3 Birthdays.

Monday, September 5th, 2011 12:07 am
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And I'm on the cusp of them. Yesterday, the 4th, is my brother [profile] angeliiii's birthday. Jon was a huge part of my chilhood, even though he's a lot older than me and moved away when I was younger than Holly is now, and I still miss him. Although, you know, him living in Brum is proving kind of useful in a couple of weeks' time...

Today, the fifth, is (pretty famously) Freddie Mercury's birthday. I had a whole post in my head about that, but none of it seems to make sense when I go to type it. Freddie was a pretty big part of my childhood too, and it's a weird thing that his birthday is the day after my brother's.

It's even weirder that it's the same day as [personal profile] matgb's. Neither Mat nor I are any good at birthdays - either our own or other people's - and this weekend has been a bit freaky for all sorts of reasons so neither of us is really feeling very celebratory right at the moment. Still, he is my Mat and I love him, so I wish him happy birthday, and hope that this year is more settled and secure than last. It's showing signs that it might be.
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