce so far has been of top notch quality - tasty and surprisingly long-lasting for organic stuff - and we get reasonable quantities for the price we're paying.

I'd totally recommend Organics to You for anyone who is in their delivery area, but if you're a bit further afield Farmaround were always pretty good (and deliver in London as well as Yorkshire).

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