Happy New Beer!

Friday, January 1st, 2016 12:43 pm
miss_s_b: (Britishness: Tea)
... And as the divine Ms Duffett pointed out to me earlier, it's a Leap Beer!

I'm not going to dwell on 2015, because for all sorts of reasons it was crap*, but I will share a few highlights:
  • New Job. My new job is ace. I am really enjoying both the work and the pace (mostly relaxed with bouts of frantic this-must-be-done-yesterday) suits me down to the ground.

  • Twitter account of the year Gary the Wonder Dog, who does not tweet as often as I do, but the quality is WAY higher.

  • Book of the Year I have read lots by NK Jemisin this year, and I don't think I could actually pick one of her books to say "this is the best one", but I would fully recommend you read her. I found her by joining one of the Goodreads groups I am in, both of which are ace. If you have similar literary tastes to me and want recs, then I do recommend both Feminist SF and Girls, Guns and Grimoires.

  • Comic of the Year: Ms Marvel, hands down. Kamala Khan has been everything a comic book hero should be, and I have loved the entire series, but especially the stuff around Valentine's Day with Loki.

  • Short Story of the Year Ten Things You'll Only Get If You Were a Fifties Kid" by Andrew Hickey. I love the way this starts off cheery, and the horror of it slowly dawns on you almost incidentally.

  • Fanfic of the Year What if Harry Potter, the Chosen One, had turned out to be a Squib?. Although it's obviously written by someone who has USian as their first language, so caused me a couple of "that's not right!" moments, this is stunningly well-written and just GETS the characters so well.

  • Music of the year Into the Wild Life by Halestorm. When I grow up I want to be Lzzy Hale.

  • Beard of the Year There was pretty stiff competition here, but this can go to nobody other than the magnificent Moeen Ali, whose wicket-taking skills seem to get better and better.

I was going to do a dry January, but then I saw the tweet about "Lemmy's dead and you're talking about a dry January? Show some fucking respect" and thought "fair point", so instead I am going resolve to stop backsliding on going to the gym. It's not that I don't go to the gym, or that I don't enjoy it when I do, it's that sometimes the duvet is a little too comfy... So yeah. I'm going to tell myself off for that.

I am also going to resolve to leave the house at least once per day. Even if it's only taking the dogs up to the field. Because not leaving the house is not good for me, and being able to work from home a lot of the time (sometimes even working from bed) means that while I am less stressed about what I look like, I am not always seeing the sky or smelling the air.

I hope you lot have a good New Year, and that however your 2015 was that 2016 will be better.

* losing elections, losing job, mental health being up and down like a bride's nightie, half my friends and activists being flooded out AND the lib dem office being totaled, all topped off by having a MASSIVE row with [personal profile] matgb yesterday over something really stupid, and you guys KNOW how rare that is... yeah, glad 2015 is gone

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