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You might have gathered over the past few days that I am a big fan of the FFW. It's something I look forward to every year. Next year is the festival's tenth birthday, and as such it ought to be a doozy. The thing is, the FFW is not guaranteed to happen; if there isn't enough public demand then there's no point in the museum spending all that money to put the event on. So we need to make sure that the museum know the demand is there...

Now, I know that lots of readers of this blog are fans of genre films. But how many of you would be willing to travel to Bradford to see them? Are there any films which would have you leaping on a train with gay abandon?

Leave a comment to this entry and I will make sure Tony, the festival director, sees it. Or send the man himself an email - tony DOT earnshaw AT nationalmediamuseum DOT org DOT uk.

My suggestions include Ginger Snaps (feministy werewolf films FTW!), Dark City (Rufus Sewell's bum!), The Tingler (with or without seat modifications) and The Blob. I also think it would be cool to do something with Doctor Who - perhaps one of the Peter Cushing films (Dalek Invasion of Earth has genre favourites Cushing and Andrew Keir in, and would capitalise on interest in the current series).

What films/events would attract YOU?

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