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Am on the sofa in what has been christened The Presidential Suite, which is a really gorgeous penthouse apartment near Lime Street Station. My flatmate and I are going to eat, and then I am going back into the fray, but for now I thought you'd like a quick update.

- BOTYs - Millennium finally winning the long deserved Big Boty was a very emotional moment; pointing and laughing at Charlotte as she went to collect her Non Lib Dem Blogger award was more fun. I am very pleased and proud that Andrew won the best posting award, too, although any of the five nominees would have been grand, because they were all awesome posts by people I love.

- Presidential bits - I have a fair number of signatures now (although not yet enough, so if you know any willing voting reps, do point them in my direction) and have handed out a fair few badges with [personal profile] tajasel's lovely logo on. One has appeared on telly already, adorning the lovely Gareth Epps, who is also helping in collecting signatures (so if you can't find me, Gareth and David Matthewman and Liz Williams have forms too).

- Voting for stuff - Have voted in a lot of policy motions, but am especially pleased that Gareth and Nader's amendment passed.

- Shout outs for people not mentioned above - The guys at Lib Dem Image who worked with their tiny badge maker to make my Jennie For Predident badges. Susan and Ian and the fag balcony massive. Brendan, who let me steal some of his sandwich. Count Packula, and Peter Black, both of whom I keep passing on escalators. And Tom Brake for sharing the Mum's Cafe table with me.

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