Someone wrote in [personal profile] miss_s_b 2010-12-20 05:25 pm (UTC)

I see that the party line has changed & that even the EU has now acknowledged the unambiguous fact that your NATO police, formerly the KLA, have been engaged in the dissection of living people, Serbian "Untermensch", to provide organs for western hospitals.

Of course the EU have naturally downplayed the fact that it was the NATO powers who deliberately broke their occupation agreement, to disarm the KLA; run a non-racist regime; & respect Yugoslav sovereignty by instead appointing the KLA as our police, under our command authority & sending them out to commit these atrocities. They have also downplayed the facts that the drug lords, gangsters, pimps, Nazi escapees, al Quaeda & baby dissectors the NATO governments hired, organised, trained & armed were known at the time to be drug lords, gangsters, pimps, Nazi escapees, al Quaeda & baby dissectors & could thus be relied on to carry out NATO's policy of racial genocide. Both those facts make the politicians involved personally guilty of war crimes, genocide & worse & it becomes the duty of all law officers, or in the event of them all failing that duty, all decent people to bring you murderers to justice.

As you know the "LIberal Democrats" were & still are the single UK party most enthusiastically in favour of war crimes, genocide, child rape & cannibalistic organlegging. Indeed so enthusiastic was the leader, Perjurer Ashdown that he gave up his position as party leader for several months so that he could use his experience in the SBS & SIS to teach our Nazi hirelings how to commit genocide more effectively. Fortunately for him he could rely on his obscene deputy Menzies Campbell & the rest of the racist Nazi filth serving as MPs to maintain the Nazi policy.

Legally since the war against Yugoslavia was blatant aggression it was a war crime & all those legislators who supported it are war criminals. Since it was done for the purpose of promoting racial genocide they are also guilty of crimes against humanity. That obviously includes all "LIBDEM" MPs & since almost all LD bloggers have deliberately censored to promote genocide they are also criminals. The same applies to most Labour & Conservative MPs, though since only the LDs unanimously supported the war & have made it a requirement of membership that one support Nazism & racial murder it is only of them of whom it can certainly be said that every single member is personally a lying, obscene, parasitic, racist, murdering, genocidal, child raping, cannibalistic, Nazi with less integrity & human decency than a cleg.

Paradoxically the only UK party to have publicly spoken against cannibalistic organlegging is the BNP & clearly it is impossible for any member of parties or any UK journalist who has refused to do so to ever credibly deny being thousands of times more supportive of Nazism & Fascism than any member of that party.

It is in the British national interest that British leaders & diplomats (or indeed the entire British media) not be considered wholly corrupt lying Nazi scum whose word on no subject can ever be given the remotest respect. There are obviously no circumstances under which that is possible until the Nazi murderers, such as yourselves & the lying Nazi propagandists, such as every single BBC employee, every single newspaper editor & the overwhelming majority of their journalists have been removed from any position of influence & in the more serious cases, brought to Nuremburg style justice.

Until then there are no circumstances under which any complaints about the human rights record of Russia, China, Sudan etc. can be treated seriously (though it is possible that in the case of former western ally the Khmer Rouge there may be some members who are not hundreds of times more humane than racist Nazi whores like Shirley Williams).

It is therefore now time for the LD party to dissolve itself, for every member to publicly apologise for being obscene subhuman filth & those Nazis in any position of authority to resign.

There should also be a public posthumous apology to Slobodan Milosevic & a full investigation of his poisoning. His murder was clearly because in 4 1/2 years of show trial the Nazis had been unable to produce any actual evidence at all against him. The evidence clearly points to British intelligence operatives attached to the ICTY & such a high profile assassination could not have been carried out except on the specific orders of then Prime Minister Blair.

I am also clearly due an apology from all those party members who have ever suggested I was being anything less than truthful unles any single member of the illiberal, obscene racist & murdering "LibDems" can point to anything I have said that is factually untrue or even illiberal. I would certainly be willing to retract it any such staterment if that were done. Experience shows that none of you obscene genocidal organlegging Nazis can & almost all of you know that you can't.

Obviously this would only happen if such members wished to rehabilitate yourselves to membership of the human race at least to the extent of being worthy to lick the boots of the people who ran the ovens at Auschwitz, who, unlike you, would have been endangered by not participating in genocide. I think it unlikely you will do so but you are entitled to the opportunity. On the other hand even if you cannot aspire to human decency it is important that you & others at least know the difference.

"We discovered that these things were known by intelligence services from the different countries," the report's compiler said. "It was known by police services. It was known by numerous people who, in private, would say 'Yes we know, but for political reasons we made the choice or we have the duty to remain silent.'"

That includes every "LibDem" MP, every one of the party's bloggers & indeed ordinary members who decided you had a "duty" to lie & censor to promote atrocities morally worse than Hitler's.

I don't expect an apology from many "LibDems" only from every last one of those who would like to think that there is the remotest possibility that they could aspire to some trace of honesty & humanity.

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