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The yet-again-ressurected Hammer Films actually seem to be getting somewhere this time. Not only do they have The Woman In Black on general release very soon (when the trailer came up before SH: A Game of Shadows [personal profile] magister and [personal profile] innerbrat and I all did happy squeals in unison when the gret big Hammer logo appeared; we're all fans of the original and the trailer looked very good indeed) but their restoration team are pulling out some proper gems.

We got the BluRay of the restored Quatermass and the Pit just before Christmas, and it is a stunningly beautiful print. I am now literally salivating at the thought of Plague of the Zombies, which is one of my utter, utter favourites; and the fact that they have found some cut footage to restore to the 1958 Terence Fisher Dracula is just awesome.

If you want to follow the restoration team's blog it is at http://blog.hammerfilms.com/ (or syndicated to DW at [syndicated profile] hammer_films_blog_feed)

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