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... was really rather good.

Maggie Smith and Julie Walters and Helena Bonham Carter were all awesome. I was particularly impressed with HBC's picking up of Emma Watson's mannerisms when she was being Hermione-polyjuiced-to-Bella. Maggie Smith got to channel Clint Eastwood, and Julie Walters did the best Ripley since the original. Panhandle/Lily finally getting some lines was nice too. But really, the film belonged to two men. Snapey, and Neville.

Snape's death was genuinely moving, and the pensieve scene was REALLY well done, and Rickman utterly nailed the performance. He can do more with the twitch of an eyelid than most actors can with their entire face. But, you know, this was all entirely expected.

Neville, though? Neville's joyous declaration of love for Luna? Neville taunting hundreds of death eaters in true Yorksher style (Yeah? Yeah? You and whose army?!?) and then blowing them up? Neville doing the Henry V speech right in Voldemort's face? Neville wielding the sword of Gryffindor and slaying Nagini and saving Ron and Hermione? Basically, Neville was utterly fabulous in every scene he was in, and it was glorious to behold. The little scene where he and McG are discussing the blowing up of the bridge was ace.

Yeah. I really liked it. And yes, I cried. Quite a lot. HP was my first big internet fandom. I might not be active in it any more, but it literally changed my life; so it was a big thing seeing the final film. And it was worth seeing on the big screen. I think the only one that comes close to it of the seven previous ones is PoA; but I don't think it would mean as much without having seen the others. And now, for the first time, I have the urge to read the final book, which I have never actually bothered to do.
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