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As Paul at Liberal Burblings puts it: His Daley Dozen will continue, his blog will still be there and he’ll be updating it with posts when he feels like it. Which is….er…..blogging. Oh, and he’ll still be tweeting – which is micro-blogging. So this is the dramatic flounce exit-that-isn't-really-an-exit which those of us who have been active on the internet since the early nineties are so wearily familiar with. He's going to be like Dorries, isn't he? One of those bloggers who pops up from time to time to whine on about how he hates blogging and bloggers are all stupid and evil, and what he does isn't blogging at all, no sirree...

The less frequent posting to The Tosser's blog is a bittersweet victory for those of us who love blogging, and unlike the lovely Justin I won't be getting the champagne out. It is clear from the content of Dale's post (which, as per my policy, I'm not going to link to) he is giving up blogging because his blog has acheived its aim, and got him a career as an overpaid, underbrained media darling. So we have yet another media personality for whom we can bewilderedly wonder how they got the job (like Claudia Winkleman on Film 2010, for example).

Like Paul, I was particularly amused by this bit: I hate the backbiting that goes along with (blogging).I hate the character assassination that is permanently present. I'm sure your many targets feel exactly the same Iain. The political blogosphere in the UK used to be a small and friendly place, with a collegiate atmosphere on all sides, and now it isn't. That the change seems to have been concurrent with the rise of Westminster bubble gossip bloggers like yourself is entirely coincidental, I'm sure.

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