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So, if any of you are wondering where I am going to be at any point over the next three days, here is a handy schedule for you to stalk me:

Friday 4th June 2010

15.40 Century Falls (TV Heaven)
16:45 FFW 2010 Short Films
18:45 Matthew Hopkins Witchfinder General
20:30 Psycho

Saturday 5th June 2010

13.20 Raven (TV Heaven)
13:45 Horror Express YAAAAAAAAAAAY!
15:45 The Giant Spider Invasion
18:15 Screentalk: Michael Armstrong
20:15 Mark of The Devil
23:59 Midnight Screamer: Birdemic

Sunday 6th June 2010

12.00 Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons (TV Heaven)
12.40 Timeslip (TV Heaven)
13.20 Dark Season (TV Heaven)
14.00 Children of the Stones (TV Heaven)
14.40 Spooky Animation from the Archives (TV Heaven)
15:15 The Sorcerers
16:45 Videodrome
18:30 Screamtime
20.20 Alice in Wonderland (IMAX) OR 20:45 The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

I am quite impressed that this year there is only one clash that I can't decide over, and that's right at the end. So I still have two and a half days to decide which one of the two I am going to go for... I am really looking forward to seeing old friends today. I suspect there may be beer at some stage. Will I be seeing YOU there?

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