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Louise Jameson is made of awesome (@joelidster @classicdw)

Just been watching the Special Features on the new disc of The Three Doctors which arrived (inna box with Robots of Death and TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN WOOHOO) this morning. There was a cool thing where several people (gender balanced!) told Michael Grade what utter crap he talks argued against some of the lazy fictions peddled about old Who. One of these people was the utterly lovely Joe Lidster, who managed to get an SJA plug in and everything (props for that, Mr L).

But the best thing on it was an extended interview/chat between Caroline John, Katy Manning and Louise Jameson about what it was like being a seventies Who girl. Liz Shaw was my favourite of the three as a character, because YAY for sassy science girls, but OMG Louise Jameson sparkled in the real life stuff. Her comments on feminism had me punching the air and shouting for joy. Feminism on a Doctor Who DVD? HELL YES!

All three ladies were clearly very comfortable in each other's company and laughing lots and having fun too. This is good. So thank you to 2 Entertain for making such a cool extra feature, and thank you to Louise Jameson for making me a very happy little fangirl.
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I've not bought any of the Revisitations sets so far, but this one looks like the most tempting yet.
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It is good that you recognise his qualities for what they are!
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That settles it, I'm buying Revisitations. No harm in having two copies of Tomb, after all.

Is Louise Jameson the new Queen of Who Girls now?