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Did you enjoy international women's day, then? They did on #bbctw

I mean, clearly, the idea of inviting on a guest who owns a bunch of lapdancing clubs, and a guest who spent vast numbers of column inches drooling over the home secretary's tits when the home sec was Jackie Ashley was to celebrate International Women's Day in a suitable manner.

I really want to force Peter Stringfellow to read that article on things rich people should stop saying that I linked to this morning. Because, to me, the idea that a 2 million pound house might not be a mansion is utterly ridiculous.

Can't wait for Quentin Twat to turn up and mansplain what's happened this week to those of us to stupid and/or female to have understood...

Still, it's nice to see Diane back, and Michael seems much more comfortable with her on the sofa.
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With luck, one effect of a mansion tax (as well as the changes to housing benefit at the bottom end and the building of new social housing) will be that house prices will fall relative to income.