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Sunday, December 19th, 2010 04:58 pm
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- In the last two weeks I have left the house exactly five times:
  1. To go obtain sick note and then take it in to work, which took me three days to recover from.
  2. To go to Ninja Games to obtain boredom-busters, which took me two days to recover from.
  3. To go to Tesco to obtain food so that I do not starve, which took me a day to recover from.
  4. To go to the tattoo parlour and see Bob about sorting out his web presence, which took me a day to recover from.
  5. To go to the National Media Museum to interview Tony for [community profile] mygoditsthebaggageman, which took two and a half hours (not including travel) on Friday and from which I am just about recovered now. I slept 17 hours Friday night.
From this it can be seen that my recovery time from doing any sort of activity at all is getting less, but is still nothing like normal.

- [personal profile] matgb and [personal profile] magister have both been utterly amazing. The have both looked after me fabulously well - getting me dressed, helping me in and out of the bath and up and down stairs, getting me food and drink, walking the dogs for me - all the things which normally I would do without blinking, but which now require herculean effort. Our little household has been cramped but happy for most of that time, and it's 99% due to the efforts of my boys, and I love them both very much, particularly because they have both put up with my frustration and annoyance at my inability to perform simple tasks so well. I am now routinely referred to as lazyarse. [personal profile] magister has had to go back to Merseyside today, and things are going to be harder on [personal profile] matgb now he is sole carer, and hasn't got James to tag team with, so please be gentle with him, he may get grumpy. And I have to wait till my birthday to see James again. Woe :(

- I haven't heard back about housing benefit yet. This is irritating. I don't like messing my landlord about because he's an absolute sweetheart, and that's a rare thing in a landlord. I also haven't heard back about sick pay, which is unfortunate...

- Mum and Dad come back from their holidays tomorrow. This should take a bit of the pressure off Mat because he can always offload me onto them if I start driving him really insane.

- The three small keyhole surgery wounds are pretty much gone now, and the gret big one that was made after they realised keyhole wasn't going to wash is looking ok. Because she sewed it up from the inside, and because of the positioning of it, I don't think it's going to be very noticeable. The pain is barely there when I am sitting still now, and only flares up if I move at all. I still feel ten times better than I did before the surgery. So softly had gideon crept up on me that I hadn't realised what a profound effect he was having.

Anyway, yes, this post can basically be summed up as: Jennie is feeling shit, but better than she was, and getting better all the time, which is good. How are you lot?

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