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No time to backread right now because BEER FESTIVAL ARGH BUSY BUSY BUSY but am going to do a quick meme. Incidentally, if anyone fancies BEER festival goes on till closing time tomorrow, so perhaps Lib Dems on their way home from conference could nip in for a couple? Anyway, meme.

1, Sherlock or Doctor Who?
Doctor Who just edges if it we're talking about the entirety of Holmes fiction, but if just the 20XX BBC Sherlock, then Who by a Country mile.

2, Moriarty or the Master?
Stealing James's answer for this one:
The Master, cos all you have to do is hit him over the head until he changes into something less annoying. Vaguely hope the story of someone approaching John Simm and saying "You were really good when you were Roger Delgado. Are you going to turn back into him?" might be true.

3, Benedict or Martin?
Benedict. Martin's a better actor, but I can't forgive him for being in The Office.

4, Favourite Doctor Who companion?
If I'm allowed to include audio companions then Evelyn Smythe by a huge distance from all the others. If not, then Liz Shaw. Honourable mention to Wilf because the Cribbins is made of awesome. Although favourite Who companion ACTRESS is Louise Jameson, especially after watching some of the extras on recent DVD releases. I have a huge soft spot for Nicola Bryant too.

5, Favourite Doctor.
Colin Colin Colin Colin Colin.

6, Favorite Sherlock character.
Either Mrs Hudson or Molly. Both of them appear to be tropey, but have lots of depths when you look more closely.

7, Favourite Sherlock episode

8, Favourite Doctor Who story.
Tomb of the Cybermen. The Invasion. The Green Death. THE DAEMONS. The Horns of Nimon. Genesis of the Daleks. Caves of Androzani. Vengeance on Varos. Mark of the Rani. The Two Doctors. The Three Doctors. The Five Doctors. Attack of the Cybermen. Revelation of the Daleks. Remembrance of the Daleks. Battlefield. Dalek. Vincent and the Doctor. Davros. Jubilee. The One Doctor. Real TIme. THE KINGMAKER! No, definitely The Kingmaker because that is TRUFAX and actual history.

9, Favourite Doctor Who monster.
Davros. Especially Terry Molloy Davros.

10, Least favourite Sherlock character.
Moriarty. Not only an awful perversion of the original character, but excruciatingly annoying every time he is on screen.

11, Least favourite Doctor Who character.
Tenth Doctor, the only Doctor who has episodes that I haven't been able to bring myself to watch. Which is a shame, because Tennant seems like a really nice guy. Actually, Daft Jamie was bloody awful, too, and also played by Tennant.

12, The Doctor or Sherlock.
The Doctor. Mostly. Unless it's ten. Of some of five. Or a bit of four.

13, Rose Tyler or Amy Pond
Stealing James's answer again:
Amy. Rose with Eccleston was great. Rose with Tennant was clingy, gushing and a pain in the arse.

14, Least favourite companion.
I'm tempted to say Jo Grant because she was specifically designed to be a fucking idiot and replace Liz Shaw because even after Liz Shaw was dumbed down she was still too smart for insecure men to deal with, but I'm fond of Katy Manning, and Jo has an amazing end in the Green Death. I could say Donna, but I don't have a problem with Donna, other than that she's played by Catherine Tate, and that they fucked her over in the end.I could say Rose, but I loved her with Nine. I'd say Mel, but she's brilliant on audio... I think I'm going to have to be predicatable and say Adric. I did actually cheer at the end of Earthshock.

15, Thoughts of Mycroft/Lestrade.
If I'm playing Lestrade then YAY.

16, What do you think of Molly Hooper?
That fandom ought to pay more attention to her given how pivotal she is to the ongoing story.

17, Do you believe in Sherlock Holmes?
Only when he's played by Jeremy Brett.

18, 10th Doctor or 11th?
Stealing James's answer again:
11th by so far it'd make your head spin.

19, 9th Doctor or 10th?
Stealing James's answer again:
9th by almost as great a distance. 9th came across as someone who'd suffered, needed help but didn't want to inflict it on anyone else, cared deeply for others but felt he had to hide it. 10th came across as an absolute wankstain.

20, 11th Doctor or 9th?
This is more difficult. I'll probably go for 11, but I reserve the right to change my mind.

21, Thoughts on Johnlock?
Once you've read [personal profile] lanning's superlative fic, you'll think it's canon. Also, you'll worship Grandmaman.

22, Sherlock or Doctor Who cast?
Give it long enough and everyone in Sherlock'll've been in Doctor Who.

23, Favourite Sherlock actor
Mark Gatiss

24 Favourite Doctor Who actor?
Colin Colin Colin Colin Colin.

Definitely Colin.

Date: Sunday, March 11th, 2012 02:32 am (UTC)
telegramsam: Doctor Who in a library (5thdocbooks)
From: [personal profile] telegramsam
nice to know I'm not the only one who couldn't stand the 10th doctor. Also your journal layout appears to be fuxored. I'm using Firefox 10.0.2 if it matters.

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