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One of the things that has been brought home to me recently is how lucky I am with regard to the number of great people, on top of my family, that I have in my life who care for me and look out for me, and are there to pick up the pieces when I cock up. It's about time I thanked them, I think.

  • Andrew and Holly. We don't get to see each other as often as I would like, but you both seem able to understand what's going on in my head better than I can myself. Thank you.

  • Andy Hinton. For encouraging emails and lovely care packages, thank you.

  • Andy Strange. For good advice and better breakfasts, and even better hugs, thank you.

  • Charlotte. For sticking to your guns and showing me that it's possible to be cool AND write for Comment is Free, thank you.

  • Daddy Richard and Daddy Alex and Millennium. For unexpected phone calls when I'm blue and big bear hugs at conference, thank you.

  • David. For knowing what I need and letting me have it, whether that be Doctor Who DVDs or extra cheesy lasagne or other things, thank you.

  • Debi. You're a role model for me in so many ways: the way you write, the way you think about important things, the way you cope with strife. Thank you.

  • El Presidente and Lady Mark. For working behind the scenes to make everything better, both in the party and in my brain. You make me want to be a better Lib Dem, and you make me strive to be a better person. Thank you.

  • Gina. You're so talented and brave, and it's a privilege to know you. Thank you.

  • Imogen and Nicki. You guys turn work from a chore into something to look forward to. Thank you.

  • Jon. We perhaps cause each other more trouble than strictly necessary, but you're always there for me when I need you, and that's the definition of a friend as far as I am concerned. Thank you.

  • Liz. I am grateful that I am lucky enough to be able to count my boss as a good friend. Thank you.

  • Moodie. For wise counsel and silly horror film geekery, thank you.

  • Moviegrrl. For being my inspiration as a parent, thank you.

  • Mummy Helen. For letting me into your home even though you knew I would corrupt your children and offend your husband, and for being more awesome than you know (really, people keep telling you that you're awesome; you ought to start believing them). Thank you.

  • Pink Weasel. You always make me smile. Thank you.

  • Sensei Puddin' and John G and Alison and Nick and everyone else at karate. I am fitter than I have been for years, and I am learning a little bit of discipline too, which is probably pretty necessary. Thank you.

  • Tez. For being a big beardy beery comfort blanket. Thank you.

  • Veri and Miss D and Ani. You guys have been a fixture in my life for ten years now, and that level of constancy is an amazing thing. Thank you.

  • And last but by no means least, my lovely Mat. There aren't words to express what a positive thing you have been for me. Yes, we're poor, and yes we both have faults, but that doesn't matter next to the physical, mental, and emotional comfort you give me just by being you. I love you more than I can say, and I'll never stop being grateful that you're in my life ♥

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