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This makes more sense, although there's still a couple of things I don't understand.

1. If HQ staff don't want to get grief from angry members about this arrangement riding roughshod over the founding principles of the party, why not make it clear that they are doing this under the insistence of the rozzers, and not because they want to? Yet again, a lamentable failure in communication between the top brass and the grass roots, and with the level of suspicion that appears to exist on both sides now, can you blame some people for assuming that this has been done to keep non-loyalist members away?

2. How wussy are the Brummie rozzers? Because sheffield rozzers managed perfectly well without demanding passports and driving licenses and national insurance numbers, and Liverpool rozzers were absolute sweeties. Brummie rozzers are a bunch of cowardly authoritarians, clearly (whoops there goes MY approval)

So yeah... Obviously going off on one at party HQ staff is not going to achieve anything (and I know how overstretched they are at the best of times from when [personal profile] matgb worked there) but perhaps we can shame the Brummie rozzers into stopping this idiocy before too many members rip up their little yellow bits of laminated paper in disgust....
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